Next Qualifier Beach Throwdown

Woohoo, it kinda never ends with these qualifiers… We registered for the Beach Throwdown in the Netherlands and the results must be online until Wednesday night. So we did two of three today. I had a wod appointment with one of my fav wod buddies, so I decided to do number 3 another day (I did not know that the deadline is already Wednesday…), so I have to do it somehow on my busy and long working day 😦

With a clock counting up complete as many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of:
16 Box Jump Overs (24”/20”)
8 Deadlifts (regular 100kg / 65kg)
Add 10kg to the deadlift weight when both athletes have completed a full round
Tiebreak there is tiebreak after the last fully completed round of boxjumps.
– We will do that tomorrow

A combined total of 10 attempts (5 attempts per athlete) in a ground to shoulder, shoulder to overhead.
Each athlete has to make exactly 5 attempts at a lift.
The total weight of the lifts is your end score.
You are free to choose in wich order you and your buddy make the lifts.
If an athlete fails an attempt at a lift, the lift counts as 0kg. Every missed lift will count as one of the athletes attempts.
Both Athletes use the same single bar throughout the workout
Athletes are not allowed to deload the bar once the 8 minutes start: the weight must either stay the same or go up at each attempt.
Athletes are allowed to start with a loaded bar and may assist each other in loading the bar.

FOR TIME 27-21-15-9*
Calorie Row
Wallballs 20/14lbs 10/9ft
Pull up
*Both athletes have to complete a full round of every movement before switching to the next.
Each buddy pair will use one rower and wallball.

It was kinda stupid to do Murph on Monday. I was sore, my pull ups felt not that easy and the wall balls sucked because of my legs from squatting and running. We will see how it turns out…
Heavy Metcon with a partner

200 cal row
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (you go, I go) bench RX bodyweight (I did 50-52.5)
200 cal assault bike
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (deadlift 1.5 bodyweight, I did strict weighted pu with a cute 2.5kg plate 😉 – because of tmw’s deadlifts)
300 double unders
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 power clean (we made that up, instead of sled push because it just rained, I started easy with 45 and went up to a medium weight 55)

Haha, it took forever but it was fun. 😀 I have to get back to my welded athlete trainings plan to really work on fitness soon. I really like the structure of the wods and I am feeling a litte bad not taking time to do the workouts. 😦

Berlin Throwdown wod 3 28/5/17

This time of the year when there are too many qualifiers and I really ask myself why I am doing this… Today I did Berlin Throwdown wod 3 again because I was not happy with my score, I still think I should have done better!

6 min amrap
1000 m row buy in
12 ohs (35)
6 burpees
– 2 rounds –

Before that we tried a yoga class for the box members which was anice experience…


It is quite hard to get a spot for a class right now because we have so many new members in the gym, at least I could do the regular wod today…

Weightlifting class was full, it is okay for this week because we have to do the qualifier for the French Throwdown, so I have to be careful with my trainings session.

I did the WOD 2 as a trial last Friday, 1 RM Squat Clean, 75 kg. 77.5 kg did not work because I sat under the bar but could not get up. Annoying, my 1 RM front squat is 90kg… But I squatted before, so I guess, that was the reason. Still, I probably won’t do it again because of 2kg. I am not a big fan of doing 1 RMs anyways… Tomorrow I ll do WOD 1:

Naughty Nate
amrap 8
2 muscle ups
4 handstand push up (with open standard 😦 )
8 American KB swings (24kg)

Snatch position play
1. set up
2. hang
3. high hang
4. snatch pull
5. overhead squat
6. stand up weight overhead

20-60sec headstand hold tucked
60sec rest

Metcon (No Measure)
4x 30sec work, 30sec rest
front squat (I used 65kg)
pendlay row

2min rest

4x 30sec each side, 30sec rest
split squats /w db or kb
one arm ring rows

2min rest

4x 30sec each side, 30sec rest
one legged rdl /w db or kb
even: band pull aparts / odd: band face pull

Monday German Throwdown and Class 26/9/16

Today I did the second qualifier wod for the German Throwdown. It was a 8 min amrap thruster (30kg) and handstand push up: 3-3-6-6-9-9 and so on. I was not 100% motivated, so I finished 15 rounds and did 6 thrusters. I think there is some space for more but I think we won’t qualify anyways because we are not the strongest team and it won’t be enough. We are 4 persons and two got less reps than me, one of the boys and one girl. I am pretty sure as the male athlete you must finish up round 15 and be somewhere in the middle of 18 or further to have a good score…

Afterwards I did the regular class and well, what was part of the wod?! Thruster, my legs were burning and my shoulders hurt. But I wanted to do it after my rest day(s) at home…

I skipped the first part, I had CF kids right before.

2min couch stretch
2min dorsiflexion w/ barbell
2min banded glute activation
10 cossack squats
5 wall squats

Back Squat
5min warm up
1×5 @75%
1×3 @85%
1×1+ @95% 2x100kg- I am not happy with my depth when it comes to heavy reps.

