I taught the CF kids and had about 50 min before the class started. I did my 5 rep max strict press before the class because I wanted to do a wod and it would have cost me strengths.

5 max strict press 42kg, perhaps 1-2 kg more would be possible – NEW PR

30-20-10 (35kg)
power clean
hang squat clean
push press
oh walking lunges

It took me a little more than 30 min…, I tried to work consistently but I did not as hurt as I would do during a class wod. It it har to push myself when you have nobody next to you… On the other hand sometimes it is also good to stick with your paste… 😉

During th class I did 5×2 strict mu and some KB/DB push press

WOD amrap 10 (16kh), no messure
10 push ups on KBs
15 KB double goblet squat
20 KB double deadlift

Monday 18/4/16

Long day at work today, so <i only came for the 8pm class..
The wod did not look as bad as it felt…

Warm Up
2x300m run
5 romanian kb dl each leg
30sec kb dl stretch
10 hollow rocks

10min work on handstand
Basic Strength

Deadlift (7×7)
5min to warm up
then 7×7
*rest exactly 1min between sets
*add 1-10kg to last week 80kg

Metcon (Time)
10 rounds
7 burpees
7 kb squats 32/24
RX 6:44

6/2/16 Drop in @ CrossFit Kulmbach

I became a little restless and decided to go to a CrossFit box close by for a drop in.

There was a Saturday 10 am class and it was a 50 min drive there. My parents came with me to drop me off and do some shopping.

I was hoping for heavy barbell stuff and gymnastic but…, well it was outdoor and running. Nevertheless the box owner was super nice and the three girls I did the wod with were cool and friendly. I would never done it on my own and it was good to feel my body and did some exercise…


5 min run
5 min rest
3 min run
3 min rest
2 min run
2 min rest
1 min run (hard effort)
1 min rest

Kettlebell Swing (American Style) RX 16kg (I used 20kg)
Goblet Squat
Hill Sprint
5:31 min

Saturday 7/11/15

15m bear crawl
15m walking lunges
15m high knees
15m crab walk

5 wall squats
10 cossack squats

Back Squat (1×1)
4×1@90%+ 95kg

Metcon 3x
20 one legged romanian kb dl
20 one legged bridge ups

3x max reps pull up behind neck
*1min rest 22 reps

Metcon 3rft
30m bear crawl
20 jumping lunges
15 push ups
10 goblet squats 32/24
RX 5:24min

Wednesday WOD – back to the routine 6/5/15

600m run
3x 1min plank/ 30sec side plank
2x 15m wheelbarrow
7 scapula pull ups
3 supinated ring rows
ws flossing ext/flex (3min)
nerval flossing for thoracic spine and arm (8min)
crawl on place (6min)

Basic Strength
Metcon (No Measure)
take 15min to do 4-6 sets of
6 I’s 4 T’s 2 I’s
8 push up on air pads
200m run

emom 5
10 burpees
5 goblet squats
emom 5
10 russian swings
5 push ups
emom 5
10 sit ups
5 wall balls
I used 24kg KB and the 20lbs wall ball

Saturday WOD and Team Training 17/1/15

We had our first preschool kids class in the morning which was pretty fun…

hThis is the website I try to post everything around CrossFit Kids class….
3x 12 lunges 4 push ups
4 deadlift with barbell
1x 30sec hollow hold 30sec back support hold

2:30min work on handstand
2:30min 20 du / du variation
10 swings (I did left KB bottom up)
10 hollow rocks
Basic Strength Deadlift
1×6 @70%
1×4 @75%
1×2 @80%
1×6 @75%
1×4 @80%
1×2 @85% 95kg
*rest 2min in between sets

Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)
amrap 7
2 wall walk
4 box over
7 t2b
RX 7 rounds
2min rest

amrap 7
20 ohs 45/30
40 cal row
70 du
RX 1 round + 14 OHS

Afternoon Training
I did backsquats, worked up to 3x85kg. I used a med ball in the last two sets to make sure I go deep enough… It felt seriousely heavy. I also did some skill training, worked on my clean…

Team AMRAP 20
teams of 4,
run 600m as team
60 clean and jerk /40/60 (2 work, two rest)
30 synchronised goblet squats 24/32

We finished two rounds and started the running…

Wodathlon Christmas WOD Sunday, 21st 2014

It supposed to be my rest day but because of the special occasion I went to the box. Actually I could have stayed longer and do some more wods but I promised not to be there for more than two hours and of course it became four… :/ There were 24 wods in 12 hours, from 10 am to 10 pm. Some were easy going some crazy shit… I started at 1:30 pm with one max rep strict pull ups. I did 15kg but it was haaaaaard. I finished at 4:30pm with a circle training.

1) Find one max strict weighted pull up 15kg

30m bear crawl
7 hspu
7 ring dips RX 4:31 min

20 deadlift 60/40
10 high box jumps RX 1:46 min

11.: Front Rack Lunge (5×5)
e2mom 10 55kg

3 strict pull ups
5 push ups RX 4:24 min

for time
sit ups
goblet squats 24/16 RX 3:16min

40sec work, 20 sec rest
I. ghd sit up
II. plank hold
III. weighted sit ups
IV. superman halo
V. superman med ball throw
VI. ohs hold
VII. floor wiper No measure