Rest Days – Holidays Saturday-Tuesday

I left Berlin on Saturday for a longer weekend trip with my parents. We flew to Sardigna and even they do have boxes there I decided not to go, take some days off and enjoy family time. So the only thing I did were some handstands. 🙂

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Christmas Break

Happy new year… 🙂

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Happy new year… 🙂
The box shut down for Christmas break and renovation from 24th to the 3rd of January. It was fine for me, I was not in Berlin anyways. I went to my parents after training on Wednesday in the afternoon.

The weather was really good during the holidays, so I could go for running. I was a bit lazy, it is always hard to motivate myself outside the box…

Thursday-bodyweight WOD
100 squats
75 push ups
25 pull ups
75 ring dips
100 squats

9km run

2.4km run with tabata intervall

I went back to Berlin on Sunday to fly to Marrakech for a city trip. We were in the middle of the old town in a riad and decided to be lazy. We walked a lot and there was not really a workout space…

Saturday – 2nd January
Back to Berlin morning run 5 km + 100 strict press with my barbell (15kg)