1×20 @50% 55kg

Metcon (Time)
for time
burpees over the bar
thruster 20/15

Kinda slow, around 8:10 RX

Sunday 22/5/16

Finally over with all the quali wods, I am kinda over it and wanna go back to regular training without the feeling the pressure…

6 min timecap
– Row 500m
– FInd your 2 RM front squat

This are not my fav movements, even I like squatting, I do not see a big progress with my front squat. My hatch program is almost over, I ll try sth new afterwards.

I warmed up and decided to do 82kg which is not very heavy for somebody like me… 😦 The row was exhausting, I finished 1:45.8, not super fast but okay, I guess. I took some rest and hit the 82kg twice. The first felt really heavy, I was scared I wouldn’t make the 2nd one… Tomorrow we will see where our overall standing will be.

I am so happy it is over now BUT now O have to actually focus on the competitions: Budapest Throwdown and French Throwdown is coming up in June… :O

2 Snatches | 35 kg
2 Snatches | 40 kg
1 Snatch | 43 kg
1 Snatch | 43 kg
1 Snatch | 43 kg

8:00 AMRAP:
15 Deadlifts, 90 kg
20 GHD Sit-ups
50 Double Unders

Strict Pull-ups : 10×5

Rope Climb (Legless) : 3×1

Tuesday 3/5/16

So, time for the next one… Today it was time to do the CrossFit Total for the French Throwdown: Take 15 min to find your 1 RM back squat, deadlift and strict press.

I started my back squat with 100kg, went up to 106kg and it felt okay. I can def squat more, I am just so scared of the numbers, the weight feels so heavy on my back. Haha, so one kg PR. 😉
My strict press was 47kg, felt easy but it is always so hard doing the strict press, because you only have few reps and one or two kilo are not that big of a difference within the CrossFit Total. Last but not least deadlift, I started with 105 or 110 and went up to 125kg…. YEAH, 5 kg PR, it was heavy but it felt good… 🙂

So excited to be over the qualifying wods. Now we have to wait and see if it will be enough for our team….

Warm-up 2x
50 single under
5 push ups
5 ring rows
2x 10 side to side hang & 10 scapula push ups

coordination drill
2min catch reaction

Bench Press (7×7)
5min to warm up
then 7×7
*rest exactly 1min between sets
*add 1-5kg to last week
I had to do 50kg today and did not make it through all sets with 7 reps
2×5 (I think)

Metcon amrap 9
3 pistols
3 t2b
6 pistols
6 t2b…
I finished 24 pistols RX

Berlin Throwdown Team

Berlin Throwdown qualifier wod number 1 will be announced tonight. I will compete in a female-female team with the perfect name: Chilly Vanilli 😉

Sunday 1st May

New month, new qualifying wod… Today I did the next one for the French Throwdown.

Buy in 100 Double Unders
20 wall balls
7 rung muscle ups
Buy out 100 Double Unders
Timecap 12 minutes

Me and my muscle ups… Well, I finished within the timecap: 11:40 min but it was really exhausting, my muscle ups were more strict than kipping , my shoulders hurt from all the DU and wall balls…. uiuiuiui

Afterwards we did more a fun wod than a hard workout

20 rounds
5 benchpress (50kg, RX would have been bodyweight)
5 power clean (50kg, RX would have been bodyweight as well)

From set 3 on I cycled all cleans and worked on my technique and it felt good…. We did the benching in the sun and had a lot of fun… Happy Sunday!


Wednesday French Throwdown II

Today it was power snatch (35kg) and and burpee over the bar 10-9-8…1, the time cap was only 8 minutes. I felt tired and a bit unmotivated, to less rest in the last days, as I said, deadline was 8pm, so we had to do ti anyways. I did not finish strong, I made it to the round of three and finished the snatch, oh man, I was slow. I learned my lesson, rest days do make sense, especially when u do qualifier wods :O

Afterwards I just did the weightlifting part, even the 60kg hang clean and jerk felt like 100kg… So I was a good girl and skipped the wod… 😉


Tuesday Qualifier French Throwodown

I am not the biggest fan of fast and long rowing, it just hurts and I am always not sure how to paste myself… So, 2000m rowing is not my favourite!!!!! However, I made it and even pr’d. I finished 8:07 min, 8 seconds better than last time. Yeah, still do not like it… Tomorrow We will do the next one. We should plan better because deadline will be tmw at 8pm. :/ So if we mess up, we can not do it again…

Warm-up 2x
50 single under
5 push ups
5 ring rows
2x 10 side to side hang & 10 scapula push ups

coordination drill
2 min catch reaction

Bench Press (7×7)
5min to warm up
then 7×7
*rest exactly 1min between sets
*add 1-5kg to last week

Metcon 5rft
5 strict hspu
10 strict pull ups
15 fsquat 42.5/30
1RX 10:46