Heavy metcon Sunday 3/7/16

6 deadlifts 87,5 kg (70% misfitsathletic)

WARM UP – 3 Rounds
5 wall squats
5 goblet squats
10 air squats
5 walkouts
5 push ups
10 mountain climbers

30/30 work/rest, 6 minutes each station
Station 1 – Back Squat I used 60kg
Station 2 – Push Press 40kg
Station 3 – Box Jump Over
Station 4 – Pull Up/ Rope Pull up
Station 5 – Sled Push 6x20kg

Between each station 3 minutes to either Run/ Row 500m – we changed the run after the 2nd round to 300m because the break in between was to short

Double Saturday 2/7/16

Morning WOD
20 superman
20 hollow rocks
40sec hs hold (wall facing)
2x 15m wheel barrow each partner & 5 partner push ups

Shoulder Press (3×3)
strict press
7min to warm up
*increase weight 1-5kg
3×3 42kg

1)amrap 10
9 front squats 40/30 I went up to 35kg
6 box jumps
3 strict pull ups
3min rest
2) for time
25 burpee box over
50 pistols
75 hps 40/30
100 ring rows
75 hps 40/30
50 pistols
25 burpee box over

Well this was a fun fun, not so for my partner… 😉 In the first morning class are often not so many people, so u don’t have a big choice. But, it is okay to workout with someone who is not on the same level than you, as long as you can have a good trainings session. If the breaks in between are too big and you have to wait too long, it makes no sense because you won’t get your own workout done… They guy really tried hard to stay on pace, he used my weights and kept the rest time for me kinda shortly. I still wonder how I would have looked afterwards if I had done it with a partner on my level or higher… ohohohoho!

After a nice coffee and cinnamon roll breakfast I went back to the gym to do my afternoon session, the misfits athletics program. This was hard, mostly the first wod with the OHS took me forever…

2017 Regionals Prep Cycle 2 – Week 4 Day 5
Miss the Post Open Cycle 2 Explanation Podcast? Check it out HERE.

1. Warm-up
3 Steady Rounds:
Row 300m
12 Dumbbell Push Press
:30 Nose and Toes hold

2. Strength
“Touch and Go” Push Jerk 4×4 – Start at 80% Work up

3. Met-Con
7 Rounds For Time:
7 Overhead Squats 165/115
7 Strict Handstand Push Ups
7 Bar Facing Burpees

I needed 30:19… Well, I did a wod in the morning and strict hspu are not so easy for me, still it took me too long. I did the first ohs unbroken and the 5th set. I tried to go for the last set unbroken as well but I couldn’t stick to the bar after rep 6 and almost hit ma head with the barbell. This pissed me off. 😉

4. Gymnastics Test
Forward Facing Sled Pull (Heavy AF)
50ft x 5
rest 4-6 minutes
I had 160kg on the sled, 20kg less than last time but it felt like enough today… 😉