Tuesday 20/6/17

I did not do the 12pm class because I had a dentist appointment… :/ So I went right afterwards, did some stuff from my the welded athlete program. The box started a new cycle, back to the more crossfit based wods, focusing on lifts, weightlifting, gymnastics and regular metcons.

– back squat (3 sec down) 5×3 80kg
– high hang snatch 8×1 heavy single (last set 41kg)- I know it is not heavy but it feels like.. :O
– 12 rope climbs


Warm-up 2x
3 snatch deadlift
3 snatch high pull
3 muscle snatch
3 power snatch
3 snatch balance
3 snatch

Gymnastics 2x
Push-ups (2x max reps)
Ring Rows (2x max reps)
followed by
10 hollow rocks
10 v-ups
10 tuck ups
1min rest

Muscle Snatch (2×1)
emom 10
1 snatch pull& 1 muscle snatch
*increase weight every 2nd set

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
amrap 4
14 dl 60/40
14 burpee otb
3min rest
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
amrap 4
14 s2o 60/40
14 burpee otb

I was so done after the first wod… My friend, who is really strong and fast was right behind me. I finished my first round right in front of her and this kept me motivated to push even harder. The shoulder to overhead are not my strongest movement anyways, so amrap 2 was horrible, the barbell felt like 5kg heavier, I could not really cycle a lot of reps. Two weeks ago when I did a partner metcon with a friend of mine, we had to do 21 reps, using 35kg. This weight was fine to do one set unbroken and then go for 10/11 reps and 5-6. Well, at least I did it. Work on your weknesses… 😉

FRIDAY 5/6/15

4×4 40kg
3 deadlift 10-9-8…1 deficit kipping hspu

3min row
3min run
15 swings
7 lunges
7 good morning w/ barbell
7 deadlift w/ barbell

Hang Snatch 2x
5 snatch deadlift
5 hang snatch high pull
5 ohs
5 snatch balance
5 hang snatch

High-Hang Snatch (8×3)
take 15min to do 8-10sets of 3 reps high hang clean
focus on sitting down as fast as possible and catching the bar in a stable position before standing up. Weight is of no importance!!!
last set: 35kg
I felt really tired…

Metcon (No Measure)
4x 30sec work, 30sec rest each station
I. wall balls 20lbs (13/13/13/16)
II. sumo deadlift high pull 32/24
IV. hang snatch 30kg 4/4/4/5
V. rest

Friday 27/2/15

I am a little behind with my entries… and the open just started.

Friday WOD
After the Toes2Bars on Thursday my hands were a bit messed up. And then, of course they announced the first open wod and it is… lots of Toes2Bar:

15.1 amrap 9
15 Toes2Bar
10 deadlift 35kg
5 snatch 35kg

15.1a right after it: Find your one rep may clean&jerk in six minutes…

Damn it… After teaching the kids I joined the regular class but did not do the wod because I was not sure if I wanna do the open wod the next day. I was struggling with my decision because I really felt tired and exhausted. I did the warm up, the snatch training and the gymnastic part. During the snatch warm up I felt so exhausted… I probably did a little bit to much this week. 😉

du ladder
7 swings
7 ohs
7 zots press
7 scapula pull ups

Hang Snatch
5 snatch deadlift
5 hang snatch high pull
5 ohs
5 snatch balance
5 hang snatch
Hang Snatch (1×3)
e1:30mom 15
3 hang snatch
*increase weight every 2nd set
*focus on speed and positioning throughout all sets
I worked on high hang today.
20/25/30/35 (one rep)/ 32.5

I used the 35kg to try power snatch for the open wod and it felt manageable…

Basic Strength
e30sec for 10min
I. 9 push up
II. 4 strict pull ups
Awesome: 40 strict pull ups.. 🙂