Mini vacation – drop in @ Rams Training

I had one week off and we decided to do a three day trip to Poland, it is about a 3-4 hour ride to Kolberg, a town right on the Baltic Sea. There is even a gym that is doing wods and CF orientated stuff but they are not an official affiliate because the yearly fee you have to pay is really expensive for them. the drop in was only 7 Euro and the program and the gym were really cool. The weather was perfect, we walked along the beach, rented bikes and cruised around…

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Saturday and Sunday = rest time 26/11&27/11

My parents were in town and we celebrated Thanksgiving, so there was no time to workout because I wanted to spend my time with them. My mom and I had a great thai massage on Saturday before dinner, so it was a nice break from my workout routine, even I always do feel bad about not training… 😉

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Saturday Morning

Saturday morning after trying 16.3 felt kinda good, Saturday afternoon didn’t… Haha, after my coffee I wanted to leave the house for my afternoon session but on the way down, I made a u turn and went back to the apartment. I was so tired, sore and unmotivated that it made no sense at all to go back to training and practice bar muscle ups and do some extra work. So I decided to do my grocery shopping instead and stay in bed for another hour… 🙂 Best idea ever…

Warm-up 3x
15m wheelbarrow
10 hollow rocks
10 superman
10 squats
2x 2:30min row/ work on kip/butterfly pull up

3x snatch position play
3x ohs position play

Metcon in teams of 2
for time
one works, one rests
100 hps 30/20
100 burpees over the bar
100 pull ups
100 s2o 30/20
15:42 RX

At night, still feeling tired I enjoyed a nice dinner with awesome non-al drinks…, getting ready for my next 16.3 attempt: