Monday 27/3/17

New cycle at our box, I am not so happy about it…, less metcons with cardio stuff and barbells, instead more focusing on basic gymnastic work and skills. Not so good for more advanced athletes…, I am still thinking about joining the brute strengths program(after my bad open workout 17.3). But if I do so, I kinda have to train on my own, stick with the plan and also find times to do so, open gym is not so flexible with my working schedule. On the other hand, there are a couple of free spaces also after 5pm because bodyweight will take place outdoor during spring, summer and early fall.

wrist prep

each position
20sec rock back and forth and/or side to side
palm down first, then backhand
fingers pointing back, out, for and inwards

Snatch position play
1. set up
2. hang
3. high hang
4. snatch pull
5. overhead squat
6. stand up weight overhead

Metcon (No Measure) 5x40sec work, 20sec rest
russian push up
renegade row
bulgarian spit squats
strict leg raises
seated kb press (on bench)
ring pull ups
waiters walk

Ah and I redid 17.5 because I knew I can do better: 11:07

Weightlifting Class

Training 3/12/15

Today I skipped the class because my flight to Madrid was at night. I flew to Madrid to watch the CrossFit Invitationals 2015. I decided to go to the gym and do a least a bit strengths training and do the bench part.

I started a new program and I hope I can include it into my trainings routine.It is a twelve week basic cycle, focusing on weightlifting and strengths. I also looked at the “CF Rhein am Neckar” page and put some of their training parts into my program.

Bench Press (1xmax)
max reps @85%
max reps @85% -10/5kg
max reps @85% -20/10kg
5min rest
max reps @75%
max reps @75% -10/5kg
max reps @75% -20/10kg
5 Bench Press | 52 kg
6 Bench Press | 47 kg
9 Bench Press | 42 kg
9 Bench Press | 45 kg
10 Bench Press | 40 kg
10 Bench Press | 37.5 kg

8 Overhead Squats | 33 kg
8 Overhead Squats | 36 kg
8 Overhead Squats | 36 kg
8 Overhead Squats | 39 kg
8 Overhead Squats | 39 kg
8 Overhead Squats | 42 kg

2 Power Clean + 2 Cleans | 41 kg
2 Power Clean + 2 Cleans | 46 kg

5 Push Press | 41 kg