Day 3 of the Asian Regionals 2014

Event 6 Chipper
50 cal row
50 box jumps over the box
50 deadlifts 120 lbs
50 wall balls
50 dips
50 wall balls
50 deadlift
50 cal row
time cap: 21 min

After a real good day 2 I was sore and tired. My muscles hurt my upper body felt exhausted, all the muscle ups, strict handstand push ups… left a sign on my body. So I was not as prepared as I hoped for the chipper. Also I was not aware of the wallball height: 14 feet, men’s height, did not practice that. As you can read on my blog the last weeks I was focusing on my gymnastic skills and my lifts. I kinda forgot about ball balls or working on endurance, cardio etc. I tried the chipper once but with girls height on the wall balls and the rings height for the dips were lower, made it easier to jump in. Anyways if I worked on that, too I wouldn’t be able to do all the other stuff. Anyways right after the start I felt that my body is tired, I fought all the way to the wall balls, was exhausted already and pissed because I felt weak and then had so many non reps on the wall balls. I often hit the round target at the edge- NO REP, missed the target “NO REP”
I got upset, was out of breath and stuck with the wall balls, the height makes a difference and also the target, I am used to hit the wall somehow but it was a small circle on the pull up bar I had to hit which was tricky for me. Damn it! I got so many no reps on them and when I finally finished it and went to ring dips, there was no power left. I could do only 14 and that is it, my ring dip kip is weak, so I mostly did a mixture between strict and kip, the last try I could not even lock my arms anymore. There was nothing left… AND TIME
I was really sad about my result but at this time I just could not do anymore. I needed a moment to mentally recover from my wod. I was disappointed but I could not go harder on it. I am still struggling, thinking about my paste, my dips and my mental down during the wall balls.

My support was great, they told me not to be sad after all I achieved and what i did so far. I still was… 😉 Just a couple more ring dips as I normally could do…

Last event
64 pull ups
8 Overhead Squats 135 lbs

I did not even touch the bar but set my goal to work on my overhead strengths and my fear of going under that bar. But this time it was okay for me because I did not prepare myself for this kind of heavy weight so I knew from beginning on where my limits are.

Well and that is it. My first (and probably last competition was over…