Another vacation wod CF Albufeira

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We went down south by car. And I did one more wod on the coast at CrossFit Albufeira. The town itself is not very nice, lots of tourists and cheesy souvenir shops, too many not so good looking restaurants and so many hotels and ugly buildings right next to the beach. Our little hotel was 5km away in a smaller place, that was a bit nicer and not so full with all this tourist shops and restaurants.

The box itself was pretty cool, behind the main road and a petrol station, not too big and too fancy, seemed like a real box. On our day there was more fun team workout than a serious wod, which was fine, it was Easter Saturday. We worked in teams of 5 and did different exercises as a team, 5 minutes per station, one minute rest in between. The class took a while, even we did not workout that hard, but they just took their time… ;D

Afterwards I tried their Rogue pegboard which was fun but also very tricky, I managed to go all the way up and down…, yeah.

Monday 13/2/16

Just a short visit today because of a late appointment:

Warm-up 2x
30m bearcrawl
10 hollow rock
10 push up
10 swings
15m waiters walk each arm
Basic Strength
Push Jerk (1×2)
15min to work up to a heavy 2RM

3×2 @90% of heaviest set
3 or 4 times 60kgx2

Metcon amrap 20
10 10m shuttle sprints
10 10m one arm farmers carry 32/24
10 kb swings 32/24
RX, did not count rounds…

Tuesday WOD and skill work 20/12/16

sally up with thruster (empty barbell)

1 rnd gymnastic swim
1 min good morning hold (empty barbell)
1 min chinese abs (empty barbell)

Metcon “Marzipankartoffel”
in teams of 2
2 rounds
2min each station
1 works, 1 eats cookies 😉

I 10m farmers walk 2×32/24
II slam ball ground to shoulder 50/35
III 10m shuttle sprint
IV partner wall balls over the rig
V sandbag ground to shoulder
VI landmine press 30/20
VII partner pistols

backsquat 6×4 82kg

strict muscle ups 4-4-3-3-3-3

strict pull ups 10×5

strict press
2×5 30kg
2×5 35kg

100 sit ups

Not my day… 14/1/15


10×50% 505kg
10×60% 65kg
10×65% 72.5kg
8×75% 82.5kg
6×80% 88kg

3x 30su 10 swings 5 hollow rock

5 clean dl
5 hang clean high pull
5 hang power clean

Hang Power Clean emom 12
3 hpc
*increase weight every 2nd set
*focus on speed throughout all sets
32.5 37.5 42.5 47.5 52.5
I messed up the 52.5 already. My technique was bad, my left wrist and my arm hurt and I felt very weak and inconsistent. I did 2 unbroken but then it won’t work anymore… I put the bar down, got upset.

Basic Strength
45sec work, 20sec rest
hip & back extensions
superman halo 1.25/2.5
hollow rock
ohs hold
weighted sit ups 15/20
plank hold

Metcon 4rft
150m farmers walk 24/16
15 kb s2o 24/16

I could not lift equally 16kg right and left, my left arm is so much weaker in comparing to the right. It also hurt and felt not good. I stopped the wod because it felt horrible and I could not use my left arm for the kb push press. I went home and was really mad and kinda depressed, putting so much work in my training and the result is so little and oftentimes failing makes me wondering about my progress


5 hollow rock
6 swings
7 kb deadlift
2×3 turkish get up each arm (12kg)

Basic Strength Deadlift (5 – 5 – max reps)
1×5 @65% 70kg
1×5 @75% 80kg
1x max reps @85% with perfect form (max 10 reps) 7x90kg felt heavy, pain in my back
2×10 @ 50% 55kg
*add 0-10kg to last weeks max rep set
*rest 2min in between sets

Metcon (Weight) emom 10
1 turkish get up each arm (16kg, 2x20kg right arm)

Metcon (Time)
for time
30 burpees
20 pull ups
10 swings 32/24
300m farmers walk 32/24
10 swings 32/24
20 pull ups
30 burpees
RX 10:11