Double Saturday 15/10/16

This was fun. 9am morning team madcon and misfits training in the afternoon:

in teams of 2
*your coach forms teams
1k row
30 burpees
1k row

Metcon (Time) Team Madcon
amrap 30 3rft
400m run
21 swings 24/16
12 pull ups
*run together, split reps
8:sth RX

Metcon (Time) 10rft
3 power snatch 60/40
15 wall balls
*one works, one rests
RX 16:32 or sth..
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
remaining time
as many rounds & rep of
1 c&j 60/40
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats
2 c&j
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats

*one works, one rests
If we counted right we got 12 rounds done


1 Power Clean | 60 kg
1 Power Clean | 65 kg
1 Power Clean | 65 kg
1 Power Clean | 67.5 kg

1 Clean Pull | 70 kg
1 Clean Pull | 70 kg
1 Clean Pull | 72.5 kg
1 Clean Pull | 75 kg

Push Press 4×3 55 kg

4 rounds of:
Run, 800 m
30 Pistols (Alternating Legs)s
10 Muscle-ups (alternate between bar mu and rmu)
Rest 3 mins
RX 40:40 Hahaha, yes i took my time ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lazy Friday… 14/10/16

Last testing day in our box and I was highly demotivated…There are these days. I taught one CF kid, lol, and did one misfitsathletics thing afterwards:

run 200m
max rep unbroken strict HSPU

Well it was not the strengths in the middle of the wod, I just came down the wall because I lost my balance. I just used two yoga mats, so you also have to come down controlled…

Afterwards I practiced a bit my hsw and left for being fit and motivated tomorrow…

Friday 9/9/16

I could not do all pieces of the misfits program because of the time it takes…, I taught the kids in between and decided to skip the bitch work – 45m run would have taken too long.

1. Warm-up
3 Steady Rounds:
Row 500m
15 Push Ups

2. Strength
Back Squat โ€“ 3ร—3 @75%

3. Bitch Work
– not done today-

4a. Met-Con
5 Rounds for Time:
60 Double Unders
10 Strict Pull Ups
10 Bench Press 155/105lbs

300m run
10 goblet squats
10 swings
10 ring rows

2min partner split stretch
2min partner shoulder stretch

Clean + Jerk 2x
3 clean deadlift
3 clean high pull
3 muscle clean
3 power clean
3 clean
3 split jerk

Clean and Jerk (30×1)
5min warm up
e30sec for 15min
I. 1 clean + jerk
*@70% of 1RM clean & jerk
I took 55kg, it was really hard…!!!!!

Metcon (No Measure)
8x100m sprint
100m jog rest

Tuesday 6/9/16

I went right after school to the box which is always a bit hard for me without having a little rest and then doing the wods for about 4 hours but I made it. It was not my best performance but still okay…, I guess ๐Ÿ˜‰

1. Warm-up
Pigeon Pose 2:00 per side
3 Steady Rounds:
20 Box Jumps
12 Single-Leg Kettlebell Deadlifts
8 Ring Dips

5a. Met-Con
4 Rounds for Time:
20 Alternating Pistols
15 Deadlift 205/135lbs
10 Muscle Ups

2. Strength
Deadlift โ€“ 1ร—4 Heavier than Week 2
Controlled on the way down, take the hands off the bar, complete the next rep. Try to go heavier than Week 1. Still to light: 100kg

3. OLY
Pause Low Hang Snatch โ€“ 7ร—2 @ 80-90% (35kg)
Drop and reset after each rep.

As u can see I changed up the order a bit (numbers) because I wanted to do the 5pm class and decided to do the metcon right after the warm up to be recovered for the class, well I think I was a bit slower than normally during the regular class because of the work I did beforehand but I am sure it helps me for my overall fitness. The bitchwork I did after the class, yeah, even more running :/


Warm-up 3x
15 swings
25 jumping jacks

2min partner split stretch
2min partner shoulder stretch

5 snatch deadlift
5 snatch high pull
5 muscle snatch
5 power snatch
5 snatch
5 snatch balance

Snatch (30×1)
5min warm up
e30sec for 15min
1 snatch
*@70% of 1RM snatch

Metcon (Time)
1 mile run
14 t2b
7 s2o 70/50
The run took too long… When will I finally see results getting better at this?!? I took my time on the s2o, before my vacation I kinda would have done them faster and unbroken, so “Hallo weakness!”
I finished 3 rounds plus 5 t2b, not happy with the result…

Buy out:
4. Bitch Work
Sprint 300m x 8
Rest 3:1 (Rest is 3 times longer than each run takes)

The longest interval was the first one, about 1:05 min, the fastest the last one, about 0.59 min

The best thing came afterwards: Burger Night…, I was kind of healthy and just ate a veggie burger plate with no buns and (to many) sweet potatoe fries ๐Ÿ˜‰

Saturdays are fun :) 3/9/16

Morning WOD – Partner “Madcon”

in teams of 2
*coach forms the teams
1k row
30 burpees
1k row

Team Madcon
20 synchronized burpees over the bar
30 power clean 60/40
40 t2b
30 power clean60/40
20 synchronized burpees over the bar
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
emom 21
I. ghd sit ups
II. cal assault bike
III. partner wall balls
IV. partner push ups
V. strict pull ups
VI. partner pistols
VII. rest
Metcon (Time)
20cal biceps row

