Monday-Funday 8/5/17

Finally back to my Monday routine, three classes in a row felt good. The bodyweight wod was fun, my wall balls still suck, I always tell myself to practice them more often but of course, no time at all, al toes to bar were unbroken, the hspu I did on an ab mat with plates which makes it more harder because you go deeper than with a normal mat, what it makes it more to a deficit haspu, good to practice.

I am not very happy with my snatch progress, wait…., what progress?!? I am stuck with my weight, it even feels harder and less consistent, I know it is all in my head and I also really struggle with the technique, it sucks…

Warm-up 3x
I missed it ’cause of teaching the CF kids before

Metcon (No Measure) for max effort:

10 rounds of 15 sec work, 15 sec rest
hanging L-sit
– 1 min rest –
10 rounds of 15 sec work, 15 sec rest
squat jumps
– 1 min rest –
10 rounds of 15 sec work, 15 sec rest
hollow hold

amrap 13:
5 burpees
10 t2b
15 wall balls

amrap 13:
5 burpees
10 hspu
15 squats
Snatch position play
1. set up
2. hang
3. high hang
4. snatch pull
5. overhead squat
6. stand up weight overhead

3x 20-60sec headstand pike to full
60sec rest

Metcon (No Measure)
4x 30sec work, 30sec rest
front squat (60kg)
pendlay row (50,1x55kg)
– 2min rest –
4x 30sec each side, 30sec rest
split squats /w db or kb (Farmer’ Carry 2×16, 2 rounds 24kg front hold, 1 round 2x20kg front rack)
one arm ring rows
– 2min rest-
4x30sec each side, 30sec rest
one legged rdl /w db or kb (20kg)
even: band pull aparts / odd: band face pull

Weightlifting Class

Snatch Drop
5×35/37.5/40 4×42.5/45

Snatch above the knees
3x 30/32.5/35/37.5/40

Full Snatch

Tuesday 19/7/16

2min row
2min banded glute activation
2min plank
2min partner split stretch

5 burpees
10 squats

5min crab football

Diane (Time)
Deadlifts, 70kg
Handstand Push-ups
4:43 RX

Metcon (No Measure)
finisher 3x
3 nordic hamstrings
10 good morning
20sec hanging L-sit
40sec dead hang

Wednesday 13/7/16

900m run
20 plank to push up

30sec work, 30sec rest
pike lift variations
I. both legs
II. both legs split
III. left leg rotation
IV. right leg rotation

Bench Press (3×3)
7min to warm up
*increase weight 1-5kg
The second time I tried 60kg, again did not work… I think I did 8 or 9 reps using 60kg but could not do them in a row… :/

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
amrap 10
20 wall balls
15 sdhp 32/24
10 box jumps
4+35 RX
no rest
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
amrap 10
15 push ups
10 sec hanging L-Sit hold
5 strict pull ups
5+10 RX

Little update Thursday WOD 24/7/14

It is hard to be consistently with writing my blog when travelling… We did one more drop in at the other branch of CrossFit Paradiso at Venice Beach last Thursday. This was probably my favorite box. The workouts are posted online the night before (which is very common in the States), I do miss the whiteboard there because everything is digital abd on tv screens.But you can add your numbers after the wod, good organized. They have two big programms: All Levels and Fitness. Fitness is for everyone, can easily be scaled from beginning to advanced. All levels is more like the regular CrossFit class, more for intermediate and advanced athletes, focus is on more difficult movements and oly lifting. We went to a fitness class and it was good and challenging. I m still upset with my disapeared strict pull ups,I did ring rows, tried to focuson good movement… I hope I ve the motivation to fight back my pull ups, it was such a long way and every attempt just feels horrible and painful! 😦




WOD 30/7/13

Today there were more workouts…

10:30 Last time Bodypump

1:30 CrossFit with an exhausting AMRAP 12

During the whole day: Carrying boxes and cleaning my apartment (bear crawl… 😉 ) because tmw I have to return my keys. So I was exhausted at night and decided it is time for a cheat meal: Risotto and bread. I have to admit I dont feel good after cheating but I felt like earning it after all the work in the last days…

WOD 30:713