Tuesday 14/2/17 Happy Valentine’s Day

1x forwards, 1x backwards
15m bear crawl
15m walk up to toes
15m crab walk
15m long lunges

Barbell cycling power clean + push jerk 2x
3 power clean 1 stop
3 power clean no stop
3 power clean + push jerk 2 stop
3 power clean + push jerk 1 stop @front rack
3 power clean + push jerk 1 stop @hang
3 power clean + push jerk no stop

Power Clean + Push Jerk (8×3)
*increase weight as needed
*work unbroken and without resting throughout the set
*work this as a skill, not strength training

Metcon for time
c&j 45/35
wall balls
RX 14:00
– my wall balls suck…

back squat
5×10 65kg

back rack lunges
5×1ß 45kg

shoulder press
5×5 36kg

strict muscle ups

strict pull ups

practice handstand walk

50 ghd sit ups

Tuesday 15/11/16

Warm-up 3x
20sec work, 10sec rest
one legged burpee
straddle hollow rock
hold bottom of wall squat

10 swings on rings
5 mu transitions
5-10sec hold bottom of ring dip
1-2 ring mu

Back Squat (10×6)
e3mom 30
10 kipping hspu
6 back squats 100/70
2 muscle up
*hspu deficit if possible – I used 15kg+10kg plat all rounds

9-9-9 80kg, unbroken

clean complex misfits @ 70% (46kg)

power snatch 30 sec on/2:30 rest @65%
5 rounds, drop and reset
I did 7 reps, last set 8 reps, 32,5kg

Partner wod ygIg
20 rounds (10 per person)
10 t2b
15 wall balls (everything unbroken)

weighted strict pu (always 1)

Saturday 9/4/16

in teams of 2
u go, i go
4 burpees
8 ring rows
12 partner wall balls

Metcon in teams of 2
amrap 40
40 cal row
40 thruster 20/15
40 hr push ups
40 burpees over the rower
*one wrks, one rests

My partner was a bit slower but he really tried hard 😉 We fin ished 5 rounds and 100 reps. Well, I did not feel tired afterwards, good that I came back for my afternoon trainings session…

In the afternoon i came bac and did the full misfit workout: for the first time with some other people from the box:

1. Warm-up
Move deliberately through 5 Rounds:
12 KB Swings 53/35lbs
12 Push Ups
12 Cal on SkiErg – we do cal row instead

2. Strength
Find your 1 Rep Max Power Clean
This was bad today – I only could lift 65kg, I tried 70, did not happen today… 😦

3. Met-Con
5 Rounds for time:
Run 400m
10 Power Cleans 205/135 lbs
135 = 62 kg, well… NOPE
I decided to use 55kg, which felt okay (50 reps). My run was too slow but I still don’t know how to paste it right, my first round of cleans was too slow as well, I took to many long breaks between the singles. I became faster in between but still felt the lack of technique during the wod.
My time was not that good, I actually forgot to look on the clock which is a bit stupid, could have been sth around 12-14 minutes…

4. Gymnastics Test
For Time:
Kipping HSPU
Ring Dips
Push Ups

This was one great! I finished first and was abit proud and surprised.
RX 9:52 (still if u compare it with other results from the misfits boars…, mmh)

Cooldown 5 rds
15 cal row
20 ghd sit ups
6 strict pull ups

This was the good part afterwards, cheat meal – burritos… 🙂


Friday 18/3/16

So, there we go… Open 16.4 I do not like it:

Workout 16.4
13-min. AMRAP:
55 deadlifts
55 wall-ball shots
55-calorie row
55 handstand push-ups

M 225 lb. / 20-lb. ball
F 155 lb. / 14-lb. ball 70kg/6kg

It is a chipper with heavy deadlifts, yeah :/ I am really afraid of doing it, the pain, the rowing will be worst, also the stupid standard with the HSPU line, when you are exhausted it will be so hard to get good reps on them.

I am not doing it today…!

