Next Qualifier Beach Throwdown

Woohoo, it kinda never ends with these qualifiers… We registered for the Beach Throwdown in the Netherlands and the results must be online until Wednesday night. So we did two of three today. I had a wod appointment with one of my fav wod buddies, so I decided to do number 3 another day (I did not know that the deadline is already Wednesday…), so I have to do it somehow on my busy and long working day 😦

With a clock counting up complete as many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of:
16 Box Jump Overs (24”/20”)
8 Deadlifts (regular 100kg / 65kg)
Add 10kg to the deadlift weight when both athletes have completed a full round
Tiebreak there is tiebreak after the last fully completed round of boxjumps.
– We will do that tomorrow

A combined total of 10 attempts (5 attempts per athlete) in a ground to shoulder, shoulder to overhead.
Each athlete has to make exactly 5 attempts at a lift.
The total weight of the lifts is your end score.
You are free to choose in wich order you and your buddy make the lifts.
If an athlete fails an attempt at a lift, the lift counts as 0kg. Every missed lift will count as one of the athletes attempts.
Both Athletes use the same single bar throughout the workout
Athletes are not allowed to deload the bar once the 8 minutes start: the weight must either stay the same or go up at each attempt.
Athletes are allowed to start with a loaded bar and may assist each other in loading the bar.

FOR TIME 27-21-15-9*
Calorie Row
Wallballs 20/14lbs 10/9ft
Pull up
*Both athletes have to complete a full round of every movement before switching to the next.
Each buddy pair will use one rower and wallball.

It was kinda stupid to do Murph on Monday. I was sore, my pull ups felt not that easy and the wall balls sucked because of my legs from squatting and running. We will see how it turns out…
Heavy Metcon with a partner

200 cal row
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (you go, I go) bench RX bodyweight (I did 50-52.5)
200 cal assault bike
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (deadlift 1.5 bodyweight, I did strict weighted pu with a cute 2.5kg plate 😉 – because of tmw’s deadlifts)
300 double unders
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 power clean (we made that up, instead of sled push because it just rained, I started easy with 45 and went up to a medium weight 55)

Haha, it took forever but it was fun. 😀 I have to get back to my welded athlete trainings plan to really work on fitness soon. I really like the structure of the wods and I am feeling a litte bad not taking time to do the workouts. 😦

Berlin Throwdown wod 3 28/5/17

This time of the year when there are too many qualifiers and I really ask myself why I am doing this… Today I did Berlin Throwdown wod 3 again because I was not happy with my score, I still think I should have done better!

6 min amrap
1000 m row buy in
12 ohs (35)
6 burpees
– 2 rounds –

Before that we tried a yoga class for the box members which was anice experience…

Berlin Throwdown

So, the next qualifier is already on and I am not sure if I am ready…

Our box started this competition last year and this year they give another shot. I am in the same team as last year. My strong and daily getting better friend – and me…ohoh. They announced the first wod on Monday and even the cycle in our box id totally different right now, they decided to it as today’s wod. So I skipped the class because I wanna do it on Friday or Sunday.
I did the welded athlete today and a emom to work on the movements for the first qualifier wod but before I enjoyed an awesome omlette:

-30 Cal Row
-30 Air Squats
-20 Push Ups
-10 Strict Pull Ups

5 Rounds
20/15 Cal Bike or 30/24 Cal Row
4-8 Muscle Ups (Choose number)

Squat Snatch
5×2 (Drop and reset) Rising
Start @70% (went up to 45kg, not very good)

Snatch Pull
7×1 @115% (58kg)

-15 TTB
-12 Front Squats @135/95
-9 Deficit Strict HSPU (3/1 inches)
10:47.00 Rx

Bar Facing Burpees 10×7
(Rest as needed-Focus on efficiency of the movement and your breathing.)

