Looking back…

The last couple of weeks were to stressful and exhausting, jobwise and crossfit related. I did not even have time to update my blog a little bit. It was just to much to do. All the qualifiers and competitions next to end of school year work. Yes, I am full time teacher at a school with a lot of different students, not the easiest thing to do CF on that level I try to do. And I do not like admitting it, I am not in my twenties anymore. My body reminds me on that when it comes to situations like that.

My CF journey started in my 30ies, I had never done a real competitive sport before. I kinda started from point zero, couldn’t do a handstand against the wall, not a single strict pull up. I just visited a global gym, jogged and used my bike. It was such a hard way to be where I am now and I am still far away from others who just started CF but are younger or have an athletic background. It is and is has always been a struggle.

There are so many moments I am really pissed because I have to put so much more more in my training and I am still behind, this can be frustrating and it takes a lot of time and patience. And there is my real job, my other free time (family, friends)which is so hard to bring together. The last weeks were just to much and I am very happy to be done with competitions for the summer. I will try to breath, go back to training but do things I love. We will see how it works out.

14.3 is done… I am 73rd in Asia

The next open wod is in the box. I dropped down and I am not so happy with my ranking…. Even there are some good reasons that make my spot not looking too bad:

1) It is my first real participation in the opens. Last year I did the first workout and I could barely lift 32kg for a power snatch. After 13.1 I stopped because of my shoulder/arm that (still) hurts

2) I only started about 1 and a year ago with CrossFit. SO I am still a newbie.

3) There is no athletic background in my CV. I was never so into sport when I was young, what a pity… I played a bit handball, PE was never my favorite subject. I was good in cardio stuff, liked to go around by bike. During my studies I started running but never consistent, played squash. After I moved to Berlin I went to the gym, did some kind aerobic and trained on machines, went back to running. As older I got as more I started to get into sport. I tried new classes, ran my first half marathon, did a couple of 5k and 10k runs, discovered the les mills classes at a new gym, found passion for exhausting and really strong workouts. I also tried muy thai with my friend. But at this time my fitness level was average. Till the day I got the you tube link from the same friend I went to the muy thai class. And starting CrossFIt changed my life, my sport, my nutrition, my body. A journey has begun.

4) I am 35, started Xfit right before I turned 34. My body is not that young anymore, it takes time to build up, get stronger and all that stuff. I must admit, I often asked myself, what would have happened if I had started CrossFit ten years ago… I know, it is a stupid thing to think about…

So looking at all this points I probably did make a good progress. Still, even I know I could not get more out of 14.2 and 14.3 I feel disappointment. I went from 33 to 73, kinda of a big lost. On the other hand it clearly shows me the areas I have to work on. Technique and strength…, as I said so many times I knooooooow. 

My big hope is 14.4, let it be more bodyweight less weights. I hope for some toes2bars, pistols, burpees, even handstand push ups or wall balls are things I could work with. A mixture between mecton and some gymnastics could help me at least not to lose