Sunday Hero Wod

Well I accidentally scaled because the box wrote lighter weights for women on the board than the hero workout actually has: 42.5 kg (they wrote 40kg) instead of 105 lbs. But because of the run it was challenging anyways, the C&J did feel light, I still could not really cycle them in big sets because I was out of breath from the running… 😉

Run 1 mile
155 pound Clean and jerk, 21 reps
Run 800 meters
155 pound Clean and jerk, 21 reps
Run 1 Mile

At least our running distance was a bit too long… 😉

Afterwards I had a good breakfast and went to the box to do some more little stuff at the box

amrap 5 strict muscle ups (I got 21 or 22)
handstand walk

Sunday WOD 16/3/14

On Sunday morning it looked really nice:



Of course it will change, my hope is to stay in Top 48…, uah!!!! Excited&scared&nervous…

Today we did a Hero WOD. I did not RX the wod because of 44 105 lbs cleans. I scaled down to 91 lbs which is around 41. sth kg. SO in comparing to last year I definitely got stronger but it is not enough for being a strong athlete, using RX weight most times. SO I have to keep on working… Technique and strengths re two big goals. After the class I did weightlifting class as well, using less weights, working on proper technique. I had a new PR on my one rep max split jerk 112 lbs and it still felt okay. I skipped the Good Mornings and worked a bit on my Muscle Up. I did a strict muscle up attempt, not from the deadhang position but having my arms slightly bended and it worked. 🙂 I did kipping muscle up and again the same problem: I couldn’t finish the dip, the last bit of the muscle up is missing. I have to work on this this week, overcoming my fear of failing and just trying… I am kind of sure there will be muscle ups in 14.4. or 14.5 and if I wanna stay in the top, I definitely have to have at  least one! :/

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