Reverse Hyper

a) 15 wall balls (unbroken)
b) 10 pull ups (unbroken)

practice handstand walk

1. Forearms
2. Front Rack
3. Ankle Dorsiflexion

French Throwdown – we made it…

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We are going back to Paris in summer 🇫🇷 🎉 I'm so excited to return to the @frenchthrowdown in a few weeks with our #teamicke (@giandor @berlinari @nicobartke) and to see some fellow competitors there, too. Party hard. With all that I have a new reason to refresh my french speaking skills – I'm afraid it's a bit rusty 🙊 ______________________________________________________ #bemybest #roadtosummer #competition#competitionprep #headdowneyesforward #frenchthrowdown #ftd17 #lesscomplainingmoredoing #crossfit #GForceProgram #crossfiticke #ickeathlete #ickefamily #teamicke2017 #fosdrink #foodspring #foodspringfamily #startedfromthepvc #infinityperformance @foodspring @fosgermany @_infinityperformance_

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Sunday 22/5/16

Finally over with all the quali wods, I am kinda over it and wanna go back to regular training without the feeling the pressure…

6 min timecap
– Row 500m
– FInd your 2 RM front squat

This are not my fav movements, even I like squatting, I do not see a big progress with my front squat. My hatch program is almost over, I ll try sth new afterwards.

I warmed up and decided to do 82kg which is not very heavy for somebody like me… 😦 The row was exhausting, I finished 1:45.8, not super fast but okay, I guess. I took some rest and hit the 82kg twice. The first felt really heavy, I was scared I wouldn’t make the 2nd one… Tomorrow we will see where our overall standing will be.

I am so happy it is over now BUT now O have to actually focus on the competitions: Budapest Throwdown and French Throwdown is coming up in June… :O

2 Snatches | 35 kg
2 Snatches | 40 kg
1 Snatch | 43 kg
1 Snatch | 43 kg
1 Snatch | 43 kg

8:00 AMRAP:
15 Deadlifts, 90 kg
20 GHD Sit-ups
50 Double Unders

Strict Pull-ups : 10×5

Rope Climb (Legless) : 3×1

Master Throwdown and Class 17/2/16

Today I did the last wod for the European Master Throwdown… It was my “don’t like wod” because of the jerk….:

Find your 1 Rep Max Jerk within 3 minutes. Lift will be performed from the rack.

I did 65kg, 68kg and then, of course I messed up 70kg…., I am still scared to get under that stupid bar… 😦

As soon as the clock reaches 3 minutes and Workout 2A is complete, Workout 2B will begin with the same running clock. The athlete will have from 3:00 to 8:00 to complete Workout 2A.

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 5 minutes of this ladder 6 deadlift – 6 box over, 12-12, 18-18
This one was okay, of course my deadlift is not so strong, so there will be a couple of athletes who’ll have more reps…

But at least, all wods are in the box and i think I do not have to redo one…
Warm-up 3x
15m bear crawl
12 squats
9 kip or caterpillar
6 burpees
squat routine

Back Squat emom 20
I. 8 back squats
II. 20sec max reps hspu
*increase weight as needed

Metcon for time
100 du
20 burpees
75 du
15 burpees
50 du
10 burpees
25 du
5 burpees
RX 5:43
(10min timecap)

Strict Pull Ups

100 sit upa

2×5 strict ring dips

9/10/15 – Berlin Throwdown

Today I taught the kids and decided just to do the wod because the week was stressful and full of work.
We did the 2nd qualifying wod for the Berlin Throwdown – a little competition one of our coaches came up with a couple weeks ago. It is a nice idea to bring the Berlin community together and let them compete against each other. There are 9 RX and 9 fun (scaled) teams (one female, one male) who will compete against each other in our box on November 28th. Every box can send one team per division. The teams must do the qualifying wods if they wanna take part. We – the Friday Classes just did for fun as part of the regular wod. I did it with another girl and it was really cool. I did all PS unbroken and also the Double Unders, this was a bit exhausting because you get tired but you still can do it – just don’t stop… The second gives you a bit more rest time but also increasing reps… But still I liked them!!!

