Heavy Maaadcon Sunday

Haha, this time I kinda programmed the wod and it was a lot of work… Afterwards we ordered Burrito, this was the fun part 😀

img_3550img_3553img_3569Haha, this time I kinda programmed

Saturday Team Day 14/1/17

Teams of 2
Warm-up 3x
20 partner wall balls
20 burpees over partner

Metcon (Time)
for time
in teams of 2
one works, one rests
down and up

50 cal row
50 burpees over the erg
50 wall balls
50 pull ups
50 box jump over
50 power snatch 60/40 I was upset, could not do it, my ankle pain is back, so I did deadlift instead (70kg)


Thursday 17/3/16

I decided to go to the box today, even they will announce 16.4 later. If it is not a crazy long one I’ll try tmw, if it is a chipper, I will wait till Saturday…

Strict Muscle Ups
I have to work on them, so hard during the open still focusong on all the other stuff…

Warm-up 2x
15m bear crawl
10 swings
15m crab walk
10 squat
2x 10 hollow rocks & 10 superman
squat routine

Back Squat (5×10)
5min to warm up to working weight
then 5×10
*rest exactly 1min between sets
*add 5-10kg to last week

Metcon (Time)
for time
40 – 30 – 20 – 10
wall balls
pull ups
RX 9:49

Testweek – Monday 29/2/16

Well right now I am not the biggest fan of testing my progress and going up to 1 RMs. Okay, I never like it… But during the open, well…, even worse 😀 I am also not seeing a lot of progress with my lifts and weights right now, I’ll test some but not all of the days. So I was pretty happy I could join the bodyweight class instead of the wod, it was a nice sweaty workout… 🙂

Warm-up 3x
3 push ups
5 burpees
7 ring rows
9 squats

Metcon 4x
30 sec sit ups
30 sec plank
30 sec back plank

Metcon (Time)
for time:
100 squats
90 sit ups
80 lunges
70 burpees
60 sec plank
50 mountain climber
40 push ups
30 hollow rocks
20 squat jumps
10 hand release push ups
*35min timecap
RX 15:40

Saturday Throwdown WOD

I skipped my morning training because I wanted to do the next Throwdown qualifying wod:

20 Pull-ups
20 Wall Balls, 14 lbs
20 Front Squats, 40 kg
20 Kettlebell Swings, 20 kg
20 Double Unders
20 Kettlebell Swings, 20 kg
20 Front Squats, 40 kg
20 Wall Balls, 14 lbs
20 Pull-ups
timecap 10 min

I did it in the afternoon, one of our coaches judged me. I finished within the time cap.
It was a hard one, my time was alright, I guess, I also recorded video, just in case… 😉

Afterwards I did my bench and press sets before I left to get a big portion of arabic food… 😉

5 Bench Press | 36 kg
5 Bench Press | 39 kg
5 Bench Press | 42 kg
5 Bench Press | 45 kg

5 Shoulder Press | 28 kg
5 Shoulder Press | 30 kg
5 Shoulder Press | 33 kg
5 Shoulder Press | 33 kg

Thursday 16/12/15 CHIPPERRRRRRRRR

I taught the last CF Kids class for this year and had a blast doing the wod afterwards, chipper time… 🙂


Warm-up 3x
15m bear crawl
10sec active hang
5 turtle get up

14 I’s
12 T’s
10 Y’s
8 scapula pull ups

3xmax reps strict pull ups
*rest exactly 1min in between sets
*this is a test. stick to the standards and do your best.
15/9/6 = 30 reps

Metcon “the thirty dozen” for time
30 pull ups
30 air squats
30 swings 32/24
30 burpees
30 t2b
30 hspu
30 box over
30 sdhp 32/24
30 lunges
30 kb deadlifts 32/24
30 push ups
30 wall balls
RX 16:10 min

Chipppppppper Alert…. 18/8/15


3min run
3min 10 swings
8 ring rows
6 squats
4 pass through
2 squat jumps

5 snatch deadlift
5 snatch high pull
5 ohs
5 snatch balance
5 snatch

Snatch (4×2)
*don’t exceed 85%
*rest 1,5-2min

Metcon for time
1000m run
100 mountain climber
50 squats
80 jumping jacks
40 s2o 50/35
60 pull ups
30 burpees
RX 16:32
(20min timecap)

Friday Morning Class 14/8/15

I went to the box at 8:15am because my parents came to Berlin. So I took the regular class and did some training right afterwards…
Today it was a loooooooong chipper.

1x 600m run
3x 30sec su
10sec du
15m wheelbarrow
5 ring rows
5 plank to push ups
3 push ups

Basic Strength
Shoulder Press
*work up to a heavy set of 2
*rest 1,5-2min
last 4 sets 2x40kg, did not feel that good

Metcon (Time)
for time
1.5k run
50 sdhp 32/24
25 burpees
150 du
25 burpees
50 s2o 50/35
150 jumping jacks
(25min timecap)
RX 22:32min
5×5 45kg
3×5 50/60/70%

6×10 strict pull ups

a bit ghd sit ups and regular sit ups

Monday WOD and Trainings Day

I love Mondays, having the opportunity to work out at 12 and do some extra work afterwards is just awesome. I took a picture from the WOD – like in good old times… 😉

Frontsquat: 55kg
WOD: RX 9:50 (not that bad 😉 )

Afterwards I worked on

push press

bench press for the next qualifying WOD
5×10 35kg

muscle up work
one strict MU
a couple of kipping MU. I used the regular grip for three MUs… First time… 🙂
two (bad looking) bar muscle up

strict pull up
7×5, one minute rest in between each set

practicing ring dips