Tuesday 20/6/17

I did not do the 12pm class because I had a dentist appointment… :/ So I went right afterwards, did some stuff from my the welded athlete program. The box started a new cycle, back to the more crossfit based wods, focusing on lifts, weightlifting, gymnastics and regular metcons.

– back squat (3 sec down) 5×3 80kg
– high hang snatch 8×1 heavy single (last set 41kg)- I know it is not heavy but it feels like.. :O
– 12 rope climbs


Warm-up 2x
3 snatch deadlift
3 snatch high pull
3 muscle snatch
3 power snatch
3 snatch balance
3 snatch

Gymnastics 2x
Push-ups (2x max reps)
Ring Rows (2x max reps)
followed by
10 hollow rocks
10 v-ups
10 tuck ups
1min rest

Muscle Snatch (2×1)
emom 10
1 snatch pull& 1 muscle snatch
*increase weight every 2nd set

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
amrap 4
14 dl 60/40
14 burpee otb
3min rest
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
amrap 4
14 s2o 60/40
14 burpee otb

I was so done after the first wod… My friend, who is really strong and fast was right behind me. I finished my first round right in front of her and this kept me motivated to push even harder. The shoulder to overhead are not my strongest movement anyways, so amrap 2 was horrible, the barbell felt like 5kg heavier, I could not really cycle a lot of reps. Two weeks ago when I did a partner metcon with a friend of mine, we had to do 21 reps, using 35kg. This weight was fine to do one set unbroken and then go for 10/11 reps and 5-6. Well, at least I did it. Work on your weknesses… 😉

Monday Madness

Wohoo, my day, three classes in a row, this is what I need to get actually tired. 😉

Warm-up 3x
5 burpees
10 sit ups
15 squats

Metcon (No Measure)
amrap 5:
10 hollow rocks
10 sit ups

amrap 5:
10 kb swings 16/24
10 lunges

amrap 5:
30 sec plank
30 sec knees to elbow

amrap 5:
30 sec walk up to toes
30 sec superman

Metcon (No Measure)
amrap 20:
10 burpees
10 pull ups
10 burpees
10 kb swings 16/24
10 push ups
10 sdhp
10 hollow rocks
4 rds+10 burpees RX

Team #2
20 partner wall balls
20 burpees over partner
We skipped the warm up…

MädCon U go, I go

Metcon (Time)
10 pull ups
5 clean & jerk 60/40

Metcon (Time)
10 s2o 60/40
15 wall balls

Metcon (Time)
10 deadlifts 60/40
25 du
Snatch Day

Monday – Triple Day ;)

300m row
5 push ups
10 squats
5 scapula pull ups
10 hollow rocks

Metcon every round 3x
1 min plank
30 sec side plank each side

1 min rest

1 min superman
1 min russian twist

1 min rest

1 min hollow hold
1 min leg raises

Amrap 10:
10 burpees
10 pull ups

1 min rest

Amrap 10:
200m row
50 squats
40 hollow rocks
30 push ups

20 I’s
15 T’s
10 Y’s

7min to work on kip/butterfly
Basic Strength

Shoulder Press (1×1)
15min to find 1RM (no PR, only 1x46kg :()
1x amrap @70%
*after your last successful press, jerk the weight overhead and accumulate as much time as you can overhead within 2min without dropping the bar to the floor or racking it.

Metcon (Time)
for time

60 shoulder to overhead 30/20
30 pull ups
40 shoulder to overhead 40/30
20 chest to bar pull ups
20 shoulder to overhead 50/35
10 bar muscle ups
RX 12:56 , I needed too long for the chest to bar pu but I wanted to do them butterfly, so I had to make sure to get enough rest in between

Weightlifting Class
Snatch work

Tuesday 6/9/16

I went right after school to the box which is always a bit hard for me without having a little rest and then doing the wods for about 4 hours but I made it. It was not my best performance but still okay…, I guess 😉

1. Warm-up
Pigeon Pose 2:00 per side
3 Steady Rounds:
20 Box Jumps
12 Single-Leg Kettlebell Deadlifts
8 Ring Dips

5a. Met-Con
4 Rounds for Time:
20 Alternating Pistols
15 Deadlift 205/135lbs
10 Muscle Ups

2. Strength
Deadlift – 1×4 Heavier than Week 2
Controlled on the way down, take the hands off the bar, complete the next rep. Try to go heavier than Week 1. Still to light: 100kg

