Monday 19/6/17

I could go right back into training…, just a little sore in my triceps, probably the ski erg. I had a meeting today at school, so I was not sure which class I will make but I was done earlier than expected, so weightlifting and afterwards I just did the workout from the reg. class. I did ghd sit ups instead of toes 2 bars because I ripped some of my fingers on the weekend…

weightlifting: SNATCH day (nth new here)
3 rds for time
30 ghd sit ups
30 mountain climbers
800 m run

This one hurt… Official box timecap was 15 min, nobody made that time. I decided to finish anyways and needed around 16:54. It was horrible exhausting, there was this one athlete chasing me all the time and I did not want her to pass me, she was a really good runner, I am quite sure the run did not bother her. I almost felt down… Good to be pushed but horrible on the other side as well.

Murh Murph Murph…

What a coincident we did Murph today during bodyweight class, 30 degrees by the way… It is Memorial in the US, CF boxes in the States mostly do this wod on that day. So I am not sure if it was planned or not.

I was thinking about going slower than usual because I was also signed in for the regular class and weightlifting (my usual triple Monday)… Well, did not work that well. I actually did not go too hard during the run and I slowed down the squats a bit. My push ups were kinda slow, also my pull ups should have gone better. Well I worked around 85-90 % most of the time. It took me 42:52 minutes. I still wanna have a under 40 minutes time one day, it is possible with rest and a little bit less heat and rest beforehand.

Afterwards I did the regular class but I slowed down and canceled weightlifting…

Basic Strength
Metcon (No Measure)
amrap 10
8 supinated bent over row (25)
8 upright row (25)
8 strict pull ups
1min rest

2min rest

amrap 10
8 paused back squat (50)
8 dead stop jumping lunges
8 air squats
1min rest

2min rest

amrap 10
8 hspu (well, this did not work very well after 200 push ups, I only did 3-4)
8 db push press (2x12kg)
8 lateral plate raises (2×2.5)
1min rest

Buy Out
Metcon (No Measure)
10 alfredson calve raises lvl 2
5 nordic hamstrings

Triple Monday

Bodyweight was bad today like really bad: Have you ever tried burpee tuck jumps? No fun at all…

Warm-up 3x (I only did 1 round, ’cause I coached the CF Kids right before)
200m run (100m for me…)
10 shoulder tabs in push up position
10 lunges
10 kips

Metcon emom 15
I 8-10 strict hspu/pike presses- I did it outside and two rounds inside on the hard floor, so I got like 4-5 only in that 1 minute slot
II 30-45 sec L-seated dead hang
III 45 sec crab hold at the top

Metcon amrap 25:

25 burpee tuck jumps
25 candle stick to squat
10 hollow rocks
10 lunges
200m run
4 rounds + 29 or sth
Snatch position play (skipped it, haha, was totally messed up from the bodyweight wod)

4 nordic hamstrings
10 alfredson calve raises lvl 1

Metcon (No Measure)
2x 30sec work, 30sec rest
front squat (65kg)
pendlay row (1x65kg, 1x60kg)

2min rest

30sec each side, 30sec rest
split squats /w db or kb 820kg dumbbell)
one arm ring rows

2min rest

30sec each side, 30sec rest
one legged rdl /w db or kb (16kg)
even: band pull aparts / odd: band face pull


Snatch Day

Sunday Hero Wod

Well I accidentally scaled because the box wrote lighter weights for women on the board than the hero workout actually has: 42.5 kg (they wrote 40kg) instead of 105 lbs. But because of the run it was challenging anyways, the C&J did feel light, I still could not really cycle them in big sets because I was out of breath from the running… 😉

Run 1 mile
155 pound Clean and jerk, 21 reps
Run 800 meters
155 pound Clean and jerk, 21 reps
Run 1 Mile

At least our running distance was a bit too long… 😉

Afterwards I had a good breakfast and went to the box to do some more little stuff at the box

amrap 5 strict muscle ups (I got 21 or 22)
handstand walk

Saturday Morning

I was really looking forward to do the Madcon with one of my friends in the morning but the strange thing happened there was no partner wod, just a do it by yourself madcon. It was hard and I was done with my Saturday workout, I skipped the afternoon part because I felt I need to rest…
I went shopping and had a great burger plate at night. 🙂

