Friday 20/1/17

40 burpees – I was late for class

7min to work on kip/butterfly

Deadlift (1×10)
work up to a heavy set of 10
1×10 90kg

2min work, 2min rest
12/8cal row
12 thruster 45/30
Haha, I paced myself wrong, I got faster in the end…


5×2 abcksquat 80kg

10 rounds 5 strict hspu+5 strict pull ups (pull ups already felt easier this week)

practice handstand walk

4+3 strict muscle up

Pain :(

No Crossfit for me on Thursday. My left shoulder hurts and my lower back, I did some stretching and sit ups at home, tried to relax… but I am really in a bad mood. Walkin’ hurts and running, I couldn’t go for a run since Monday.Today (Friday) also no workout, we ll drive to Nürburgring this afternoon, tmw at 12:00 pm starts the STRONGMNAN RUN ( and I am so scared I cant make it because I am not 100%,