Tuesday WOD and skill work 20/12/16

sally up with thruster (empty barbell)

1 rnd gymnastic swim
1 min good morning hold (empty barbell)
1 min chinese abs (empty barbell)

Metcon “Marzipankartoffel”
in teams of 2
2 rounds
2min each station
1 works, 1 eats cookies 😉

I 10m farmers walk 2×32/24
II slam ball ground to shoulder 50/35
III 10m shuttle sprint
IV partner wall balls over the rig
V sandbag ground to shoulder
VI landmine press 30/20
VII partner pistols

backsquat 6×4 82kg

strict muscle ups 4-4-3-3-3-3

strict pull ups 10×5

strict press
2×5 30kg
2×5 35kg

100 sit ups

Friday 9/9/16

I could not do all pieces of the misfits program because of the time it takes…, I taught the kids in between and decided to skip the bitch work – 45m run would have taken too long.

1. Warm-up
3 Steady Rounds:
Row 500m
15 Push Ups

2. Strength
Back Squat – 3×3 @75%

3. Bitch Work
– not done today-

4a. Met-Con
5 Rounds for Time:
60 Double Unders
10 Strict Pull Ups
10 Bench Press 155/105lbs

300m run
10 goblet squats
10 swings
10 ring rows

2min partner split stretch
2min partner shoulder stretch

Clean + Jerk 2x
3 clean deadlift
3 clean high pull
3 muscle clean
3 power clean
3 clean
3 split jerk

Clean and Jerk (30×1)
5min warm up
e30sec for 15min
I. 1 clean + jerk
*@70% of 1RM clean & jerk
I took 55kg, it was really hard…!!!!!

Metcon (No Measure)
8x100m sprint
100m jog rest

Saturday 30/4/16

This morning I met with my friend at the box to do a running wod, some lifts and a partner workout afterwards. I was curious to try my new sport watch and see how it works but I was not looking forward to the runs…

4x800m run, rest 400 m light run

This was hard for me and my running skills. I like having a gps watch and checkimg my running but I messed up the settings a bit, so I got a bit confused…

Clean and Jerk

WOD 2 Partner WOD, one works, one rests
100 thruster (35kg)
100 chest to bar pull up
100 Handstand push up

I did not train in the afternoon. After breakfast I went to watch two girls from our box competing at a powerlift competition in Berlin Friedrichshain at Berlin Strengths (http://www.berlinstrength.de/). It was a fun event to watch, they asked me a couple of weeks ago if I wanna compete as well but with all the qualifying wods and also the one rep max thing, I was like, “No!”. I am not the biggest fan of heavy lifts. I prefer more the volume based lifts.

The only annoying thing was my tummy, I was soooooo starving all day long, I don’t know if it was because of the running and the wod. I had a breakfast, some pieces of cookie, a banana bread, bought some nuts and cranberries and went straight to dinner after the competition (big arabic plate with falafel and cheese). Finally I felt full and went to bed early, haha on a Saturday… 😉

Wednesday 6/4/16

Today I started trying the misfit athletics cycle (https://misfitathletics.com/blog/). A couple of people at our box already started using it and do recommend it highly… It is a good program, short, intense, exhausting. But I dunno how to fully integrate it into my trainingsplan with my work schedule and my squat and bench program… But I do think that the regular class wod is not challenging enough for me – if I want to become better and do some more competitions, I thin k it is just not enough and does not help me to improve my weaknesses because the focus is not on the movements I do not like and have to practice on a day to day base… So, I am a bit confused about my training and my progress right now…

2017 Regionals Prep Cycle 1 – Test Week Day 1

1. Warm-up
3×12 Weighted hip extensions
Row 1k @80+%
20 Kipping HSPU

2. Strength
Find your 5RM touch and go deadlift – NO bounce

I did not do the metcon and the gymnastic test because I took part in the regular class but I have to do it in the next weeks!

3. Met-Con
3 Rounds
100 Double Unders
20 KB Swings 70/53lbs
20 Burpees to 6″ target

4. Gymnastics Test
8 Rounds
5 Strict HSPU
10 Alternating pistols
15 Pull-ups


8 Bench Press | 42 kg
8 Bench Press | 45.5 kg
6 Bench Press | 52 kg
6 Bench Press | 55 kg

5 Shoulder Press | 29 kg
5 Shoulder Press | 33.5 kg
5 Shoulder Press | 36 kg
5 Shoulder Press | 38 kg


2min row
2min single under

glute stretch 1min each side
oh mobilization 2min (black roll+barbell)

ankle stretch w/barbell 2min
Overhead Squat (10×4)
narrow grip ohs

emom 10
4 ohs
*stay light and try to grip a little narrower every minute
5x35kg with narrow grip, felt hard…

Metcon (Time)
300m run
20 sit ups
10 hspu
RX 10:30
My running sucks….

Gymnastic Test misfits

amrao 5
We did it on the outside rack which is a bit more challenging, the grip sucks, so my score was not that good. I sprinted too slow and did in total only 45 T2Bs…

Monday 4/4/16

Back to work, back to the routines… After school I came to the box to teach the kids and do the regular class afterwards. The coaches were “warmly”  welcoming me with, I should work only with the barbell and light weights for the next year because my technique sucks and I would benefit so much if I would kinda start all over… Mmh, I know they are right but I am still doing this next to my full time job and my normal life…, it is so hard to focus on just one thing, while losing all my others and working and having a bit of private time… Mmh, I am confused now and do not know how to attack my weaknesses and still work on my gymnastics, strengths and endurance… :/

This week is deload week, so more focus on partner wods, mobility work and other stuff. We’ll see what happens…

Warm-up 2x
200m run
20 jumpings jacks
10 squats
10 dl w/barbell

Metcon (Time)
in teams of 2
10x200m relay
Well, I worked out with the kid today, not really but a super young motivated guy, half of my age…, yes I am old… Our runs were okay but not our strengths

in teams of 2
amrap 4
3 deadlifts 100/70
7 push ups
amrap 4
2 deadlifts 120/85
8 t2b
amrap 4
1 deadlift 140/100
9 burpees over the bar
*rest 1min between workouts
*one works one round, one rests

RX 336,we nailed that…!

6/2/16 Drop in @ CrossFit Kulmbach

I became a little restless and decided to go to a CrossFit box close by for a drop in.


There was a Saturday 10 am class and it was a 50 min drive there. My parents came with me to drop me off and do some shopping.

I was hoping for heavy barbell stuff and gymnastic but…, well it was outdoor and running. Nevertheless the box owner was super nice and the three girls I did the wod with were cool and friendly. I would never done it on my own and it was good to feel my body and did some exercise…


5 min run
5 min rest
3 min run
3 min rest
2 min run
2 min rest
1 min run (hard effort)
1 min rest

Kettlebell Swing (American Style) RX 16kg (I used 20kg)
Goblet Squat
Hill Sprint
5:31 min