Monday Fun Week 19/12/16

My left arm got so much better, also my foot is almost healed. I am still not doing jumps on a box or double unders… Today is the last week before the Christmas break, This means lots of fun with partner wods. I felt quite good, so I decided to go for the bodyweight class, the partner wod and weightlifting afterwards… Hehe, it felt awesome!

Warm-up 4x
5 burpees
7 kb swings
9 hollow rocks

Metcon (No Measure)
amrap 5: kb push press

1 min rest

amrap 5: kb row

1 min rest

amrap 5: kb squats

Metcon amrap 20:
10 hspu
20 pistols
30 kb swings
15 hspu
30 pistols
45 kb swings
20 hspu
40 pistols
60 kb swings
25 hspu
50 pistols
75 kb swings
30 hspu
60 pistols
90 kb swings
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
“The Grinch”
in teams of 2, one works, one rests

amrap 40
100 kb squats 32/24
5x Cindy
100 swings 32/24
5x Cindy
100 s2o 50/35
5x Cindy
100 power clean 60/40
5x Cindy
100 power clean 60/40
5x Cindy
100 deadlift 70/50
5x Cindy

We finished the whole wod, started again and did 100 KB squats and three rounds of Cindy… Wohoo….!!!!

Christmas Break

Happy new year… 🙂

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Happy new year… 🙂
The box shut down for Christmas break and renovation from 24th to the 3rd of January. It was fine for me, I was not in Berlin anyways. I went to my parents after training on Wednesday in the afternoon.

The weather was really good during the holidays, so I could go for running. I was a bit lazy, it is always hard to motivate myself outside the box…

Thursday-bodyweight WOD
100 squats
75 push ups
25 pull ups
75 ring dips
100 squats

9km run

2.4km run with tabata intervall

I went back to Berlin on Sunday to fly to Marrakech for a city trip. We were in the middle of the old town in a riad and decided to be lazy. We walked a lot and there was not really a workout space…

Saturday – 2nd January
Back to Berlin morning run 5 km + 100 strict press with my barbell (15kg)

Wodathlon Christmas WOD Sunday, 21st 2014

It supposed to be my rest day but because of the special occasion I went to the box. Actually I could have stayed longer and do some more wods but I promised not to be there for more than two hours and of course it became four… :/ There were 24 wods in 12 hours, from 10 am to 10 pm. Some were easy going some crazy shit… I started at 1:30 pm with one max rep strict pull ups. I did 15kg but it was haaaaaard. I finished at 4:30pm with a circle training.

1) Find one max strict weighted pull up 15kg

30m bear crawl
7 hspu
7 ring dips RX 4:31 min

20 deadlift 60/40
10 high box jumps RX 1:46 min

11.: Front Rack Lunge (5×5)
e2mom 10 55kg

3 strict pull ups
5 push ups RX 4:24 min

for time
sit ups
goblet squats 24/16 RX 3:16min

40sec work, 20 sec rest
I. ghd sit up
II. plank hold
III. weighted sit ups
IV. superman halo
V. superman med ball throw
VI. ohs hold
VII. floor wiper No measure