Thursday 13/10/16

Today was the kind of shitty days when your lifts totally suck!!!!

I tried to do misfits snatch program but it was shit.
6×3 squat snatch
35/37/ tried 40kg was a mess/35kg

I tried to do a one rep max shoulder press, the highest I got was 45kg, bad bad bad

Bodyweight class
200m run
5 push ups
10 lunges
5 squat jumps

Metcon (No Measure)
4x 50 sec on, 10 sec off
max reps jumping lunges
max reps push ups
max reps hollow rocks

3 rounds for time:
1600m run
30 pull ups
31:22 RX

buy out: 50 burpees

Monday 10/10/16

Test week part 2, this week lifts and co will be tested. It makes no sense for me, I am pretty sure it did not change that much, so I will mostly work on my own stuff.

Today I did bodyweight instead of the regular class:

900m run

30 sec sit ups
30 sec rest
30 sec hollow hold
30 sec rest

30 sec superman
30 sec rest
30 sec squat jumps
30 sec rest

for time:
1600m run
20 burpees
30 hollow rocks
40 lunges
50 push ups
40 lunges
30 sit ups
20 burpees
800m run
RX 21:15

Afterwards I did the speed back squats from misfits outside
8×3 67kg

I finished the day with the weightlifting class. We worked on my “fav” movement today, the snatch and did a nice little strengths part at the end:
2x shoulder press for a givn amount of time without dropping the bar and 15 push ups (10 with bottom hold)

Wednesday 8/9/16

Today I did not do the misfits wod, I ll do it tmw, instead we tried one of the wods for our next box competition in two weeks. This time I won’t take part- I am still not in a competition mood, instead I’ll help and assist on that day. There will be teams of two, male+female, a scaled “fun” division and a rx division. The wod we tested was a nice one, short, not too intense.

Afterwards I took part at the regular class:

300m run
20 – 15 – 10 – 5
hollow rocks
single leg romanian kb dl each leg
kb swings

Basic Strength
Deadlift (1x Max)
5min warm up
1×5 @70% 90kg
1×3 @80% 100kg
1×1+ @90% 2+1 106 kg, slowly coming back
1×15 @55% 10/5 65kg

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
amrap 17
5m plate push 20/15
10 push ups
15 plate g2o 20/15

buy out
100 sit ups, 15 strict pull ups – I have to work on my pull ups, they already feel more shitty 😦

Wednesday 13/7/16

900m run
20 plank to push up

30sec work, 30sec rest
pike lift variations
I. both legs
II. both legs split
III. left leg rotation
IV. right leg rotation

Bench Press (3×3)
7min to warm up
*increase weight 1-5kg
The second time I tried 60kg, again did not work… I think I did 8 or 9 reps using 60kg but could not do them in a row… :/

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
amrap 10
20 wall balls
15 sdhp 32/24
10 box jumps
4+35 RX
no rest
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
amrap 10
15 push ups
10 sec hanging L-Sit hold
5 strict pull ups
5+10 RX

Sunday -Heavy Metcon Day ;)

I like the Sunday Wods, they are often more fun and challenging than the regular ones… I did my front squats before and some strict pull ups.

8 Station, work with a partner, 30sec work/30sec rest (one works at the time), 5 rounds before switch the station

  1. power snatch -40kg
  2. weighted walking lunges 2x20kg
  3. push ups
  4. elevated ring rows
  5. battle rope/sled push
  6. back squat 75kg
  7. legless rope climbs

Afterwards I finished off with 100 partner ghd medball throws 5×20 and 8 strict hspu in between the sets…

Back in the box, Wednesday 18/5/16

We came back to Berlin on Wednesday in the afternoon. I spent a couple of hours with my parents before I headed to the box and did one weightlifting class and the regular wod (late class – 9pm)…

It was the first time after a couple of months I went to weightlifting because the time is a little bit difficult for me, I normally train at 5pm on these days and have to wait too long afterwards, a bit pity…

We worked on my “favourite” movement: the snatch. Well, what should I say, I am still bad at it… 😉 In comparing to all the other stuff I am soooooooo far behind with the snatch. I still just do not get it.

The class was fun:

Warm-up 2x
100 single under
8 squats
6 ring rows
4 push ups

20 banded good mornings
40 superman

Basic Strength
Bench Press (5×5)
7min to warm up to 70%
then 5×5
*1:30min rest between sets

Metcon (Time) up and down
30 sdhp 32/24
30 push ups
30 hollow rocks
30 kb swings 32/24
30 sit ups
30 t2b
RX 13:12 min

Saturday 9/4/16

in teams of 2
u go, i go
4 burpees
8 ring rows
12 partner wall balls

Metcon in teams of 2
amrap 40
40 cal row
40 thruster 20/15
40 hr push ups
40 burpees over the rower
*one wrks, one rests

My partner was a bit slower but he really tried hard 😉 We fin ished 5 rounds and 100 reps. Well, I did not feel tired afterwards, good that I came back for my afternoon trainings session…

