Wednesday 15/2/17

Warm-up 2x
15m crab walk
10 plank to push up
10 cossack squats

5 tuck jumps
3 nordic hamstrings

Mobility 2x
1min each
seated split stretch

Basic Strength
Front Squat (1×1)
20min to find your 1RM

Metcon amrap 8
8 deadlifts 100/70
16 box jumps
8 burpees otb
RX 5+2

WOD and Bootcamp weekend 16/11/13

I love my weekend working out time. I can do 2 workouts in a row and have chilled out Saturday wuth great breakfast in the afternoon. The bootcamp gave me muscle sore – hamstrings and butt, no wonder after 200m lunges. 🙂 Afterwards we worked our obe rep max clean and jerk, I am still feeling not that comfortable lifting so much weight above my head, so when it got heavier I pushed pressed it instead of jerking and the last set I cleaned but didn’t jerk.. I am sure, it’s all in my head… :/