Sunday 13/11/16

15094269_1089087734537394_3618223427961945936_nWe started early today and did the heavy madcon first. Afterwards it was just time to play around and do some fun stuff… 🙂

Heavy Madcon
teams of two, three stations, you go-I go

1) 5 back squats (80-85%) I did 82.5kg
Farmers Carry, about 20m (2 KB) I used 28kg, could have gone heavier.

2) Bench Press (80%) I used 50kg
DB push up walk (do a push up on the DB, move forward in the plank position
with the DB in your hand), I only used 5kg DBs (about 10m)

3) 20 sec assault bike
KB rack old walk (2x24kg)

Afterwards team wod, share reps
70 wall balls
50 T2B
50 FSQ
25 strict HSPU
20 muscle ups

Another team wod, one/two works, everyone has to do 50 reps of each movement
high box jumps
pull ups
kettlebell swings (16/20kg)
strict press’ (15/20kg)
toes to bar
wall balls (20lbs/30lbs)
double unders

That’s it! It was a fun Sunday… 🙂


German Throwdown…

It used to be the “Cry me a river” challenge, where people can register online, do 3 workouts, post the resulta on the website and the best will be invited to the final competion. As CrossFit grew, the competition has grown as well. This year it is called the Throwdown and the finlas will be held in November. It is a bit like the regionals: I did not want to register but last I did because people at my box asked me a couple if times and i kinda felt obligated to register. I am still not 100 percent fit, feel my shoulder back pain and also my left arm is a bit weird. But as the Crossfit Open workouts are kinda managable for non athletes I was thinking the same about the Throwdown wods… , more endurance based and less weights. But unfortunately it is not like that. The first wod for professionals is:
5 rounds for time:
– 5 (power) cleans 50kg for girls
– 9 chest to bar pull ups – No time cap

Now I am struggling and I am worried… My one rep max is probably around 55kg, how will I manage to do 30 cleans, using a 50kg bar?!?! 😦 So far not so many girls posted results. I think a lot of the girls are also struggling with the wod… For the first one it is quite hard. I will rest tmw and try Friday afternoon but I am really really not confident.