In the afternoon i came bac and did the full misfit workout: for the first time with some other people from the box:

1. Warm-up
Move deliberately through 5 Rounds:
12 KB Swings 53/35lbs
12 Push Ups
12 Cal on SkiErg – we do cal row instead

2. Strength
Find your 1 Rep Max Power Clean
This was bad today – I only could lift 65kg, I tried 70, did not happen today… 😦

3. Met-Con
5 Rounds for time:
Run 400m
10 Power Cleans 205/135 lbs
135 = 62 kg, well… NOPE
I decided to use 55kg, which felt okay (50 reps). My run was too slow but I still don’t know how to paste it right, my first round of cleans was too slow as well, I took to many long breaks between the singles. I became faster in between but still felt the lack of technique during the wod.
My time was not that good, I actually forgot to look on the clock which is a bit stupid, could have been sth around 12-14 minutes…

4. Gymnastics Test
For Time:
Kipping HSPU
Ring Dips
Push Ups

This was one great! I finished first and was abit proud and surprised.
RX 9:52 (still if u compare it with other results from the misfits boars…, mmh)

Cooldown 5 rds
15 cal row
20 ghd sit ups
6 strict pull ups

This was the good part afterwards, cheat meal – burritos… 🙂


Monday 4/4/16

Back to work, back to the routines… After school I came to the box to teach the kids and do the regular class afterwards. The coaches were “warmly”  welcoming me with, I should work only with the barbell and light weights for the next year because my technique sucks and I would benefit so much if I would kinda start all over… Mmh, I know they are right but I am still doing this next to my full time job and my normal life…, it is so hard to focus on just one thing, while losing all my others and working and having a bit of private time… Mmh, I am confused now and do not know how to attack my weaknesses and still work on my gymnastics, strengths and endurance… :/

This week is deload week, so more focus on partner wods, mobility work and other stuff. We’ll see what happens…

Warm-up 2x
200m run
20 jumpings jacks
10 squats
10 dl w/barbell

Metcon (Time)
in teams of 2
10x200m relay
Well, I worked out with the kid today, not really but a super young motivated guy, half of my age…, yes I am old… Our runs were okay but not our strengths

in teams of 2
amrap 4
3 deadlifts 100/70
7 push ups
amrap 4
2 deadlifts 120/85
8 t2b
amrap 4
1 deadlift 140/100
9 burpees over the bar
*rest 1min between workouts
*one works one round, one rests

RX 336,we nailed that…!

Tuesday 15/3/16

Today I was a bit scared because I had to do a heavy back squat – for me heavy – 103kg and I made it… Yeah and it was not too bad. Hatch Squat Program – I like it!

5 Back Squats | 72 kg
5 Back Squats | 82 kg
2 Back Squats | 87 kg
3 Back Squats | 92.5 kg
1 Back Squat | 103 kg

5 Front Squats | 56.5 kg
4 Front Squats | 65 kg
4 Front Squats | 69.5 kg
4 Front Squats | 74 kg

3 Snatches | 29 kg
3 Snatches | 31 kg
3 Snatches | 34 kg
2 Snatches | 36 kg
1 Snatch | 38 kg

3 Strict Bar Muscle Ups
3 Strict Bar Muscle Ups
3 Strict Bar Muscle Ups
2 Strict Bar Muscle Ups
3 Strict Bar Muscle Ups

Warm-up 2x
15m bear crawl
15m crab walk
2x 10 side to side hang & 10 scapula push ups

1min work on du& 1min foot work + juggling

Bench Press (5×10)
5min to warm up to working weight
then 5×10
*rest exactly 1min between sets
*add 2,5-5kg to last week

Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)
5x 40sec work, 40sec rest
I. row for cal between 15 cal and 13 cal
II. hr push ups between 28-20
TOTAL 70/117 RX

Strict Pull-ups : 10×5, rest 1 min
100 sit ups

Friday 12/2/16

I just did some little work before the class because, I’ll do antoher Throwdown WOD tomorrow and it will be the chipper… So no leg day today 😉 I worked up to a heavy jerk for the 2nd throwdown wod, still a mess – scared to go under the bar when it becomes heavy… :/ stupid me!

– practice handstand walk practice, pull ups, muscle ups…

Warm-up 3x
40 single under
10 reach through (5each arm)
10 scapula push ups
10 kip or caterpillar

Hang Power Snatch 2x
5 snatch grip deadlift
5 snatch high pull
5 snatch grip press behind neck
5 hang power snatch

Hang Power Snatch (5×2)
emom 20
I. 2 hps
2 power snatch
II. 2 push ups first minute, 4 push ups,
2nd minute, 6 push ups
3rd minute etc…
*focus on barbell cycling
I worked up to 40 kg, not bad for me and did all 5 sets with this weight…

Metcon for time
21 – 15 – 9
hps 45/30
ohs 45/30
RX 6:02
I was a bit slow during the wod, my arms were tight from the emom, normally I should be a bit faster because it it not a heavy weight, legs felt totally fine during the OHS, my arms and shoulders were tired…
(8min timecap)