Warm-up 3x
400m run
15mbear crawl
10 kb squats
10 band pull aparts

max effort 1k row
PR: 3:53

50 burpees

30 strict pull ups

50 Wall Balls

30 Box over

50 ohs 35/20

max effort 800m run

Misfits Tuesday 11/10/16

I came right after work to do the misfitsathletics program. I had to combine two days because it did not fit into my schedule to do it separately. 😦

Warm Up
5 rounds
10 cal bike
10 glute activation steps
5 high box jumps

10×1 squat clean and split jerk

10×1 snatch

5 rounds for time
12 DL 84kg
6 muscle ups
200m run
RX 20:41

Bitch Work
6×3 min, rest 2 min
15 burpees to target (about 6 inch)
row/assault bike for distance

Pause Front Squat

Monday 10/10/16

Test week part 2, this week lifts and co will be tested. It makes no sense for me, I am pretty sure it did not change that much, so I will mostly work on my own stuff.

Today I did bodyweight instead of the regular class:

900m run

30 sec sit ups
30 sec rest
30 sec hollow hold
30 sec rest

30 sec superman
30 sec rest
30 sec squat jumps
30 sec rest

for time:
1600m run
20 burpees
30 hollow rocks
40 lunges
50 push ups
40 lunges
30 sit ups
20 burpees
800m run
RX 21:15

Afterwards I did the speed back squats from misfits outside
8×3 67kg

I finished the day with the weightlifting class. We worked on my “fav” movement today, the snatch and did a nice little strengths part at the end:
2x shoulder press for a givn amount of time without dropping the bar and 15 push ups (10 with bottom hold)

Chris Hinshaw @ CF Icke

Today there was a special event at our box, Chris Hinshaw, the aerobic capacity trainer held 2 classes in the afternoon. I taught the kids first, did my back squats, some skills and took part in the second class her offered. Of course, there was some marketing behind it – Reebok presented its new CrossFit running shoes. They brought a couple of them and all the people could try them during his workshop. Actually I was kinds surprised when I put them on, they felt good, very smooth and light, even they looked not that good.

The workout we did with him was very interesting, all about pacing. We did a warmup together, some drill I also do with my students and saw him doing before. The workout itself was a 5 time run around the box with one minute rest between. The goal was to run each round with the exact same pace. Well, I think I would have done it great but I was to stupid to calculate right, this happens when you talk to other people during class and do not think about what to do… :/

My time was 1.09 in the first round, so I started my second one at 2:09. I was back at 3:18 which is zhe perfect time – 2:09+1:09 = 3:18 BUT I got confused and thought I was too slow – 9 seconds – so I started to early ran faster and booooom everything got messed up. F***! Next time I know…

A couple of weeks ago I bought the aerobic capacity program anyways, so I hope I can use it for my training, right now I am not finding time to do it which is a little bit annoying…

Saturday 30/4/16

This morning I met with my friend at the box to do a running wod, some lifts and a partner workout afterwards. I was curious to try my new sport watch and see how it works but I was not looking forward to the runs…

4x800m run, rest 400 m light run

This was hard for me and my running skills. I like having a gps watch and checkimg my running but I messed up the settings a bit, so I got a bit confused…

Clean and Jerk

WOD 2 Partner WOD, one works, one rests
100 thruster (35kg)
100 chest to bar pull up
100 Handstand push up

I did not train in the afternoon. After breakfast I went to watch two girls from our box competing at a powerlift competition in Berlin Friedrichshain at Berlin Strengths ( It was a fun event to watch, they asked me a couple of weeks ago if I wanna compete as well but with all the qualifying wods and also the one rep max thing, I was like, “No!”. I am not the biggest fan of heavy lifts. I prefer more the volume based lifts.

The only annoying thing was my tummy, I was soooooo starving all day long, I don’t know if it was because of the running and the wod. I had a breakfast, some pieces of cookie, a banana bread, bought some nuts and cranberries and went straight to dinner after the competition (big arabic plate with falafel and cheese). Finally I felt full and went to bed early, haha on a Saturday… 😉