Mini vacation – drop in @ Rams Training

I had one week off and we decided to do a three day trip to Poland, it is about a 3-4 hour ride to Kolberg, a town right on the Baltic Sea. There is even a gym that is doing wods and CF orientated stuff but they are not an official affiliate because the yearly fee you have to pay is really expensive for them. the drop in was only 7 Euro and the program and the gym were really cool. The weather was perfect, we walked along the beach, rented bikes and cruised around…

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Sunday 13/11/16

15094269_1089087734537394_3618223427961945936_nWe started early today and did the heavy madcon first. Afterwards it was just time to play around and do some fun stuff… 🙂

Heavy Madcon
teams of two, three stations, you go-I go

1) 5 back squats (80-85%) I did 82.5kg
Farmers Carry, about 20m (2 KB) I used 28kg, could have gone heavier.

2) Bench Press (80%) I used 50kg
DB push up walk (do a push up on the DB, move forward in the plank position
with the DB in your hand), I only used 5kg DBs (about 10m)

3) 20 sec assault bike
KB rack old walk (2x24kg)

Afterwards team wod, share reps
70 wall balls
50 T2B
50 FSQ
25 strict HSPU
20 muscle ups

Another team wod, one/two works, everyone has to do 50 reps of each movement
high box jumps
pull ups
kettlebell swings (16/20kg)
strict press’ (15/20kg)
toes to bar
wall balls (20lbs/30lbs)
double unders

That’s it! It was a fun Sunday… 🙂

Tuesday 1/11/16

First day in November and the Berlin weather sucks. I just had time to do the regular wod today, work :/ The good thing is, we did the horrible front squat part which hurts so much that it is exhausting anyways…

The wod was weird. I got confused with the counting, so I am not sure about my time, sth between 7:40 and 8:30, RX

Warm-up 3x
20sec work, 10sec rest
hollow rocks
hold bottom of wall squat
10 swings on rings
5 banded mu transitions
5-10sec hold bottom of ring dip

Basic Strength
Front Squat (5×1) 71kg, it was really hard… :-/
3min warm up
e30sec for 5min
I. 3 front squats
II. 1-5 strict hspu
e30sec for 5min
I. 3 front squats
II. 1-5 kipping hspu
e30sec for 5min
I. 3 front squat
II. 10-15sec wall facing handstand hold

Metcon (Time)
box jumps


Wednesday 13/7/16

900m run
20 plank to push up

30sec work, 30sec rest
pike lift variations
I. both legs
II. both legs split
III. left leg rotation
IV. right leg rotation

Bench Press (3×3)
7min to warm up
*increase weight 1-5kg
The second time I tried 60kg, again did not work… I think I did 8 or 9 reps using 60kg but could not do them in a row… :/

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
amrap 10
20 wall balls
15 sdhp 32/24
10 box jumps
4+35 RX
no rest
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
amrap 10
15 push ups
10 sec hanging L-Sit hold
5 strict pull ups
5+10 RX

Friday WOD 23/1/16

Before Class:

6 Bench Press | 39 kg
6 Bench Press | 42 kg
6 Bench Press | 45 kg
6 Bench Press | 48 kg
6 Bench Press | 48 kg

5 Shoulder Press | 27 kg
5 Shoulder Press | 30 kg
5 Shoulder Press | 32.5 kg
5 Shoulder Press | 32.5 kg

Strict Muscle-up | 4 reps
Strict Muscle-up | 3 reps
Strict Muscle-up | 3 reps
Strict Muscle-up | 3 reps

Warm-up 2x
40 single under
10 reach through (5each arm)
10 scapula push ups
10 kip or caterpillar

HPS 2x
5 snatch grip deadlift
5 snatch high pull
5 snatch grip press behind neck
5 hang power snatch

Power Snatch (5×2)emom 20
I. 2 power snatch
II. 4 ring push ups (50X0)
2 plyo push ups
*focus on barbell cycling
*find working weight in first 10min and stick to that weight

Metcon amrap 10
10 box jumps
8 push ups
6 power snatch 60/40
*buy in = 100 wall balls

You see the little “by the way there is a buy in sentence”… This is how it looked like on our board. So, yes, 100 wall balls… :O

