Haha, I got a message from my Saturday WOD partner if we wanna do tonights team wod together. I was hoping for sth nice but, nope….: row row row :O

10 rounds per person
30 sec row-30 sec hold barbell in bottom front squat position (40/60kg)
30 sec rest
– 9min rest-

We managed to get 475 calories together, it was hard, afterwards there was no weightlifting class, so we used the time to do parts of the welded athlete program:

amrap 10 unbroken strict handstand push ups (using a yoga mat)
3-4-5-3-4-5 and so on
I managed to do 3 rounds+3+4 which is okay for me…

wod 4 rounds for time
10 hang power clean (52kg for girls)
15 bar facing burpees over the barbell
100 double unders
RX 15:59

Tuesday 17/1/17

Before 10×2 strict muscle ups 🙂

40 swings
20 burpees
80 jumping jacks
Barbell cycling power clean + push jerk
3 power clean 1 stop
3 power clean no stop
3 power clean + push jerk 2 stop
3 power clean + push jerk 1 stop @front rack
3 power clean + push jerk 1 stop @hang
3 power clean + push jerk no stop

Power Clean + Push Jerk (5x 7+7)
power clean + push jerk
5x 7+7
*do all power cleans first, then the push jerks
*increase weight as needed
*work unbroken and without resting throughout the set
*work this as a skill, not strength training

I really got upset, my 4th set with 37.5kg felt good but then during the 6th push jerk I felt my left foot and the ankle again, so I had to stop after this set. I would have done 40 easily, without injury and the time off even more 😦

Metcon (Time)
deadlifts 50/35
push ups
6:38 RX

Mobility for about 10 min

Back squat
10×35/45/50/55/60/65/70 kg

5×10 front rack lunges
1×35 4x40kg, it hurt 😦

Practice Handstand walk

strict pull ups
1×10 5×3 weighted 10kg

Lazy Friday… 14/10/16

Last testing day in our box and I was highly demotivated…There are these days. I taught one CF kid, lol, and did one misfitsathletics thing afterwards:

run 200m
max rep unbroken strict HSPU

Well it was not the strengths in the middle of the wod, I just came down the wall because I lost my balance. I just used two yoga mats, so you also have to come down controlled…

Afterwards I practiced a bit my hsw and left for being fit and motivated tomorrow…

Friday 29/4/16

I felt better today, still a little unmotivated… 😉

5 Back Squats | 62.5 kg
3 Back Squats | 72.5 kg
2 Back Squats | 82.5 kg
2 Back Squats | 92.5 kg
1 Back Squat | 98 kg
1 Back Squat | 105 kg
1 Back Squat | 105 kg

7 Sets : rest 1 min
7 Back Squats | 77.5 kg (from yesterday’s wod)

Strict Pull-up | 10 reps
Strict Pull-up | 6 reps
Strict Pull-up | 6 reps
Strict Pull-up | 7 reps
Strict Pull-up | 7 reps
Strict Pull-up | 7 reps
Strict Pull-up | 7 reps
Strict Pull-up | 5 reps

Warm-up 2x
200m run
7 push ups
8 cuban rotations
9 hollow rocks

10min work on handstand

Shoulder Press (7×7)
5min to warm up
then 7×7
*rest exactly 1min between sets
*add 1-5kg to last week
34kg, gets heavy now

Metcon amrap 9
9 wall balls
9 s2o 60/40
9 ring dips
RX 4+14

Friday 22/4/16

1 3 Position Snatch | 34 kg
1 3 Position Snatch | 34 kg
1 3 Position Snatch | 36 kg
1 3 Position Snatch | 36 kg

Warm-up 2x
200m run
7 push ups
8 cuban rotations
9 hollow rocks

10 min – work on handstand

Shoulder Press (7×7)
5min to warm up then 7×7
*rest exactly 1min between sets
*add 1-5kg to last week
32.5 kg

Metcon (Time)
5 strict press 50/30
10 ohs 50/30
15 push press
20 front squat
25 push jerk
30 back squat
RX 4:14

