German Throwdown 2015 First Day-Friday 30/10/15

We left Berlin Friday morning by train. This years competition took place in Dortmund.I booked an apartment in the middle of the city which was perfect for the nights.

I already knew the first workout which was absolutely not in my wheelhouse:

So I was quite nervous and unconfident about my weights. I choose the safe way for my lifts:

Snatch 35/40/45kg and C&J 55/60/65kg
When it was my turn in the master elite heat (35+, I feel soooooo old) I still was a bit insecure but the lifts felt good and I really liked the barbell and the plates and all lifts went well, not a single fail. Actually the 65kg felt never so easy… Afterwards I struggled a bit with myself I should have been a bit more risky, at least with the C&J and should have started with 60kg…. The good thing is it will help me to get better at my lifts because I know what I am already be able to lift. I am looking forward to hit the 70kg very soon….

The good thing is, we all had to our lifts at the same time, so I was surrounded by the other athletes and didn’t lift on my own while other people were watching… My overall standing was not that bad, even the not very heavy lifts. I finished 6th out of twelve

The training for the regionals has started

I am really honored to get the invitation to the Asian regionals. I really trained hard the last year. Of course never thinking about getting there. I just love CrossFit, seeing how my body changed, reaching goals and getting stronger. Of course I failed and fail lots of times, get upset and dont see the progress. But this is part of CrosssFit as well.
With the regionals in mind I am feeling nervous, excited and scared- all at once. I still have so many things to work on and I wont be able to finish a minimum effort at all events. The weightlifting part is a real issue. Looking at last years regionals…, well it is just too heavy: clean 135lbs, deadlift 225 lbs. That is out of my league. Also I just started muscle ups and they are not easy and my technique sucks, my kip is not really a kip, so it is very exhausting to come up. The next weeks I will focus on my weightlifting, working on technique and speed. After they ll announce the regional wods I give my best to fulfil the minimum within each event. I wanna see it more as a fun thing but I dont wanna feel like a stupid weak girl that is not able to finish anything… 😮