This was more like a warm up, waking up thing for me… ๐Ÿ˜‰ My partner had some troubles keeping the paste, so I had to slow down…

Misfits Afternoon Training
1. Warm-up
Twisted Cross 2:00/side
30 Band Pull-Aparts
3 Steady Rounds:
20 Push Ups
20 Calorie Ski
10 Double Kettlebell Front Squat

2. Strength
Strict Press Grip Bench Press โ€“ 1ร—4 @75%, 4ร—4 @80%

3. OLY
Pause Low Hang Squat Clean โ€“ 6ร—3 @70-80%
Clean and Jerk final rep of each set. Drop and reset

4. Bitch Work
Row 150m x 20
Rest :90 seconds

5a. Gymnastics Accessory
Rest Pause Strict HSPU @ 2โ€ณ Deficit
Beat your scores from Week 2
What is rest pause? Do a max effort set, take 15 deep breaths, do another max set, take 15 deep breaths, do one more max effort set. Three sets total of as many reps as you can do with 15 deep breaths as rest.
6/4/4 no deficit, strict with yoga mat

5b. Strength Accessory
Romanian Deadlift โ€“ 4ร—8 Heavy
Never done it as a strengths part, so I just used 50kg


9 am class
warm up

deadlift (Wendler)
5x75kg easy
5x88kg heavy
4x100kg ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
15 68kg

amrap 10
buy in 800m run
4 bar muscle ups
8 deadlift (70kg)
12 box jumps
RX 2 rounds+4
It was okay, the deadlift felt heavier today (thank u 4 weeks not working consistently)

I like doing the program because it is so much more intense than the regular wod but it also takes sooooooo long. I am sure you are not supposed to do other stuff before, hahaha. But rigth now I need more the vlume to get back to my old form instead of the intensity, here I just have to listen to my body.

2017 Cycle 1 โ€“ Week 3 Day 3

Miss the Cycle 1 Explanation Podcast? Check it out HERE.

1. Warm-up
Floss Ankles
Floss Quads above Knee
Childs Pose 2:00
4 Steady Rounds:
10 Lateral Goblet Squats
15 Wallballs
15 Calorie Ski

2a. Strength
Back Squat โ€“ 4ร—4 @85%
Here I am out, I can not do my real 85% right now ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I did
3×3 80kg

2b. Strength
Neutral Grip Rest Pause Dumbbell Strict Press
Dumbbell weight 25% of Strict Press max (each DB)
Beat all of your scores from Week 2.
What is rest pause? Do a max effort set, put the dumbbells down and take 15 deep breaths, do another max set, put the dumbbells down again and take 15 deep breaths, do one more max effort set. Three sets total of as many reps as you can do with 15 deep breaths as rest.

3. Bitch Work
AAB โ€“ 1k x 8
Rest 2:1
This was the worst. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I took me between 1:40 and 1:46min per set, I am sure this is not very good but I am still getting used to the assault bike, the pain and the technique of this bad machine…

After completing pieces 1-3, Please choose ONE of the following based on perceived weaknesses.

4a. Met-Con
AMRAP 15 Minutes:
20 Wallballs 20/14lbs
10 Power Cleans 155/105lbs
10 Kipping Handstand Push Ups

4b. Gymnastics Accessory
3 Rounds:
:30 Max GHD Sit-ups
Rest :30
:30 At Parallel Sit-up Hold
Rest 3 Minutes

4c. Strength Accessory
Dumbbell Bench โ€“ 4ร—8
Heavier than week 2
12kg Kettlebells, felt easy…

We skipped a but did b and c

– 20×3 strict pull ups
– practice hsw and strict hspu

Double Saturday 2/7/16

Morning WOD
20 superman
20 hollow rocks
40sec hs hold (wall facing)
2x 15m wheel barrow each partner & 5 partner push ups

Shoulder Press (3×3)
strict press
7min to warm up
*increase weight 1-5kg
3×3 42kg

1)amrap 10
9 front squats 40/30 I went up to 35kg
6 box jumps
3 strict pull ups
3min rest
2) for time
25 burpee box over
50 pistols
75 hps 40/30
100 ring rows
75 hps 40/30
50 pistols
25 burpee box over

Well this was a fun fun, not so for my partner… ๐Ÿ˜‰ In the first morning class are often not so many people, so u don’t have a big choice. But, it is okay to workout with someone who is not on the same level than you, as long as you can have a good trainings session. If the breaks in between are too big and you have to wait too long, it makes no sense because you won’t get your own workout done… They guy really tried hard to stay on pace, he used my weights and kept the rest time for me kinda shortly. I still wonder how I would have looked afterwards if I had done it with a partner on my level or higher… ohohohoho!

