Great weekend – lots of fun

Eight people in one apartment with a tiny bathroom…, haha but it went really well. It was a fun and great experience weekend, just the weather did not like us…

Our team finished 15th, the other icke team finished 20th, pretty good for the first team competition. I definitely got motivated to work on my weaknesses, I wanna get stronger and learn a proper snatch to lift heavy weights and not get stuck with a stupid wrong technique doing 45kg muscle snatch.

Challenge makes you Bäääm – Field Trip

It is stupid early for a holiday but we will leave around 8am to Königsbrunn for our first team event. We qualified with two teams and the WODs will be on Saturday and Sunday. I am looking forward on the one hand but also be a bit nervous about all the movements and exercises.  I ll keep my blod updated…

Morning WOD Training for our team competition…. 25/4/15

In the morning I just headed to the regular 9:30 am class.. It was a nice but not so challenging wod which was actually fine ’cause I had to come back in the afternoon to train for our team competition on the next weekend:

We actually qualified with two teams: ICKE King & Icke Kong. Two man and the women per team. They already released a couple of the wods and we are not too excited. Some of the movements and exercises are a little bit weird, other stuff is just too difficult, starting the women’s snatch ladder with 45kg for team members is quite hard. Also triple unders and chest to bar ring pull ups, hevy kb thrusters are part of the wods… Mmh, we’ll see.

Here you can see the workouts which are already released:

We’ll leave next Friday for the whole weekend to Bavaria where the challenge will take place. This will be the soreness of my life afterwards. 😉 Today I will go for some snatch and skill work but before resting the rest of the Sunday…

1x 300m run
1x 5m duck walk 10m bear crawl 15 jumping jack
3x 1min plank, 30 sec side plank each side

Basic Strength
Kettlebell Press (1×3)
take 15min to work up to a heavy set of 3
I finished wit the sets, 16kg

Kettlebell Row (1×2)
kb row
12 – 2 each arm
started 24kg, last set 28kg
*rest 1min between sets

Metcon (No Measure)
in teams of 2
2x 1:20min work, 40sec rest
I. 50m prowler push
II. burpee tire flip
III. 50m sled pull
IV. deep squat kb hold
V. 15m waiters walk
VI. 15m plate pinch
VII. thruster (heavy)
*one works, one rests, *choose weights as needed

Afternoon session
We practiced for:

12 Chest to Ring Pull-ups
30 Wall Balls Athlete 1 Elite: 30 / 20 lbs; Masters: 20 / 14 lbs
9 Backsquats (each athlete) Elite: 80 / 55 kg; Masters: 60 / 40 kg
24 Chest to Ring Pull-ups
30 Wall Balls Athlete 2 Elite: 30 / 20 lbs; Masters: 20 / 14 lbs
6 Frontsquats (each athlete) Elite: 80 / 55 kg; Masters: 60 / 40 kg
36 Chest to Ring Pull-ups
30 Partner Wall Balls Elite: 30 / 20 lbs; Masters: 20 / 14 lbs
3 Overhead Squat (each athlete) Elite: 80 / 55 kg; Masters: 60 / 40 kg

I worked up to the clean, did some back squats and front squats, practiced the ring chest to bars and wall balls and then actually did the wod. In the time cap we came up to the partner wall balls
After the heavy wall balls the front squats felt hard…

We did a weightlifting complex afterwards, worked up to 55kg:
– power clean, front squat,back squat, overhead squat
50kg felt totally fine for the OHS, 55kg it was hard to stabilise the bar but I could do the OHS.

Last but not least wie did some heavy wall balls, alone and partner and I did some strict pull ups, a strict muscle up but then I was quite tired and finished training… nice trainings day but exhausting…, couple more days to go…

Failure… Challenge makes u…sad 25/2/15

Oh man, I am disappointed… After we screwed up the girls benchpress WOD because we used to much weight for lifting 3500kg what took us too long, we also have a bad time at our last WOD.

It was 100 toes to bar, 75 x barbell complex (1power clean, two front rack lunges, one push press equals one rep, 50kg/35kg) 50 x kettlebell complex (5 Russian  Swings, 5 Goblet Squats equals one rep, 32kg/24kg). One of our team members can not do kipping toes to bar, only three of us did it. Also the barbell complex was uneven, one guy and me did 3 reps at once, the other two did two reps at once. They all did great but if you see whole WOD everything just took too long. My goblet squats were not very good, felt heavy today.