3. OLY
Pause Low Hang Snatch – 7×2 @ 80-90% (35kg)
Drop and reset after each rep.

As u can see I changed up the order a bit (numbers) because I wanted to do the 5pm class and decided to do the metcon right after the warm up to be recovered for the class, well I think I was a bit slower than normally during the regular class because of the work I did beforehand but I am sure it helps me for my overall fitness. The bitchwork I did after the class, yeah, even more running :/


Warm-up 3x
15 swings
25 jumping jacks

2min partner split stretch
2min partner shoulder stretch

5 snatch deadlift
5 snatch high pull
5 muscle snatch
5 power snatch
5 snatch
5 snatch balance

Snatch (30×1)
5min warm up
e30sec for 15min
1 snatch
*@70% of 1RM snatch

Metcon (Time)
1 mile run
14 t2b
7 s2o 70/50
The run took too long… When will I finally see results getting better at this?!? I took my time on the s2o, before my vacation I kinda would have done them faster and unbroken, so “Hallo weakness!”
I finished 3 rounds plus 5 t2b, not happy with the result…

Buy out:
4. Bitch Work
Sprint 300m x 8
Rest 3:1 (Rest is 3 times longer than each run takes)

The longest interval was the first one, about 1:05 min, the fastest the last one, about 0.59 min

The best thing came afterwards: Burger Night…, I was kind of healthy and just ate a veggie burger plate with no buns and (to many) sweet potatoe fries 😉

Tuesday WOD

It is the last week before the deload week, then there will be the testing week.
2min row
2min banded glute activation
2min plank
2min partner split stretch

Deadlift (3×3)
7min to warm up
*increase weight 1-10kg

amrap 12
21 deadlifts 60/40
15 fsquat 60/40
9 s2o 60/40
3rds+5 RX
then with no rest
1-Mile Run (Time)
Max Effort 1-Mile Run
This was exhausting. I needed 8:31 on that.

Budapest Throwdown Day II

We felt quite good this morning, not big muscle sore or sth. After our balcony breakfast we took the tram to the venue. The weather was really nice again. The wods started a bit later today because there was another heat before us, crosstraining, lighter weights, different movements.

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WOD 5 split up as u like
100 shoulder to overhead 35/50kg
100 slamball over the shoulder 30/50kg
1000 m row
Oh yessssss, this was our wod. We finished second overall… It was a fun one, we were really fast doing the s2o, I did at least 15 per set and we finished up fast. The slam balls we did fast singles and when we were done and went to the rower nobody was close to us. We won our heat, only the master team that came one heat after us got a better score…

Deadlift hold, T2B
75 Toes To Bars (1 member work at time)
3 Partner deadlift reps and then hold the bar
(2 member complete the reps and hold the bar) 140kg

Here we messed up a bit, three judges stood around us and confused us, so we lost time, holding the bar and hanging on the bar. Also my t2b are not that good and they got even worse because of my left ripped hand, the grips and the really bad surface of the rack. We also got a bit confused with the reps… :/I think there were only two teams behind us.

Then immediately WOD 7
Snatch alternating, partner burpee over the bar
40 Burpee bar facing with partner
36 snatch (order: 3/3/3, M/F/M) (12 per member)
30 Burpee bar facing with partner
24 snatch (order 2/2/2, M/F/M) (8 per member)
20 Burpee bar facing with partner
12 snatch (order 1/1/1, M/F/M) (4 per member)
TC: 12min
Weights of the ladder(at the 36/24/12 reps)
50/35kg, 60/40kg, 70/45kg

This was a bit confusing, only one small platform for the snatches, the synchronized burpees and the plates. We had to change the weights on our barbells in between the sets while doing the burpees, had to take down weights from one barbell to put it on the other one. In the firs round the guys started their snatches with 20kg on the right and 15 kg on the left. :O The timecap was too short. We had a couple of no reps during the burpees, so I started holding the guys during the jump over, so that we are not losing more reps and jump above at the same time. We finished 18 burpees of last round before the time ws over, only two were missing before going to the last sets of the snatches. If we had not have the no reps we probably would have finished the burpees, perhaps one or two snatches.