After a nice coffee and cinnamon roll breakfast I went back to the gym to do my afternoon session, the misfits athletics program. This was hard, mostly the first wod with the OHS took me forever…

2017 Regionals Prep Cycle 2 โ€“ Week 4 Day 5
Miss the Post Open Cycle 2 Explanation Podcast? Check it out HERE.

1. Warm-up
3 Steady Rounds:
Row 300m
12 Dumbbell Push Press
:30 Nose and Toes hold

2. Strength
โ€œTouch and Goโ€ Push Jerk 4ร—4 โ€“ Start at 80% Work up

3. Met-Con
7 Rounds For Time:
7 Overhead Squats 165/115
7 Strict Handstand Push Ups
7 Bar Facing Burpees

I needed 30:19… Well, I did a wod in the morning and strict hspu are not so easy for me, still it took me too long. I did the first ohs unbroken and the 5th set. I tried to go for the last set unbroken as well but I couldn’t stick to the bar after rep 6 and almost hit ma head with the barbell. This pissed me off. ๐Ÿ˜‰

4. Gymnastics Test
Forward Facing Sled Pull (Heavy AF)
50ft x 5
rest 4-6 minutes
I had 160kg on the sled, 20kg less than last time but it felt like enough today… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Saturday Double Day… :)

I went to the 9am class because I checked the wod before and there were bar muscle ups – my weakness – so I had to go and practice them.

Warm-up 2x
15m bear crawl
15m lunges
15m crab walk
15m walk up to toes

snatch position plax
3x snatch & 3x ohs

coordination drill- 2min catch reaction

Metcon (Time)
in teams of 2 “u go, i go”
10 thruster 42.5/30
5 bar muscle ups
20 power snatch 42.5/30
10 c2b pull ups
30 c&j 42.5
15 pull ups

The wod took kinda long, about 29:04 minutes. My partner was strong but she needed more time to do her reps. But I also have to say my bar muscle ups were not the fastest, I had to do singles because I still can not link them together… Mmh, I am not practicing them too often… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Afternoon Session – Misfits

Warm Up
1600 m run
2km row

6×2 Hang Power Clean (high catch)
45/50/55/3x60kg (I’ve done better…)

3 rft
10 C&J (47.5kg)
10 feet HSW (I tried around 10m)
75 DU
10 feet HSW
It took forever… My hsw attempts were interesting ๐Ÿ˜‰ and the c&j felt heavy…

100 push ups for time
– each time u break, sprint 200 m
RX 30/20/20/30 9:42

Sunday Team WOD Part II 17/4/16

Men-women-men order
For time:

21-21-21 Box jumps
21-21-21 Shoulder to Overhead
15-15-15 Toes to Bar
15-15-15 Snatch
9-9-9 C2B/pull ups
9-9-9 Thruster

Box: @50/60
Barbells: @30/45kg
Time cap: 15 min


This was short and intense, we needed 7:23 min. Let’s see if it will be enough to qualify… Becauce of doing the master qualification, the weights were really easy for us. SO we did everything unbroken…

Today I did some more training afterwards. I decided to do sth from the misfitsatheltics blog.

I already did the deadlift, so it were “just” the wods
3. Met-Con
3 Rounds
100 Double Unders
20 KB Swings 70/53lbs
20 Burpees to 6โ€ณ target

RX 15:18

4. Gymnastics Test
8 Rounds
5 Strict HSPU
10 Alternating pistols
15 Pull-ups

RX I am not sure – about 16:28 min, toooooo long ๐Ÿ˜‰

Afterwards my hands were ripped off and I got two nice blood blisters…

Saturday 9/4/16

in teams of 2
u go, i go
4 burpees
8 ring rows
12 partner wall balls

Metcon in teams of 2
amrap 40
40 cal row
40 thruster 20/15
40 hr push ups
40 burpees over the rower
*one wrks, one rests

My partner was a bit slower but he really tried hard ๐Ÿ˜‰ We fin ished 5 rounds and 100 reps. Well, I did not feel tired afterwards, good that I came back for my afternoon trainings session…

In the afternoon i came bac and did the full misfit workout: for the first time with some other people from the box:

1. Warm-up
Move deliberately through 5 Rounds:
12 KB Swings 53/35lbs
12 Push Ups
12 Cal on SkiErg – we do cal row instead

2. Strength
Find your 1 Rep Max Power Clean
This was bad today – I only could lift 65kg, I tried 70, did not happen today… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

3. Met-Con
5 Rounds for time:
Run 400m
10 Power Cleans 205/135 lbs
135 = 62 kg, well… NOPE
I decided to use 55kg, which felt okay (50 reps). My run was too slow but I still don’t know how to paste it right, my first round of cleans was too slow as well, I took to many long breaks between the singles. I became faster in between but still felt the lack of technique during the wod.
My time was not that good, I actually forgot to look on the clock which is a bit stupid, could have been sth around 12-14 minutes…

4. Gymnastics Test
For Time:
Kipping HSPU
Ring Dips
Push Ups

This was one great! I finished first and was abit proud and surprised.
RX 9:52 (still if u compare it with other results from the misfits boars…, mmh)

Cooldown 5 rds
15 cal row
20 ghd sit ups
6 strict pull ups

This was the good part afterwards, cheat meal – burritos… ๐Ÿ™‚