Tuesday 20/6/17

I did not do the 12pm class because I had a dentist appointment… :/ So I went right afterwards, did some stuff from my the welded athlete program. The box started a new cycle, back to the more crossfit based wods, focusing on lifts, weightlifting, gymnastics and regular metcons.

– back squat (3 sec down) 5×3 80kg
– high hang snatch 8×1 heavy single (last set 41kg)- I know it is not heavy but it feels like.. :O
– 12 rope climbs


Warm-up 2x
3 snatch deadlift
3 snatch high pull
3 muscle snatch
3 power snatch
3 snatch balance
3 snatch

Gymnastics 2x
Push-ups (2x max reps)
Ring Rows (2x max reps)
followed by
10 hollow rocks
10 v-ups
10 tuck ups
1min rest

Muscle Snatch (2×1)
emom 10
1 snatch pull& 1 muscle snatch
*increase weight every 2nd set

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
amrap 4
14 dl 60/40
14 burpee otb
3min rest
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
amrap 4
14 s2o 60/40
14 burpee otb

I was so done after the first wod… My friend, who is really strong and fast was right behind me. I finished my first round right in front of her and this kept me motivated to push even harder. The shoulder to overhead are not my strongest movement anyways, so amrap 2 was horrible, the barbell felt like 5kg heavier, I could not really cycle a lot of reps. Two weeks ago when I did a partner metcon with a friend of mine, we had to do 21 reps, using 35kg. This weight was fine to do one set unbroken and then go for 10/11 reps and 5-6. Well, at least I did it. Work on your weknesses… 😉

Tuesday 23/716

It is good to have some time to get back into the trainings routine, it feels so much more exhausting than the yeas before. Everything is so heavy and the metcons are not as fun as they used to be…

Today I started with the regular class at our box in the morning. Later one of my friends convinced to join the monster mash with a couple of other athletes at CrossFit Aorta. I am still not happy about the wod, I was really slow… 😦

e30s for 15 min
1 snatch pull
1 power snatch
1 snatch
70% 1RM – I used 33kg and it felt bad as well, kinda starting from the scratch again
amrap 6
5 t2b
10 sit ups
8+4 RX
-no rest-
amrap 6
5 ring dips
10 push ups
4+4 RX
Monster Mash
5 min rest in between the wods
run 400
15 muscle ups
run 800
12 bar muscle ups (I did ring mu)
run 4oo
9 rope climbs

2) 27-21-15-9
wallballs + c&j

3) 2 rounds
30 m handstand walk
50 sit ups

I just did about 12m hsw, not the third wod… The whole thing took me forever… :/

Tuesday – Spring Break 23/3/16

Warm-up 2x
15m bear crawl
15m crab walk
10 side to side hang
10 scapula push ups

3x 1min work on du & 1min foot work + juggling

Bench Press (5×10)
5min to warm up to working weight
then 5×10
*rest exactly 1min between sets
*add 2,5-5kg to last week
40 kg

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
3x1min each station
I. wall balls
II. cal row
III. kb lunges 24/16
RX 187

5 Back Squats | 67 kg
5 Back Squats | 72 kg
5 Back Squats | 77 kg
5 Back Squats | 82.5 kg

5 Front Squats | 52 kg
5 Front Squats | 56.5 kg
5 Front Squats | 56.5 kg
5 Front Squats | 56.5 kg

1) Snatch Balance
2×2 29kg
3×2 34kg

2) Overhead Squat
5x 35 kg
5x 40
3x 45
3x 50
3x 55

3) Power Clean/Clean
2x 1+2 46kg
3x 1+2 49kg

WOD 2 amrap 10
20 DU
2 rope climbs
1 MU
40 DU…

I finished 80 DU and 2 rope climbs, not that good but I was already tired and a bit lazy… 😉

Strict pull ups
5×5 weighted 5kg

Last Day @ the German Throwdown…

I had to take a taxi to the venue because there was no public transportation early Sunday morning… Briefing again at 7:45 am. The first wod was def not my best friend:

The announcement for the weight was confusing, last but not least, we could chose whatever, even just the barbell. Instead of doing the unbroken handstand you also could wait two minutes before starting the barbell complex but you have to try at least all 20 sec or so an handstand hold attempt. So I tried a bit but of course I am not able to holde for 20 sec (have to practice!!!!!!) and then went to the barbell. I used 30 kg and worked through the two minutes. I could have used 1-2kg more and still working with the same paste but it is hard to know that in advance… I finshed up 7th and overall 5th, which was fine for me… One or two more to go (final only for the numbers 1-6)

Workout 6 was awesome:

Again it was confusing, they said weighted pistols with 12kg kettlebell but there were no kettlebells with 12kg, so they decided to use 16kg instead but not for the women 35plus…, mmh, I don’t get it, legless rope climbs, yes but no weighted 16kg pistols.