Saturday – double trainings day…. wohooo 24/1/16

I love these days… as long as I feel fi and motivated. 😉

9 am class and afternoon training – perfect Saturday

Warm-up 3x
15m bear crawl
8 scapula pull ups
8 hollow rocks
4 box slide downs (2 each leg)

Shoulder Press emom 20
I. 8 strict press
II. work on pull up / t2b
*find working weight in first 10min and stick to that weight
15/20/22.5/25/27.5 5×30
10×5 strict pull ups & a little bit muscle up work

Metcon 5rft
12 pull ups
12 hspu
RX 5:34
I did all pu unbroken, almost every rep butterfly style, felt fine.., still not chest to bar butterfly :/

Afternoon Session

2 Back Squats | 85 kg
2 Back Squats | 85 kg
2 Back Squats | 85 kg
2 Back Squats | 85 kg
2 Back Squats | 85 kg

6 Front Squats | 52 kg
6 Front Squats | 52 kg
5 Front Squats | 57 kg
3 Front Squats | 62 kg

Handstand Walk Practice:

There are good days and bad days with my HSW but as a whole picture my progress is very slow, it is so hard to stay on when the success and the happy moments are so seldom… :O

Saturday Morning and Afternoon Session 17/10/15

This morning I only did the strengths and skill part and skipped the woed because ti was pull ups, push ups and squat. Three movements I am kind good at and we did the same movements (strict PU and push ups for max sets) the day before. I also decided to go back in the afternoon for a 2nd training session anyways…

back squat
4×1 around 90% 1RM
I finshed up wit 97.5 kg after one fail. 95kg felt fine, 97.5 kg it was hard to get up and my deep was not perfect. I am also concerned about my left knee pain, not getting better. Annoying

Then I did 3×10 one leg KB deadlift and 3×10 one leg bridge up.

In the afternoon I joined the pull up and muscle up class in the middle of the class, did 5 strict unbroken MU and 7 sets of legless rope climbs and free handstand push up practice in between.
Then I worked on my snatch, did 3×3 with 29kg, 2×2 with 32kg and a couple of more reps just to work on my technique.
I finished my barbell day with an emom 12: 3 clean and jerk (40kg) 6 3 HSPU.

Last but not least I worked on my handstand walk and did some core work
25-20-15-10-5 unbroken GHD sit ups & banded good mornings

Saturday Training

I skipped the morning class because it was 1RM Overhead Squat Testing and came in the afternoon to train with a friend, it was a really nice session:

1) Practice Handstand/Handstand Walk
2) Muscle Up
I did one set of 5 unbroken strict muscle up and worked a bit on my kipping MU’s
3) amrap 12 back squat 0 3 0 3
I used 70 kg and did 40 reps, felt good
4) partner WOD, one works-one rests
30 strict HSPU
40 alternating KB snatch 16kg
40 C2B pull ups
30 kipping ring dips
300 DU
30 kipping ring dips
40 C2B pull ups
40 KB snatch
30 strict HSPU
5) Cool down
arm raises and core work

Monday – Back to school 31/8/15

So the easy training days and double training days are kinda over, of course I try to include them into my schedule as much as I can…

I am not happy with my benchmark result. I got 14 reps less but I hope it was just the weather (35 degrees), my day back at work and I am still fighting with the wall balls after my Sri Lanka break. We also had to change the order and start with box jumps. So my rest was after the sumo deadlift high pull, this also influences the result (pos or neg I don’t know). So I missed my 300 minimum goal…, disappointing

Today I did press before the class and worked on my gymnastic skills

1×3 41kg (by accident)
5×5 36kg

5 strict pull ups

strict MU

Handstand Walk and some strict HSPU
2x 300m run
10 russian kb swings
2x 12 frontrack lunges
10 good morning
8 front squats
6 deadlift

Basic Strength
Deadlift (2×1)
2×2 @80% 95kg
2×1 @90% just got on at 110kg
*rest 1,5-2min between sets

Fight Gone Bad (3 Rounds for reps)
Three rounds of:
Wall-ball Shots (Reps), 20#
Sumo deadlift high-pull (Reps), 75#
Box Jumps, 20″ (Reps)
Push-press (Reps), 75#
Row (Calories)
1-minute rest
push press 35/25
sdhp 32/24
RX 296 reps 😦