RX 3+3 The power snatch felt okay, I got all the reps, of course I can not cycle them together and I still use to much strengths instead of technique but it is slowly getting better…

Tuesday 24/11/15

Warm-up 2x
3 burpees
5 turtle get up
7 ring rows
14 I’s
12 T’s
10 Y’s
8 scapula pull ups

5×5 weighted pull ups @75% 10kg
5×5 weighted ring dips @75% 10kg

15 superman halo
15 superman
15 superman medball throw

Metcon for time:
box jumps
swings 24/16
RX 5:09

Monday – Back to school 31/8/15

So the easy training days and double training days are kinda over, of course I try to include them into my schedule as much as I can…

I am not happy with my benchmark result. I got 14 reps less but I hope it was just the weather (35 degrees), my day back at work and I am still fighting with the wall balls after my Sri Lanka break. We also had to change the order and start with box jumps. So my rest was after the sumo deadlift high pull, this also influences the result (pos or neg I don’t know). So I missed my 300 minimum goal…, disappointing

Today I did press before the class and worked on my gymnastic skills

1×3 41kg (by accident)
5×5 36kg

5 strict pull ups

strict MU

Handstand Walk and some strict HSPU
2x 300m run
10 russian kb swings
2x 12 frontrack lunges
10 good morning
8 front squats
6 deadlift

Basic Strength
Deadlift (2×1)
2×2 @80% 95kg
2×1 @90% just got on at 110kg
*rest 1,5-2min between sets

Fight Gone Bad (3 Rounds for reps)
Three rounds of:
Wall-ball Shots (Reps), 20#
Sumo deadlift high-pull (Reps), 75#
Box Jumps, 20″ (Reps)
Push-press (Reps), 75#
Row (Calories)
1-minute rest
push press 35/25
sdhp 32/24
RX 296 reps 😦

WOD 17/6/15

I did a part out of the competition plan from CrossFit Rhein am Neckar website ( before the rgular wod:
– (squat) clean and jerk and clean pull

1) C&J 2×3 of 55%/60%/65% (38kg,42kg,45kg)
I focused on technique and speed
2) Clean Pull 2×5 65%/70%/75% (45kg/47kg/51kg)

For both movements I used my new one rep max C&J goal.

Afterwards I did some strict MU and pull ups but there was not a lot of time…

1x du ladder
3x 15m bearcrawl
10 scapula pull ups
5 plank to push up each arm
3x 1min plank
30 sec side plank each side

Shoulder Press (1×2)
take 15min to work up to a heavy set of 2 43kg (bad form)
and finish with
3×7 @60% 27.5

Kettlebell Row (1×2)
12 – 2 each arm 20/20/24/24/28/32kg
*rest 1min between sets

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
in teams of 2 for max reps

emom 20
I. box jump – partner holds deep squat kb 24/16
II. swings 24/16 – partner holds handstand
III. air squat – partner holds L-sit
IV. kb push press 24/16 – partner holds dead hang
V. t2b – partner holds kb in frontrack 24/16
RX 562 reps

WOD 29/1/15

3x 30 su 7 scapula pull ups 5 hollow rock
3 wall extensions
9 T’s

Skill 3x
2:30min work on pull ups I worked on butterfly pull ups
2:30min 3 candle stick to lever 10 superman
*focus on quality movement
*rest as needed

Back Squat 7×7
*rest 2min between sets
*increase weight by 2,5 – 10kg to last week

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
amrap 8
6 box jumps
6 t2b
RX 12+9
I started T2B which felt fine but I could not do it all rounds…

WOD 1/12/14

3x 8 swings 4 burpees 8 squats 4 push ups

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)
1min max reps strict deficit hspu on 2x20plate/1x20plate 1
2min rest
1min max reps strict hspu 10
2min rest
1min max reps hspu 16
*use ab mat as padding for all hspu

Clean + Jerk
5 clean deadlift
5 clean high pull
5 front squat
5 clean
5 split jerk

Clean and Jerk (1×3) e2mom 10
3 c&j 45 7,5 50 52,5 55
*start light and focus on form and speed
*increase every set by 0-5kg

Metcon (No Measure) emom 15
I. 15 v-up
II. 15 goblet squats 24/16 I used 20kg
III. 15 swings 24/16 I used 20kg
IV. 15 wall balls
V. 15 box jumps