Saturday 12/11/16

Finally I made it twice to the box today, even I was a little lazy during my second session… I just did strengths, gymnastics and a little playtime on the rings.

Warm-up in teams of 2
10 burpee over partner
15m wheel barrow each partner
20 partner wall balls
30 cal row

Team Madcon
*one works, one rests
for time
cal row
air squat

for time
wall balls
c&j 45/30
3k run (Time)

for time
3k run

*3min rest between workouts

It was a good one. I had a strong partner, so we were done quite fast with the wods and then breakfast was calling…


5×4 84kg

bench press
2×8 45
1×8 50

shoulder press
2×5 30
2×5 35

L-sit pull ups 8×3

snatch work
strict muscle up work

Training & Heavy Metcon

I started the hatch cycle for my bench and strict press again because I feel I have to work on them, otherwise I will get weaker immediately in this areas. Today was week two, day one. It felt good. Furthermore I still kinda use the misfits back squat cycle, even with my own timing: Build up to one heavy rep around 90% and then 5×3 with one weight. Today it was 1x95kg and 5×3 87,5 kg. I feel more comfortable now squatting heavier sets. Next week I’ll probably repeat the same sets again.

Heavy metcon:


Buy Out:
5 rds, last round double reps
– 30 DU
– 15 Vups
– 10 Supermen
– 10 Hollow Rocks
– 10 Sit Ups
– 5 Around the World

5×5 strict HSPU, partner deadhang on the rings
5×5 kipping hspu, partner holds low ring dip position

Sunday -Funday

Today I started the hatch cycle again for my bench press and my shoulder press:
1×10 35kg
1×8 45kg
1×6 45kg
1×4 50kg

1×5 30kg
3×5 35kg

Afterwards I did the misfits back squat but with lower weights- working on my depth without lifters and a belt.
5×3 85 kg

The fun part was the heavy metcon:

Buy Out
5 rounds
10 hollow rock
10 v ups
10 tuck jumps
10 sec hollow hold
10 sit ups
last round : double the reps

100 push ups

Last day before leaving Berlin 3/2/16

This afternoon I will go for a couple of days to visit my parents, a couple of rest days and cheat meals, I always feel about nervous about resting too long…

Warm Up 3x
15m bear crawl
12 squats
9 kip or caterpillar
6 burpees

squat routine

Front Squat emom 20
I. 4 front squats
II. 2x 2pos hspu (deficit if possible)
I did the last sets with 65 kg, felt okay, I concentrated on going deep, pushing my knees out and keeping my chest up
*increase weight as needed

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) TAG 16.1
death by fsquat – add one fsquat every minute
*start every minute with 5 burpees over the bar
*choose you own weight
*score is weight*reps (go light…)

It took me a while to pick my weight for the wod, I even used my phone calculator… 😉 Last but not least I had a 27 kg barbell and if felt okay. I finished round 16 and did 12 reps in round 17 before the minute was over. If I would push myself very hard and if I wouldn’t have done the front squat part before, I probably would have finished round 17 as well.
My total score was repsxweight = 3990

bench press
week 7
day 2 1*4 70% 42
1*4 75% 45
1*4 80% 48
1*4 85% 51

1*5 60% 27,6
1*5 65% 29,9
1*5 70% 32,2
1*5 70% 32,2