Anyways we needed 28:15 min, more than three minutes slower than the other team at our box, so I do think there is just a little chance we will be good enough to go to the finals.  😦 For me this is really sad, I was so excited to compete as a team and I am afraid there won’t be so many chances to go to a competition like this. I am kinda of an old athlete, mid thirties does not give me so  much more time to keep with the young guys. Situations like that always make me thinking about my CrossFit training, my success and my programming. Is it stupid to spend so much time on my workout and my technique, working on skills, trying to get stronger. What is the purpose… I don’t know – not my day today…

WOD afterwards

warm up
2×7 KB swings 7 squats 3 push ups

hang clean
I worked on high hang today to practice my shrug
5 deadlift
5 high pulls
5 front squat
5 hang clean
3 high hang clean

core work
6×30 sec; 10 sec rest
hollow hold
back hold
ohs hold (25kg)

Saturday- Challenge makes you Bääääm- 14/2/15 Valentines Day…

I rested in the morning to do the 3rd team challenge WOD afternoon. It was:

one athlet has to do one of the following WODs for the total amount of time:

a) Full Snatch 30/45kg
Bar Facing Burpees

b) Thruster 35/50kg
Bar Facing Burpees

c) Full Clean 40/60
Bar Facing Burpees

d) Deadlift 45/70
Bar Facing Burpees

I did the cleans It was quite hard. I started doing seven or eight unbroken but it hurt. Going into the depth was harder than I though and the burpees afterwards, it was though… I soon started to break the sets in threes/twos. The last set I did one by one. It felt like the fastest way. Dropping the bar, breathing and going back to it. Our total time was 27:36 min, the time was too good I guess because the judges wanted to see a video. We filmed it but is was a huge file so I hope it did not take too long to upload it on you tube… We’ss see if they are happy with our performance and will accept it. I hope we fulfil all movement standards. If so, we are on position 13 in the ranking right now…

Afterwards I did the deadlift from the morning 5×5 with 77.5kg. They felt really good. I looked for a good form and they really felt good as well… 🙂 I think I did some skill training but I did not keep track what I have exactly done… :O
At night I enjoyed a nice vegetarian cheat Valentine’s Dinner at a really great restaurant in Mitte…

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WOD 24/1/15 and Challenge Makes you Bäääm Qualifying WOD

After teaching the 2nd preschool class I did the regular WOD. I came back in the afternoon to do our first qualifying WOD for

2x 30 su 10 good morning w/ barbell 5 dl w/ barbell 5 push ups

2:30min work on handstand
2:30min 20 du / du variation
10 hollow rock
10 swings

Basic Strength Deadlift
1×5 @75% 80kg
1×3 @80% 87.5kg
1×1 @85% 95kg
1×5 @80% 90kg
1×3 @85% 95kg
1×1 @90% 100kg
*rest 2min in between sets

emom 16 for total reps
I. row max cal
II. rest
III. max reps push press 35/20
IV. rest
RX 177 reps
rowing 18 calories
push press always 30 sth

Wodathlon Christmas WOD Sunday, 21st 2014

It supposed to be my rest day but because of the special occasion I went to the box. Actually I could have stayed longer and do some more wods but I promised not to be there for more than two hours and of course it became four… :/ There were 24 wods in 12 hours, from 10 am to 10 pm. Some were easy going some crazy shit… I started at 1:30 pm with one max rep strict pull ups. I did 15kg but it was haaaaaard. I finished at 4:30pm with a circle training.

1) Find one max strict weighted pull up 15kg

30m bear crawl
7 hspu
7 ring dips RX 4:31 min

20 deadlift 60/40
10 high box jumps RX 1:46 min

11.: Front Rack Lunge (5×5)
e2mom 10 55kg

3 strict pull ups
5 push ups RX 4:24 min

for time
sit ups
goblet squats 24/16 RX 3:16min

40sec work, 20 sec rest
I. ghd sit up
II. plank hold
III. weighted sit ups
IV. superman halo
V. superman med ball throw
VI. ohs hold
VII. floor wiper No measure


I went to the box around 5pm, I left around 9…
I started with rowing and mobilzing.

A build up to 85 lbs hang snatch
EMOM 10 hang snatch
I think I got the first 3 or 4, missed 3/4 and got the last 1/2 reps… Sometimes I feel better after trying some, perhaps I should work on a better warm up
B build up hang power clean
I went up to 115 lbs, did not work (faster elbows!), I did one with 110 lbs
C Front Squat from rack 125 lbs
I tried 3 sets of 10 but I had to break them down (7/3; 6/4; 4;6)
Skills Handstand work practice
I feel a bit more balanced with a free handstand now, walking still sucks-no balance

Regular CrossFit class
800 m run
1) EMOM 10 clean&jerk
I started with 85 lbs, went up to 110 lbs for the last 3/4 reps but I missed the jerk. Well I kinda push pressed the last jerk because I am scared to get under that bar with a split, just doesnt feel safe… :/
2) 2 rounds
10 strict ring dips
10 pistols
10 ghd sit ups

50 wall balls
50 T2B
50 KBS (20kg)

Thursday training

I cycled to my box but it was closed, so I went to the other one close by. The owner allowed me to train there for free before the regionals… I did some hang snatch work, 81 lbs is still my max, haha… My hang power clean is still not 115. My arms were really in pain, they are probably overtrained because of all the upper body work. After three muscle ups, one legless rope climb try, handstand walk practice and strict push up practice I gave up cause it really hurt… I get more and more frustrated because I m not ready for regionals, I am not strong enough but on the other hand it will be my one and only chance to “compete” – be there. Next year I am back in Europe and even I ll be a bit stronger by then I ll be somewhere in the hundreds during the open because sooooo many more people and strong fit women are competing…