Thursday 22/6/17

100 su
20 plank to push up
20sec hs hold

Basic Strength
Bench Press (20RM)
20min to find your 20RM
I actually did this right before the class

I did C&J instead: 8×1 58kg

Metcon emom 10
20 du
10 one arm kb s2o (5each arm) 16kg

Metcon amrap 12
3 strict c2b pull ups
2 strict ring dips
1 front squat 80/55
*no rack for fsquats
17+2 RX

Murh Murph Murph…

What a coincident we did Murph today during bodyweight class, 30 degrees by the way… It is Memorial in the US, CF boxes in the States mostly do this wod on that day. So I am not sure if it was planned or not.

I was thinking about going slower than usual because I was also signed in for the regular class and weightlifting (my usual triple Monday)… Well, did not work that well. I actually did not go too hard during the run and I slowed down the squats a bit. My push ups were kinda slow, also my pull ups should have gone better. Well I worked around 85-90 % most of the time. It took me 42:52 minutes. I still wanna have a under 40 minutes time one day, it is possible with rest and a little bit less heat and rest beforehand.

Afterwards I did the regular class but I slowed down and canceled weightlifting…

Basic Strength
Metcon (No Measure)
amrap 10
8 supinated bent over row (25)
8 upright row (25)
8 strict pull ups
1min rest

2min rest

amrap 10
8 paused back squat (50)
8 dead stop jumping lunges
8 air squats
1min rest

2min rest

amrap 10
8 hspu (well, this did not work very well after 200 push ups, I only did 3-4)
8 db push press (2x12kg)
8 lateral plate raises (2×2.5)
1min rest

Buy Out
Metcon (No Measure)
10 alfredson calve raises lvl 2
5 nordic hamstrings

Not my day… 14/1/15


10×50% 505kg
10×60% 65kg
10×65% 72.5kg
8×75% 82.5kg
6×80% 88kg

3x 30su 10 swings 5 hollow rock

5 clean dl
5 hang clean high pull
5 hang power clean

Hang Power Clean emom 12
3 hpc
*increase weight every 2nd set
*focus on speed throughout all sets
32.5 37.5 42.5 47.5 52.5
I messed up the 52.5 already. My technique was bad, my left wrist and my arm hurt and I felt very weak and inconsistent. I did 2 unbroken but then it won’t work anymore… I put the bar down, got upset.

Basic Strength
45sec work, 20sec rest
hip & back extensions
superman halo 1.25/2.5
hollow rock
ohs hold
weighted sit ups 15/20
plank hold

Metcon 4rft
150m farmers walk 24/16
15 kb s2o 24/16

I could not lift equally 16kg right and left, my left arm is so much weaker in comparing to the right. It also hurt and felt not good. I stopped the wod because it felt horrible and I could not use my left arm for the kb push press. I went home and was really mad and kinda depressed, putting so much work in my training and the result is so little and oftentimes failing makes me wondering about my progress