15m bearcrawl
10 squats
10 reach through
10 scapula pull ups

skill 2x
2:30min work on handstand
2:30min run/row

Basic Strength
5×3 strict pull ups (30X1)
5×3 strict ring dips (30X1)

BTD Qualifier 15.2 (2 Rounds for reps)
in teams of 2
one works one round, one rests
amrap 9
15 power snatch 35/25 (rx’d) / 25/15 (fun)
30 du (rx’d) / 30 su (fun)
rest 2min
8 rounds+ 10 PS

amrap 9
3 ohs 45/30 (rx’d) / kb squats 20/12 (fun)
3 pull ups (rx’d) / kb swings 20/12 (fun)
6 ohs
6 pull ups
We came into round 21, finished all the OHS and did some pull ups.

Saturday and Sunday- German Throwdown 3 & 4/10/15

There was no regular training for me on Saturday. I skipped the morning class to do the next qualifying workout for the German Throwdown ( Master Elite, yes I am older than 35… :/ At least here it helps me a bit. It was the worst one:
12 min amrap
150 wall balls
rowing for meters

It was a bit annoying with the setup, you need a judge and you have to make a video, just in case they will ask when u top 12 the end. Well in the video you see the wall balls and me suffering but when I went to the rower, there was just my upper back…,ups. At least you can see the time after rowing when you zoom in. Anyways, I finished 1098 m which put in in place 7th for this one. The rowing felt horrible, another weakness, I do not know how some Professional Elite girls could row more than 1400… Respect! Haha, of course, they are younger. 😉

Afterwards I was not really able to do some serious training. I enjoyed a alkfree beer, the sun outside and di some baby skill training before I left.

I came back on Sunday to do the last and final wod:
amrap 7
8 alternating KB snatch (20kg, no swing allowed)
6 back squat (55kg from the ground)
4 bar muscle ups

Again we had to do the stupid setting with judge and camera. The clean for the back squat felt heavy, the snatch were ok, the bar muscle are okay, if I do them one by one. They are still more strict than anything els. I start a kip but then I kinda stop and use my strengths, which is absolutely not helpful to string them together. I finished 2 rounds, 9 reps and got a bit mad. The last set of back squats, I lost the bar during the clean and it cost important time and the last reps, so I only got one more back squat instead of 6… :/ I finished up 10th. Normally I would be on spot 8 or 7. I know it is just the qualifying but still, I could have done better because I do have the capability…

Yesterday I got my invitation to the finals, they don’t wanna see any videos, they just believe us. 😉 I had uploaded the two on youtube already, if u wanna have a laugh:


French Throwdown und WOD 28/4/14

We were not really excited but we decided to do the last qualification WOD for the French Throwdown:
After two workouts we are on the 20th, 28 teams will go to the finals.
It is hard to focus because we are going to the Bäääm Challenge this weekend and I feel quite exhausted and tired. So here we go:

7 min amrap
3 min chest to bar pull ups
rest one minute three minutes Karen (150 wall balls) minus the chest to bar

Just me and the other girl from our team did it, our scores were not that good but chest to bar pull ups are not our strengths, as long as we can’t do proper butterfly pull ups, it always takes too long.
I finished 42 pull ups and 62 wall balls, perhaps I could do better with the wall balls, taking less rest and having a better scheme for breaking them down. I had really stupid random sets of 25, 10, 8, 3 and so on… Hopefully the guys will do the wod as well and then we will see our final score.

Afterwards I did the class but not the wod, would have been chest to bar pull ups again… :=O
300m run
10 squats
10 lunges each leg
squat routine

2x 5 clean deadlift
5 clean high pull
5 power clean

Basic Strength
Back Squat (1×5)
e2mom 12
5 squats 35/45/55/65/75/80
2 high box squat jumps
*work up to a weight that feels heavy but not slow

Power Clean
e1:30mom 12
2×5 30/35
2×3 40/45
4×2 50/55/57.5/60
*work up to a weight that feels heavy but not slow

Metcon (No Measure)
45 sec work, 15sec rest
I. sit ups
II. superman
III. hollow rock
IV. superman medball throw
V. floor wiper
VI. superman halo
VII. russian twist