Saturday REST DAY

First one in a while…, it was about time to finally take a rest. Today there was the annual box competition and I decided to help and and not to compete. It actually was a long day, we met at 7 am and finished up around 5:30pm. I felt really tired and exhausted afterwards, even I just organized the structure of the wods, at least I carried weights around. 😉 So = active rest…

At night I went to this awesome (but loud)burger place in Berlin and had a veggie burger plate with sweet potato fries, sooooooooo good.

Sunday Rest-Day

Today I enjoyed the competition as spectator, the weather was perfect, sunny and hot… 🙂 I had a nice coffee break and a breakfast before I watched the individuals compete. At the end of the day Berlin’s first international Throwdown was over and I helped to clean up before I went for dinner and a good night sleep. I did not feel very sore from the day before, so tomorrow let’s wod on… 🙂