Monday 19/6/17

I could go right back into training…, just a little sore in my triceps, probably the ski erg. I had a meeting today at school, so I was not sure which class I will make but I was done earlier than expected, so weightlifting and afterwards I just did the workout from the reg. class. I did ghd sit ups instead of toes 2 bars because I ripped some of my fingers on the weekend…

weightlifting: SNATCH day (nth new here)
3 rds for time
30 ghd sit ups
30 mountain climbers
800 m run

This one hurt… Official box timecap was 15 min, nobody made that time. I decided to finish anyways and needed around 16:54. It was horrible exhausting, there was this one athlete chasing me all the time and I did not want her to pass me, she was a really good runner, I am quite sure the run did not bother her. I almost felt down… Good to be pushed but horrible on the other side as well.

Tuesday 28/3/17

wrist prep (each position 20sec rock back and forth and/or side to side
palm down first, then backhand fingers pointing back, out, for and inwards9

4x 20sec work, 10sec rest
burpees& swings

Sumo Deadlift (1×2)
20min to find a heavy 2RM
then 10min
3×2 @80% of heaviest set
not too good, only 110kg for 2
3×2 90kg

Metcon (No Measure) 4x
30sec work, 30sec rest
wall facing shoulder taps
strict leg raises
push ups
e4min for 2 minutes, 10 rounds
30 heavy wall balls (20lbs)
max rep ghd sit ups

bench press (101)
6×2 52.5 kg (day 3, week 1)

snatch e1:30min for 5 rounds
1 power snatch
1 snatch balance
1 snatch push press

seated KB press
12-10-8-6 (10kg, 12kg, 15kg,15kg)

100 push ups for time (5:19)

10×5 strict pull ups

Sunday 15/1/17

I came around 12:30 to start with some back squats. I have to start a new cycle because I feel I am stuck with my weight, even got worse.

10×1 87.5

Heavy Metcon amrap 45 min
Teams of 3
one starts, follow the leader, if the person in front of you is done with his/her station, move on

row/bike 25 cal
1 round DT

I had to scale because of my ankle, so DT was for me:

12 deadlift 55kg
9 hang power clean 30kg
6 shoulder press 30kg

10×3 Muscle ups

practice handstand walk

7 rounds
10 medball ghd sit ups
5 strict pull ups

We actually wanted to do 10 rounds but then the box already closed… 😉

Thursday 8/12/16

Today I did a little more than expected and it was awesome… 😉

Before class
back squat 6×2 85kg
It is so weird, I don’t think my squat is getting better anymore. For almost a year now I feel like I am doing the same weights and it still feels heavy. As soon as I stop squatting for a couple of days or squat less I feel it. It is annoying… I will start a new cycle after Christmas to see it it will give me some more strengths… The same with my deadlift, I feel it got worse…

Bodyweight Class
Warm-up 2x
5 burpees
15 du
5 strict knees to chest
15 sec handstand hold

Metcon (No Measure)
5 rounds of:
2 min du – I worked on my chest to bar butterflies
1 min max hold handstand
2 min rest

(30 min)
Metcon (No Measure)
8x 20 sec on, 10 sec off
8x 20 sec on, 10 sec off
8x 20 sec on, 10 sec off
sit ups
8x 20 sec on, 10 sec off
8x 20 sec on, 10 sec off
hollow rocks

Still testing… I did one set of a heavy deadlift, 115kg, 10kg away from my PR but it felt so heavy. 😦 I hope, it is just because of my foot injury. I also deadlift less than before. My focus is more on weightlifting and gymnastics…

I made up my own wod:
emom 2 muscle ups for 20 min

Afterwards I did a little calm down wod:
3 rounds
30 call assault
40 push ups
30 ghd sit ups

Haha, then I felt ready to go home… 🙂
I will be out of town on the weekend, so no training… :/img_2595

Late snack after training 🙂

Tuesday Wod and Misfits 27/9/16

I really hurried to make it to the 12pm class and do misfits afterwards. It is kinda stressful but it gives me so much more time to do the wod and some extra work afterwards… 🙂

Warm-up 2x
15 swings
25 jumping jacks
2min partner split stretch
2min partner shoulder stretch

Snatch 2x
5 snatch deadlift
5 snatch high pull
5 muscle snatch
5 power snatch
5 snatch
5 snatch balance

Snatch (30×1)
5min warm up
e30sec for 15min
1 snatch *@70% of 1RM snatch 40kg

CrossFit Games Open 11.1 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
10-Minute AMRAP of:
30 Double-Unders
15 Power Snatches,

I improved by a couple of reps, I missed 5 reps to finish round 7 RX

Afterwards I did some of the misfits work from day 1 and 2

Warm Up
3 Steady Rounds:
Row 300m
10 light Snatch Balance
15 Alternating Jumping Lunges
See Warm Up Demo Vide

Pause OHS – 3-3-3-2-2-1

EMOM for 10 Minutes:
20 GHD Sit Ups
10 Deadlifts
Alternate Movements
Deadlift weight will be chosen by the athlete. It can fluctuate from set to set, but all 5 sets of 10 should be unbroken. I used 72.5kg

5 Rounds For Time:
Assault Bike 30/15 calories
7 Muscle Ups
Rest 3:00

Sunday- Just Training 6/9/15

I came to the open gym time and worked on weightlifting, strengths and gymnastics…

2×10 31kg

3×8 51kg

snatch high pull
4×5 38kg

behind the neck jerk
-work up to a heavy single- 60kg (3×80% = 48kg)

snatch drop – baby weights (15/20/22.5kg)
front squat 3 x 5 62kg
emom 12 strict muscle ups- 20 in total
emom 10 5 strict pull ups

50 ghd medball sit ups
50 ghd sit ups

WOD 11/9/13

It was kind of a more talking instead of working WOD. Our coach explained a bit long the “work for quality part”, so we lost quite lot of workout time in the middle of the class. The exercises were good to practice but just the explaining was a bit to much. I was also distracted by the other coach who was doing his own WOD, making weird sounds and breathing haaaaard and loud… :

Warm Up
800m run
Good mornings
5 Walk to toes+push up

Work for quality (10 rounds)
2 turkish get ups
5 back extensions (go all the way up)
7 weighted sit ups (30lbs)

WOD 5rft
7 front squat (we had to clean them first,no rack, so only 76 pounds
7 jump over burpess
time: 4:36 min