Mini vacation – drop in @ Rams Training

I had one week off and we decided to do a three day trip to Poland, it is about a 3-4 hour ride to Kolberg, a town right on the Baltic Sea. There is even a gym that is doing wods and CF orientated stuff but they are not an official affiliate because the yearly fee you have to pay is really expensive for them. the drop in was only 7 Euro and the program and the gym were really cool. The weather was perfect, we walked along the beach, rented bikes and cruised around…

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Thursday WOD+Bodyweight

30 swings
100 su
30 swings

Barbell cycling power snatch 3x
3 power snatch 1 stop
3 power snatch no stop

Power Snatch (8×5)
emom 8
5 power snatch
*choose one weight and stick to it
2min rest
emom 8
5 power snatch
*adjust weight if needed
*all sets must be touch and go

Metcon (No Measure) 3x
amrap 3
9 thruster 45/30
9 burpees otb
rest 2min

Warm-up 2x
60 su
5 push ups
7 sit ups
9 squats
11 hollow rocks
10sec handstand hold
10 superman

Metcon (No Measure) 5x
30-60 sec active handstand hold
20 hollow rocks
*work for quality

Metcon for time:
100 du
90 sit ups
80 air squats
70 pull ups
60 lunges
50 burpees
14.41 (?)

WOD Friday29/1/16

Wohoo, Friday, one week holidays…, so happy – extra time to train and to relaxxxxxxxx….

Warm-up 3x
1min plank
30sec side plank each side
2:00min reach the wall
2:00min ball juggling

14 I’s
12 T’s
10 Y’s

Basic Strength
Turkish Get Up
5min work on tgu
5×5 tgu (16kg)

Max Effort 500m Row
It was horrible,one of my worst wods… 1:46 min, it just hurts…

German Throwdown 2015 First Day-Friday 30/10/15

We left Berlin Friday morning by train. This years competition took place in Dortmund.I booked an apartment in the middle of the city which was perfect for the nights.

I already knew the first workout which was absolutely not in my wheelhouse:

So I was quite nervous and unconfident about my weights. I choose the safe way for my lifts:

Snatch 35/40/45kg and C&J 55/60/65kg
When it was my turn in the master elite heat (35+, I feel soooooo old) I still was a bit insecure but the lifts felt good and I really liked the barbell and the plates and all lifts went well, not a single fail. Actually the 65kg felt never so easy… Afterwards I struggled a bit with myself I should have been a bit more risky, at least with the C&J and should have started with 60kg…. The good thing is it will help me to get better at my lifts because I know what I am already be able to lift. I am looking forward to hit the 70kg very soon….

The good thing is, we all had to our lifts at the same time, so I was surrounded by the other athletes and didn’t lift on my own while other people were watching… My overall standing was not that bad, even the not very heavy lifts. I finished 6th out of twelve

26/10/15 Birthday Wod

I had a great birthday morning. My mom and dad were in Berlin, we met my aunt and her partner and went for a yummy breakfast at a nice cafè in Berlin Kreuzberg. Afterward we did a walk in the sun before my parents had to drive back home. I went to the gym in the afternoon to work on my skills for the throwdown and did the class afterwards…
By the way, I got beautiful presents… The biggest one is: AN ELEIKO BARBELL!!!!!!!!! Wohooooo!!!!! My own one, so happy, can not really use it in our apartment right now because of space issues but I will as soon as we find a bigger place, and perhaps I will sometimes just do some tiny little technique session or press exercises… 😉

15m bear crawl
15m crabwalk
3min parter snatch prep
5 hollow rocks
5 superman
5 squats
1 planche lean

snatch position play
High-Hang Snatch (1×1)
2×3 2×2 4×1 @75% of 1RM snatch
I finished up with 3×1 @ 40kg for the first time… yeah 🙂

Sots Front Press (12-10-8)
*start 2.5kg above last weeks starting weight and add weight every set if possible
last set 23.5 kg, one kg plus

Metcon (Time)
100 hps 35/20
*every break 10 hops over the bar
This was kinda though, I tried to do as many as possible which felt fine, after I put down the bar for the first time it was hard to go back to it.
4:31 RX

Family Weekend

I took of Saturday and Monday because I spent time with my family at home. I always become kinda lazy there. I practiced a bit handstand and it still frustrates me and I showed my dad how to teach the snatch to kids and he tried some oly weightlifting skills in the fall sun in our garden… 🙂

On Saturday I went for a almost 10km run through beautiful nature. I did not run for a long time and I actually liked it. It felt good, the weather was beautiful (of course to cold 😉 ) and I enjoyed the run…

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I had a day off because there were a lot of kids home, celebrating a muslime festival. It was great, I could do the 12pm class and train afterwards… 🙂

15m wheelbarrow
10 partner wall balls
5 partner push ups

1min plank
30sec side plank each side

Icke´s Coordination Movements
Metcon (No Measure)
e2:30mom 15
I. wall reach (advanced – one leg)
II. flying cards (try to catch poker cards, someone is throwing down from a box)

Metcon (Time)
in teams of 2
one works, one rests

for time
3k/2k row
100 pull ups
100 partner wall balls
100 sit ups
100 medball oh lunges
RX 21:…

Afterwards I practiced for the qualifying wods for the German Throwdown…