Last Training before GTD 12 pm class

Today was my last trainings day before resting for the German Throwdown competition the upcoming weekend. I am still not happy with all my skills, my handstand walk sucks. I once got 18 steps(!!!!!) but then there are some attempts which are just shitty. I still have problems finding the sticky point and having the balance to walk. It is so hard to keep your feet together and stay in the hollow position… Well, I practice this skill for almost two years (on and off) but it still is a mess. I am not a person who just gets it, for every new skill, every technique I need so much time and energy and patience, it is really upsetting me from time to time. The good thing is it always becomes better…

2:30min ball juggling
2:30min reach the wall

5 ring rows
5 push ups
3 wall extension

Basic Strength
A: Shoulder Press (1×2)
10min to work up to a heavy set of 2
immediately afterwards continue with B
B: Push Press (1×2)
10min to work up to a heavy set of 2

2x 2:30min work on kipping pull ups
2:30min run/row

Metcon (Time)
for time
burpees over the bar
s2o 70/45
Metcon (Time)
for time
burpees over the bar
s2o 60/40
Metcon (Time)
for time
burpees over the bar
s2o 50/35
RX 2:32/3:46/4:48

This was a bad one, I was sooooooooo exhausted. But these are the wods I do need to get better and stronger because when it comes to barbell, especially overhead movements in wods, I suck. So it was perfect for me to work on my weaknesses. I actually did not that bad.

I was the fastest female and only got beat from one guy during the first wod by a couple of seconds. Only me and him finished the whole workout. But still, so much room for improvement if I wanna compete!!!!!!

26/10/15 Birthday Wod

I had a great birthday morning. My mom and dad were in Berlin, we met my aunt and her partner and went for a yummy breakfast at a nice cafè in Berlin Kreuzberg. Afterward we did a walk in the sun before my parents had to drive back home. I went to the gym in the afternoon to work on my skills for the throwdown and did the class afterwards…
By the way, I got beautiful presents… The biggest one is: AN ELEIKO BARBELL!!!!!!!!! Wohooooo!!!!! My own one, so happy, can not really use it in our apartment right now because of space issues but I will as soon as we find a bigger place, and perhaps I will sometimes just do some tiny little technique session or press exercises… 😉

15m bear crawl
15m crabwalk
3min parter snatch prep
5 hollow rocks
5 superman
5 squats
1 planche lean

snatch position play
High-Hang Snatch (1×1)
2×3 2×2 4×1 @75% of 1RM snatch
I finished up with 3×1 @ 40kg for the first time… yeah 🙂

Sots Front Press (12-10-8)
*start 2.5kg above last weeks starting weight and add weight every set if possible
last set 23.5 kg, one kg plus

Metcon (Time)
100 hps 35/20
*every break 10 hops over the bar
This was kinda though, I tried to do as many as possible which felt fine, after I put down the bar for the first time it was hard to go back to it.
4:31 RX