14.3 is done… I am 73rd in Asia

The next open wod is in the box. I dropped down and I am not so happy with my ranking…. Even there are some good reasons that make my spot not looking too bad:

1) It is my first real participation in the opens. Last year I did the first workout and I could barely lift 32kg for a power snatch. After 13.1 I stopped because of my shoulder/arm that (still) hurts

2) I only started about 1 and a year ago with CrossFit. SO I am still a newbie.

3) There is no athletic background in my CV. I was never so into sport when I was young, what a pity… I played a bit handball, PE was never my favorite subject. I was good in cardio stuff, liked to go around by bike. During my studies I started running but never consistent, played squash. After I moved to Berlin I went to the gym, did some kind aerobic and trained on machines, went back to running. As older I got as more I started to get into sport. I tried new classes, ran my first half marathon, did a couple of 5k and 10k runs, discovered the les mills classes at a new gym, found passion for exhausting and really strong workouts. I also tried muy thai with my friend. But at this time my fitness level was average. Till the day I got the you tube link from the same friend I went to the muy thai class. And starting CrossFIt changed my life, my sport, my nutrition, my body. A journey has begun.

4) I am 35, started Xfit right before I turned 34. My body is not that young anymore, it takes time to build up, get stronger and all that stuff. I must admit, I often asked myself, what would have happened if I had started CrossFit ten years ago… I know, it is a stupid thing to think about…

So looking at all this points I probably did make a good progress. Still, even I know I could not get more out of 14.2 and 14.3 I feel disappointment. I went from 33 to 73, kinda of a big lost. On the other hand it clearly shows me the areas I have to work on. Technique and strength…, as I said so many times I knooooooow. 

My big hope is 14.4, let it be more bodyweight less weights. I hope for some toes2bars, pistols, burpees, even handstand push ups or wall balls are things I could work with. A mixture between mecton and some gymnastics could help me at least not to lose