Anyways I loved this wod, finished up 2nd and qualified for the final wod… 🙂

Last but not least:

Stupid ski erg, we don’t even have one in the box. The wod started great, the bar muscle ups went well, I was battling for third, when I wanted to do my last bar muscle up before back to the final ski erg calories catching AND I DID NOT MAKE IT!!!!! F***! I needed three more attempts for the last one, sooooooo annoying, I ripped off my hands, the time was running by and in the last seconds I made it, ran to the ski erg, did one more calorie and the time was over. I am still a bit upset about this little bar muscle up, I would have been third in this wod and so I just finished as 4th. Still okay…

Overall Standing after 3 days: 4th place finish. Now finally back to my regular training…, of course 2 rest days in between 😉

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Saturday Morning and Afternoon Session 17/10/15

This morning I only did the strengths and skill part and skipped the woed because ti was pull ups, push ups and squat. Three movements I am kind good at and we did the same movements (strict PU and push ups for max sets) the day before. I also decided to go back in the afternoon for a 2nd training session anyways…

back squat
4×1 around 90% 1RM
I finshed up wit 97.5 kg after one fail. 95kg felt fine, 97.5 kg it was hard to get up and my deep was not perfect. I am also concerned about my left knee pain, not getting better. Annoying

Then I did 3×10 one leg KB deadlift and 3×10 one leg bridge up.

In the afternoon I joined the pull up and muscle up class in the middle of the class, did 5 strict unbroken MU and 7 sets of legless rope climbs and free handstand push up practice in between.
Then I worked on my snatch, did 3×3 with 29kg, 2×2 with 32kg and a couple of more reps just to work on my technique.
I finished my barbell day with an emom 12: 3 clean and jerk (40kg) 6 3 HSPU.

Last but not least I worked on my handstand walk and did some core work
25-20-15-10-5 unbroken GHD sit ups & banded good mornings

WOD & Fun Friday 10/10/14

6 push up to plank position
10 squats
14 mountain climber

Basic Strength
Shoulder Press (5 – 5 – max reps)
1×5 @55%
1×5 @65%
1x max reps @75% with perfect form
2×10 @40%
*rest 2min in between sets

5sec hold top of ring row with feet on box
5 ring rows with feet on box
5 strict pull ups I did 2-3 during one set with coming down from the bar, felt hard today, last set 6
*1min rest in between rounds

Metcon (Time)
30sec work, 20sec rest

I. ghd sit ups
II. hip extension
III. thruster 45/30
IV. t2b
V. swings 32/24
VI. frontsquats 60/40
VII. sled pull 80kg
VIII. prowler push 60kg
IX. rope climb
X. row
XI. overhead squat 45/30
XII. alternating kb snatch 32/24 I used 16kg
XIII. ring dips
XIV. hollow rock


work in teams of 2-4

take 15min on each station
Metcon (Weight)
find your 2RM thruster
47,5 kg

*use 1 singe barbell for all team member
*score is (weight / number of team member)
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
each team member does

amrap 2
ohs 34×30 kg
*only one team member works at a time
*each team member chooses his/her weight
*score is ((reps x weight) / number of team member)
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
take 5min to find your max jump and reach

t2b in total about 147, always sets of 5, one set of 7 (kipping)

*only one team member works at a time
*score is ((reps t2b + max height in cm – body height) / number of team member)
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
amrap 8
25m prowler push 60kg

*only one team member works at a time
Metcon (Weight)
find 1RM split jerk (50kg or 52,5?!)

*use 1 singe barbell for all team member
*score is (weight / number of team member)

El Paso Double Drop in 11/7/14 12/7/14

I wrote a big texts about my last two drop ins in El Paso but it dissapeared… So just the short version and the pics… 😦

– 915 CrossFit, huge box…, seriousely the biggest I have seen so far
I got grumpy during trying strict pull ups, they were horrible… I lost upper body strenghts 😦
– Get Lifted CrossFit, the owner was really nice and helpful… He also competed at the regionals and finished 25th

Good wods but I was unhappy with my jerk, could not go for 95 lbs…, my technique sucks and so it felt f***ing heavy 😦
I did 3×95, 22×90 (messed up 2), 5×85 (messed up the last one, could not lock my arms)




WOD 4/6/14


Today was skill training. For the first round I did one legless rope climb, the second round only half legless. I did 10 strict toes to bars, worked on chest to ring pull ups and used 2 dumbells a 35 lbs for farmers walk. Furthermore I had 12kg KB for turkish get ups and windmills. I felt a bit tired yesterday and have a lack of motivation. Seeing all my weaknesses and things I have to work on make a bit depressed. My progress feels so slow…


I started with strict handstand push ups, running the clock. I did 21(!), feeling the ground under me and immediately went up. I hope it is enough for the event 6. What is a bit sad, even I make all 21 and could move to the front squats, I wont make it because I can not clean 125 lbs. That is really sad because I can squat 125 lbs but can not clean it… 😦
I did 1 and 1/2 legless rope climbs. I think I can make at least one at the regionals. Afterwards I tried ring muscle ups and I was so upset, I lost them. I did only one, all the others FAILURE… It was so depressing. I think I overthink it, perhaps I lost my (shitty) technique, I watched couple of videos on u tube. I try to use their tips and progressions but dunno whats going on with mine… I was so happy being there finally and now…