Drop In San Francisco

Finally: Summer Break!!!!! I started my USA trip on Tuesday. First stop: San Francisco. I definetely wanted to drop in @ CF San Francisco, Kelly Starret's box. Unfortunately he is not coaching many classes anymore. When I checked for a wod during my stay, there was only one Metcon class (more like a bodyweight class, also for beginners) and even this class was substituted when I checked the schedule again. So we booked a regular wod. The drop in fee is quite expensive: 40 dollars, no shirt included. But the whole city us very pricey, most boxes ask for a 30 bucks drop in fee.
I was checking the wods online, they post them every day and the programming looks really good, lots of emoms, gymnastic skills and exhausting wods with an rx plus option.
The box itself is close to the Golden Gate Bridge, we walked there from our hotel in downtown. It is really good equipped, lots of dumbbels, barbells, plates. I trief the trueform runner for the first time, weird thing 😉
Our wod was only a warmup and an amrap, using the benchmark wod "The Chief". I was hoping for a strengths or gymnastic part. At the end we did a little buy out, everyone on his/her own. The coach did a nice job, looking for good reps and no cheating.
Afterwards I bought two tops, ouch, I really left my money there. The breakfast afterwards was earned. 😉


CrossFit Games 2014

It was amazing having the opportunity to see all the athletes competing. On Wednesday we went to Hermosa Beach to watch the first event. We arrived when the men already started. There were a lot of people there, most of them stood on the pier. We still got an amazing spot close to the water to watch the top athletes doing their KB Thrusters and Burpees. Afterwards we watched the women. I was really impressed by the swimming in the open water, the 50/30 heavy thrusters and the 30/50 burpees as well. When the teams started we decided to go for an amazing breakfast, haha- rest day for us… At night we went to the Starhub Center in Carson for the 2nd event: 3 attempts to find one rep max OHS. This event was available for all ticket holders, even it was in the tennis stadium which is normally for the gold pass visitors (250 Dollar per ticket, so I “just” bought silver tickets for 125 Dollars). It was again great to see all the strong people, doing their crazy heavy OHS, some looked really awesome- technique wise, others looked kinda dangerous…

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Little update Thursday WOD 24/7/14

It is hard to be consistently with writing my blog when travelling… We did one more drop in at the other branch of CrossFit Paradiso at Venice Beach last Thursday. This was probably my favorite box. The workouts are posted online the night before (which is very common in the States), I do miss the whiteboard there because everything is digital abd on tv screens.But you can add your numbers after the wod, good organized. They have two big programms: All Levels and Fitness. Fitness is for everyone, can easily be scaled from beginning to advanced. All levels is more like the regular CrossFit class, more for intermediate and advanced athletes, focus is on more difficult movements and oly lifting. We went to a fitness class and it was good and challenging. I m still upset with my disapeared strict pull ups,I did ring rows, tried to focuson good movement… I hope I ve the motivation to fight back my pull ups, it was such a long way and every attempt just feels horrible and painful! 😦




Dogtown CrossFit 22/7/4

My shoulder pain got worse… during the last wods I felt weakness in my left shoulder. It is like my strengths is disappearing, every day a bit more… Lifting weights feels heavier every day, wods aren’t so much fun anymore… So it feels like a fight right now… I have to stay on and not losing my fun and motivation… Hopefully it gets better when I am back in Berlin, having my working out routine. Right now ut feels like to to many failures and steps backwards… :/
Anyways we went to Dogtown CrossFit for our wod. Lindsey Venezuela, one of the crazy strong CrossFit girls (2nd at the Games last year) works there as a coach. She did not teach the mornibg class but it was still fun to go. There were a couple of drop ins cause of the games and two athletes (Tommy Hackenbruck and a female athlete) practicing for the biathlon: unbroken muscle ups and running.

I was struggling with the weights, used 75 lbs for the jerk, 85 lbs for the clean, RX was 95… 😦 My left shoulder felt so weak… I used a 20 kg KB

AMRAP 1 4 rounds plus 4
AMRAP 2 3 rounds plus 3

not happy with the result

The rowing was okay, finished all under 2 min