WOD 30/10/14

3x 10 swings 10 squats 5 ring rows

Hang Snatch
5 snatch deadlift
5 hang snatch high pull
5 ohs
5 snatch balance
5 hang snatch

Hang Snatch (1×3)
hang snatch
e1:30mom 15
2×5 20/ 22,5
3×4 25 27,5 30
5×3 32,5 35 37,5 (2x)
*increase every set by 0-5kg

Basic Strength
Metcon (No Measure)
e30sec for 10min
I. 15sec hold bottom of push up
II. 3 strict ring dips (weighted if possible) used 1,25 kg 😉

Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)
amrap 5
10 cal row
10 burpees over the rower
3 rounds plus ten
2min rest

amrap 5
10 t2b
10 goblet squats 32/24
four rounds plus 11

WOS 5/9/14

20 su
6 box jumps
6 squat jumps
6 scapula push ups

Basic Strength
e30sec for 10min
I. amrap 10sec strict ring dips
II. 3 kb bottom up press each arm
I did 2 ring dips and used a 8 kg kettlebell – picture below
5 clean dl
5 hang clean high pull
5 hang power clean

Hang Power Clean (16×2)
emom 16
2x hang power clean – And the pain begun 😦 I always hit the same spot on my collarbone when catching the bar. Today it still hurt, it got worse and it started to swell, so I had to stop in between to put sth on but it did not help. I finished the last set 45 kg which is disappinting because I wanted to get higher 😦 It is depressing not to work on heavier weights with cleans… Now I I have sth which looks like a little egg right on my collarbone, no cleans for me 😦 It hurts
*start light and go up ever 2nd minute
*concentrate on form and speed

amrap 13
15m bear crawl
16 lunges
17 burpees
*emom 3 hpc 60/40 I did 60 kg deadlift intstead
5 rounds plus34 reps


200m run
7 v-ups
7 zots press with broomstick

Basic Strength
Ring Dips (3x max reps)
3x (4,3,4)
max reps strict ring dips
12 push ups

*rest exactly 2min between sets
*stretch out chest and triceps during rest

5 snatch grip deadlift
5 snatch high pull
5 snatch grip press behind neck
5 hang power snatch

Hang Power Snatch (15×4)
emom 15
4x hang power snatch
*start light an go up every 3rd minute
*concentrate on form and speed

I started 20kg, went up 25kg, 30 kg and did the last 2 sets with 32,5 kg. I am not happy with it,hopefully I can go up to 35 kg next time but it still feels heavy because I am not doing it correctly… :/

Metcon amrap 9
6 burpees over bar
3 hang power snatch 50/35
I did 27.5 kg and worked consistently.