Bench Press
– my messed up set from Tuesday

Strict pull ups

Shoulder Press 10×27.5 – heavy… :O

Wednesday 2/3/16


I tested my shoulder press today but I’ll probably will do it again this week, felt a bit heavy…

1 Shoulder Press | 47 kg

A baby PR, one kilo…, mmh
I tried 48kg first but did not work, will retest…

Snatch Balance 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
40 kg, 40 kg, 45 kg, 45 kg, 45 kg, 45 kg, and 50 kg |

3×10 strict pull ups

Warm-up 3x
15m bear crawl
12 squats
9 kip or caterpillar
6 burpees

squat routine

Back Squat (1×1) take 20min to find new 1rm back squat

I skipped that and tested my bench press because my Hatch program is over.
I got 62kg but with this little racks, I think I also can get 64kg, a little recovered and with the normal rack, where you feel comfortable and safe…

Metcon (No Measure)
emom 20
I. 8 t2b
II. 8 ohs 20/15 I went up with the weight because it felt good, still light, last sets with 30kg…

This was nice to work on my T2Bs…

Sunday Training – Happy Valentine’s Day 14/2/16

8 Back Squats | 67 kg
8 Back Squats | 72 kg
6 Back Squats | 77.5 kg
6 Back Squats | 87.5 kg

5 Front Squats | 52 kg
5 Front Squats | 61 kg
5 Front Squats | 65.5 kg
5 Front Squats | 70 kg

3 Split Jerks | 35 kg
3 Split Jerks | 45 kg
2 Split Jerks | 50 kg
1 Split Jerk | 55 kg
1 Split Jerk | 60 kg
1 Split Jerk | 65 kg
3 Split Jerks | 55 kg
3 Split Jerks | 55 kg
3 Split Jerks | 55 kg

Every 1 min for 14 mins, alternating between:
10 Deadlifts, 75 kg
15 Kettlebell Swings, 16 kg

20 Handstand Push-ups
11 Strict Pull-ups
15 Handstand Push-ups
7 Strict Pull-ups
15 Handstand Push-ups
7 Strict Pull-ups
15 Handstand Push-ups
7 Strict Pull-ups

Monday 8/2/16 Open WOD 14.5

I knew this one was coming today because I already saw it when I programmed the kids on wodify. I just did not exactly knew the rep scheme.

I did it two years ago when I qualified for the Asian Regionals. I remember it was not my favourite one but I did not suffer that hard in comparing to other people at my former box in Shanghai…

But when I actually was doing it today, it felt horrible. I was kinda slow during the burpees, had one no rep because I forgot to bar face (damn it!!!) and felt I did not push enough during the 9th set of thrusters, I should have gone unbroken… BUT: My time was better than during the open 2014:

13:02 min- I had 13:54 before. BUT, I can be faster and hit the 12 minute mark…

Warm-up 3x
21 single under
14 scapula pull ups
7 ring rows

10 kips or caterpillar
10 squats

Pull-ups (7xmax) emom 14
I. 20sec max reps pull ups
II. 4 hammy curls
1 seated high jump

CrossFit Games Open 14.5 (Time)
For Time:
21 Thruster, 95#/65#
21 Bar Facing Burpees
18 Thruster, 95#/65#
18 Bar Facing Burpees
15 Thruster, 95#/65#
15 Bar Facing Burpees
12 Thruster, 95#/65#
12 Bar Facing Burpees
9 Thruster, 95#/65#
9 Bar Facing Burpees
6 Thruster, 95#/65#
6 Bar Facing Burpees
3 Thruster, 95#/65#
3 Bar Facing Burpees
(18min timecap)

Thursday 16/12/15 CHIPPERRRRRRRRR

I taught the last CF Kids class for this year and had a blast doing the wod afterwards, chipper time… 🙂


Warm-up 3x
15m bear crawl
10sec active hang
5 turtle get up

14 I’s
12 T’s
10 Y’s
8 scapula pull ups

3xmax reps strict pull ups
*rest exactly 1min in between sets
*this is a test. stick to the standards and do your best.
15/9/6 = 30 reps

Metcon “the thirty dozen” for time
30 pull ups
30 air squats
30 swings 32/24
30 burpees
30 t2b
30 hspu
30 box over
30 sdhp 32/24
30 lunges
30 kb deadlifts 32/24
30 push ups
30 wall balls
RX 16:10 min

Saturday 7/11/15

15m bear crawl
15m walking lunges
15m high knees
15m crab walk

5 wall squats
10 cossack squats

Back Squat (1×1)
4×1@90%+ 95kg

Metcon 3x
20 one legged romanian kb dl
20 one legged bridge ups

3x max reps pull up behind neck
*1min rest 22 reps

Metcon 3rft
30m bear crawl
20 jumping lunges
15 push ups
10 goblet squats 32/24
RX 5:24min