Sunday- Just Training 6/9/15

I came to the open gym time and worked on weightlifting, strengths and gymnastics…

2×10 31kg

3×8 51kg

snatch high pull
4×5 38kg

behind the neck jerk
-work up to a heavy single- 60kg (3×80% = 48kg)

snatch drop – baby weights (15/20/22.5kg)
front squat 3 x 5 62kg
emom 12 strict muscle ups- 20 in total
emom 10 5 strict pull ups

50 ghd medball sit ups
50 ghd sit ups

Monday Holiday Wods

I had a day off, classes started around lunchtime, first bootcamp, then CrossFit and I also used open gym time to work on my weaknesses. Yeah, I did 2 kipping muscle ups, practiced handstand/walk/push ups, did some pull ups and dips, couple of sit ups.

Bootcamp was kinda (too) easy going, it was a partner wod. My partner, she was really nice but not as strong and fast, so I had long rest times and we did not finish. It was rds
CrossFit was fine. I did 100lbs one close grip benchpress and 165 lbs front squat. Running was not that good but I am not a sprinter and really dont like sprints… :/