26/10/15 Birthday Wod

I had a great birthday morning. My mom and dad were in Berlin, we met my aunt and her partner and went for a yummy breakfast at a nice cafè in Berlin Kreuzberg. Afterward we did a walk in the sun before my parents had to drive back home. I went to the gym in the afternoon to work on my skills for the throwdown and did the class afterwards…
By the way, I got beautiful presents… The biggest one is: AN ELEIKO BARBELL!!!!!!!!! Wohooooo!!!!! My own one, so happy, can not really use it in our apartment right now because of space issues but I will as soon as we find a bigger place, and perhaps I will sometimes just do some tiny little technique session or press exercises… 😉

15m bear crawl
15m crabwalk
3min parter snatch prep
5 hollow rocks
5 superman
5 squats
1 planche lean

snatch position play
High-Hang Snatch (1×1)
2×3 2×2 4×1 @75% of 1RM snatch
I finished up with 3×1 @ 40kg for the first time… yeah 🙂

Sots Front Press (12-10-8)
*start 2.5kg above last weeks starting weight and add weight every set if possible
last set 23.5 kg, one kg plus

Metcon (Time)
100 hps 35/20
*every break 10 hops over the bar
This was kinda though, I tried to do as many as possible which felt fine, after I put down the bar for the first time it was hard to go back to it.
4:31 RX

The training for the regionals has started

I am really honored to get the invitation to the Asian regionals. I really trained hard the last year. Of course never thinking about getting there. I just love CrossFit, seeing how my body changed, reaching goals and getting stronger. Of course I failed and fail lots of times, get upset and dont see the progress. But this is part of CrosssFit as well.
With the regionals in mind I am feeling nervous, excited and scared- all at once. I still have so many things to work on and I wont be able to finish a minimum effort at all events. The weightlifting part is a real issue. Looking at last years regionals…, well it is just too heavy: clean 135lbs, deadlift 225 lbs. That is out of my league. Also I just started muscle ups and they are not easy and my technique sucks, my kip is not really a kip, so it is very exhausting to come up. The next weeks I will focus on my weightlifting, working on technique and speed. After they ll announce the regional wods I give my best to fulfil the minimum within each event. I wanna see it more as a fun thing but I dont wanna feel like a stupid weak girl that is not able to finish anything… 😮