The cut for the last wod was for 1-5 in the ranking. We finished 7th BUT sooooooo close to 5 and 4 😦 There was no 6th place, only 2 times 5th with only 2 more points and one 4th place with only three more points… Mmh, the two missing burpees or if we only could have finished wod 1 we easily could have reached the finals. The last wod included ring muscle up – damn it, at least I can do them… But on the other hand it was okay to be done. My hands hurt anyways and we were excited to have some time to enjoy the city…

So we decided to go to a thermal bath and have some burgers afterwards. Afterwards we sat on the balcony, enjoyed red wine and went to bed kinda early because our flight was the next day at 6 am!!!!!! So we had to get up around 3:45 am. 😦 I had to work…

Overall it was a nice and fun weekend, the city was fun, the wods a bit confusing but still cool. We met a couple of nice people from Austria, Slovakia. Hopefully we will come back next year… 🙂

Wednesday 1/6/16

3 Push Jerks | 35 kg
3 Push Jerks | 40 kg
3 Push Jerks | 45 kg
3 Push Jerks | 50 kg
3 Push Jerks | 55 kg

4 Front Squats | 57.5 kg
4 Front Squats | 63 kg
4 Front Squats | 67.5 kg
4 Front Squats | 72 kg
4 Front Squats | 78 kg

– 5 Strict Muscle-ups
– 100 GHD Sit-ups

Warm-up 2x
100 single under
8 squats
6 ring rows
4 push ups
2x 20 banded good mornings 40 superman

Bench Press (5×5)
7min to warm up
5×5 52.5
*1:30min rest between sets
*add 1-5kg to last week

Metcon amrap 11
9 s2o 45/30
27 air squats
54 jumping jacks
RX 7+47


3 legless rope climbs

Weightlifting Class

3 Push Jerks | 35 kg
3 Push Jerks | 40 kg
3 Push Jerks | 45 kg
3 Push Jerks | 50 kg
3 Push Jerks | 55 kg

2 Split Jerk (Behind The Neck)s | 55 kg
2 Split Jerk (Behind The Neck)s | 55 kg

Furthermore I worked on my foot technique for the split jerk.

Friday 29/4/16

I felt better today, still a little unmotivated… 😉

5 Back Squats | 62.5 kg
3 Back Squats | 72.5 kg
2 Back Squats | 82.5 kg
2 Back Squats | 92.5 kg
1 Back Squat | 98 kg
1 Back Squat | 105 kg
1 Back Squat | 105 kg

7 Sets : rest 1 min
7 Back Squats | 77.5 kg (from yesterday’s wod)

Strict Pull-up | 10 reps
Strict Pull-up | 6 reps
Strict Pull-up | 6 reps
Strict Pull-up | 7 reps
Strict Pull-up | 7 reps
Strict Pull-up | 7 reps
Strict Pull-up | 7 reps
Strict Pull-up | 5 reps

Warm-up 2x
200m run
7 push ups
8 cuban rotations
9 hollow rocks

10min work on handstand

Shoulder Press (7×7)
5min to warm up
then 7×7
*rest exactly 1min between sets
*add 1-5kg to last week
34kg, gets heavy now

Metcon amrap 9
9 wall balls
9 s2o 60/40
9 ring dips
RX 4+14

Sunday Team WOD Part II 17/4/16

Men-women-men order
For time:

21-21-21 Box jumps
21-21-21 Shoulder to Overhead
15-15-15 Toes to Bar
15-15-15 Snatch
9-9-9 C2B/pull ups
9-9-9 Thruster

Box: @50/60
Barbells: @30/45kg
Time cap: 15 min

video: http://youtu.be/T2r31xJK_tc

This was short and intense, we needed 7:23 min. Let’s see if it will be enough to qualify… Becauce of doing the master qualification, the weights were really easy for us. SO we did everything unbroken…

Today I did some more training afterwards. I decided to do sth from the misfitsatheltics blog.

I already did the deadlift, so it were “just” the wods
3. Met-Con
3 Rounds
100 Double Unders
20 KB Swings 70/53lbs
20 Burpees to 6″ target

RX 15:18

4. Gymnastics Test
8 Rounds
5 Strict HSPU
10 Alternating pistols
15 Pull-ups

RX I am not sure – about 16:28 min, toooooo long 😉

Afterwards my hands were ripped off and I got two nice blood blisters…


Outside Snatch work because the sun was shining… I was really bad…
1 3 Position Snatch | 34 kg
1 3 Position Snatch | 34 kg
1 3 Position Snatch | 36 kg
1 3 Position Snatch | 36 kg

Warm-up 3x
200m run
8 push ups
8 cuban rotations
8 squats

Basic Strength
emom 10
I. 10 kb row each arm (20kg)
II. 5 cuban rotations (10kg bar)

Metcon (Time)
in teams of 4 for time
1 works, 2 hold, 1 rests
100 t2b – *partner hold dead hang
100 s2o – *partner hold bar overhead

We changed it up and I did it with another guy, just 2 instead of four which was nice and more exhausting. RX 12:16