Rest Days – Holidays Saturday-Tuesday

I left Berlin on Saturday for a longer weekend trip with my parents. We flew to Sardigna and even they do have boxes there I decided not to go, take some days off and enjoy family time. So the only thing I did were some handstands. 🙂

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Happy Holiday 5/5/16

Today is a holliday in Germany and tomorrow I have a day off as well, yessssss! 🙂 Special days are mostly open gym days or team wod days. Today it was team wod day with lots of people… Afterwards the box made a big bbq. Everyone brought food and drinks and even the weather was amazing…

Warm-up in teams of 6
Muscical med ball
I. crab walk
II. bear crawl
III. duck walk
IV. crab walk backwards
V. bear crawl backwards
VI. duck walk backwards

Metcon in teams of 6
for time
up and down
150 wall balls
*1 works, 3 hold deep squat, 2 rest
150 push ups
*1 works, 3 hold plank, 2 rest
150 kb swings
*1 works, 3 hold back plank, 2 rest
600m lunges
*3 work, 3 rest
600m partner carry
*3 works, 3 hang out on partners back 😉
300 barbell biceps curls (YEAH)
*1 works, 5 rest

It was a fun one.I am not the biggest fan of partner carry and the lunges were bad. Haha, I will feel that tmw. I ate a bit and relaxed a bit. Then I worked on my oly lifts, just a bit and did a little wod afterwards: 7 min, max rep 3 unbroken strict handstand push ups…