Tuesday WOD and skill work 20/12/16

sally up with thruster (empty barbell)

1 rnd gymnastic swim
1 min good morning hold (empty barbell)
1 min chinese abs (empty barbell)

Metcon “Marzipankartoffel”
in teams of 2
2 rounds
2min each station
1 works, 1 eats cookies 😉

I 10m farmers walk 2×32/24
II slam ball ground to shoulder 50/35
III 10m shuttle sprint
IV partner wall balls over the rig
V sandbag ground to shoulder
VI landmine press 30/20
VII partner pistols

backsquat 6×4 82kg

strict muscle ups 4-4-3-3-3-3

strict pull ups 10×5

strict press
2×5 30kg
2×5 35kg

100 sit ups

Monday Fun Week 19/12/16

My left arm got so much better, also my foot is almost healed. I am still not doing jumps on a box or double unders… Today is the last week before the Christmas break, This means lots of fun with partner wods. I felt quite good, so I decided to go for the bodyweight class, the partner wod and weightlifting afterwards… Hehe, it felt awesome!

Warm-up 4x
5 burpees
7 kb swings
9 hollow rocks

Metcon (No Measure)
amrap 5: kb push press

1 min rest

amrap 5: kb row

1 min rest

amrap 5: kb squats

Metcon amrap 20:
10 hspu
20 pistols
30 kb swings
15 hspu
30 pistols
45 kb swings
20 hspu
40 pistols
60 kb swings
25 hspu
50 pistols
75 kb swings
30 hspu
60 pistols
90 kb swings
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
“The Grinch”
in teams of 2, one works, one rests

amrap 40
100 kb squats 32/24
5x Cindy
100 swings 32/24
5x Cindy
100 s2o 50/35
5x Cindy
100 power clean 60/40
5x Cindy
100 power clean 60/40
5x Cindy
100 deadlift 70/50
5x Cindy

We finished the whole wod, started again and did 100 KB squats and three rounds of Cindy… Wohoo….!!!!

Tuesday 15/11/16

Warm-up 3x
20sec work, 10sec rest
one legged burpee
straddle hollow rock
hold bottom of wall squat

10 swings on rings
5 mu transitions
5-10sec hold bottom of ring dip
1-2 ring mu

Back Squat (10×6)
e3mom 30
10 kipping hspu
6 back squats 100/70
2 muscle up
*hspu deficit if possible – I used 15kg+10kg plat all rounds

9-9-9 80kg, unbroken

clean complex misfits @ 70% (46kg)

power snatch 30 sec on/2:30 rest @65%
5 rounds, drop and reset
I did 7 reps, last set 8 reps, 32,5kg

Partner wod ygIg
20 rounds (10 per person)
10 t2b
15 wall balls (everything unbroken)

weighted strict pu (always 1)

Birthday in da Box 26/10/16

600m run

10 kb cossack squats
10 swings

Snatch 2x
3 snatch deadlift
3 snatch high pull
3 muscle snatch
3 power snatch
3 snatch
3 snatch balance

Snatch (5×1)
5min warm up to 70%
e20sec 3min
1 snatch @70%
1min rest
e30sec 4min
1 snatch @80%
1min rest
emom 5
1 snatch @90%

Metcon (3 Rounds for time)
e2mom 12
I. 1x
18 cal row
12 power snatch 45/30
6 ohs 45/30
II. rest
This was a sweaty one. I finished all three rounds but not with much time in between:
a) 1:52
b) 1:52
c) 1:54
I am not sure if the time is 100% correct

There were two of us celebrating birthday today.
Afterwards we did pur own little birthday wod:


Ther rest of the day I enjoyed a spa night at the Adlon hotel with good food an a nice massage, pretty awesome 🙂

Misfits Tuesday 11/10/16

I came right after work to do the misfitsathletics program. I had to combine two days because it did not fit into my schedule to do it separately. 😦

Warm Up
5 rounds
10 cal bike
10 glute activation steps
5 high box jumps

10×1 squat clean and split jerk

10×1 snatch

5 rounds for time
12 DL 84kg
6 muscle ups
200m run
RX 20:41

Bitch Work
6×3 min, rest 2 min
15 burpees to target (about 6 inch)
row/assault bike for distance

Pause Front Squat

WOD Friday29/1/16

Wohoo, Friday, one week holidays…, so happy – extra time to train and to relaxxxxxxxx….

Warm-up 3x
1min plank
30sec side plank each side
2:00min reach the wall
2:00min ball juggling

14 I’s
12 T’s
10 Y’s

Basic Strength
Turkish Get Up
5min work on tgu
5×5 tgu (16kg)

Max Effort 500m Row
It was horrible,one of my worst wods… 1:46 min, it just hurts…

Friday WOD 23/1/16

Before Class:

6 Bench Press | 39 kg
6 Bench Press | 42 kg
6 Bench Press | 45 kg
6 Bench Press | 48 kg
6 Bench Press | 48 kg

5 Shoulder Press | 27 kg
5 Shoulder Press | 30 kg
5 Shoulder Press | 32.5 kg
5 Shoulder Press | 32.5 kg

Strict Muscle-up | 4 reps
Strict Muscle-up | 3 reps
Strict Muscle-up | 3 reps
Strict Muscle-up | 3 reps

Warm-up 2x
40 single under
10 reach through (5each arm)
10 scapula push ups
10 kip or caterpillar

HPS 2x
5 snatch grip deadlift
5 snatch high pull
5 snatch grip press behind neck
5 hang power snatch

Power Snatch (5×2)emom 20
I. 2 power snatch
II. 4 ring push ups (50X0)
2 plyo push ups
*focus on barbell cycling
*find working weight in first 10min and stick to that weight

Metcon amrap 10
10 box jumps
8 push ups
6 power snatch 60/40
*buy in = 100 wall balls

You see the little “by the way there is a buy in sentence”… This is how it looked like on our board. So, yes, 100 wall balls… :O

RX 3+3 The power snatch felt okay, I got all the reps, of course I can not cycle them together and I still use to much strengths instead of technique but it is slowly getting better…