Sunday Heavy metcon

I started my day with snatch practice…, because I suck in it… Still very sad and disappointed with my open score. Afterwards it became more fun when we did pr heavy metcon:

Working in 3 in a follow the leader format for 12 mins at each station.
1) Sled pushing x30sec
Deadlifts x5 @ 1.5 x BW
2) Rowing x30sec
DB man makers x5 heavy
3) Bike x30sec
Back squats x5 @ BW ++

Buy Out 5 rounds
10 cal assault
10 cal row
10 burppees

Heavy Maaadcon Sunday

Haha, this time I kinda programmed the wod and it was a lot of work… Afterwards we ordered Burrito, this was the fun part 😀

img_3550img_3553img_3569Haha, this time I kinda programmed

Sunday 15/1/17

I came around 12:30 to start with some back squats. I have to start a new cycle because I feel I am stuck with my weight, even got worse.

10×1 87.5

Heavy Metcon amrap 45 min
Teams of 3
one starts, follow the leader, if the person in front of you is done with his/her station, move on

row/bike 25 cal
1 round DT

I had to scale because of my ankle, so DT was for me:

12 deadlift 55kg
9 hang power clean 30kg
6 shoulder press 30kg

10×3 Muscle ups

practice handstand walk

7 rounds
10 medball ghd sit ups
5 strict pull ups

We actually wanted to do 10 rounds but then the box already closed… 😉

Sunday 13/11/16

15094269_1089087734537394_3618223427961945936_nWe started early today and did the heavy madcon first. Afterwards it was just time to play around and do some fun stuff… 🙂

Heavy Madcon
teams of two, three stations, you go-I go

1) 5 back squats (80-85%) I did 82.5kg
Farmers Carry, about 20m (2 KB) I used 28kg, could have gone heavier.

2) Bench Press (80%) I used 50kg
DB push up walk (do a push up on the DB, move forward in the plank position
with the DB in your hand), I only used 5kg DBs (about 10m)

3) 20 sec assault bike
KB rack old walk (2x24kg)

Afterwards team wod, share reps
70 wall balls
50 T2B
50 FSQ
25 strict HSPU
20 muscle ups

Another team wod, one/two works, everyone has to do 50 reps of each movement
high box jumps
pull ups
kettlebell swings (16/20kg)
strict press’ (15/20kg)
toes to bar
wall balls (20lbs/30lbs)
double unders

That’s it! It was a fun Sunday… 🙂

Sunday -Funday

Today I started the hatch cycle again for my bench press and my shoulder press:
1×10 35kg
1×8 45kg
1×6 45kg
1×4 50kg

1×5 30kg
3×5 35kg

Afterwards I did the misfits back squat but with lower weights- working on my depth without lifters and a belt.
5×3 85 kg

The fun part was the heavy metcon:

Buy Out
5 rounds
10 hollow rock
10 v ups
10 tuck jumps
10 sec hollow hold
10 sit ups
last round : double the reps

100 push ups

Sunday 12/9/16

The plan was to do the regular misfit program, but then two girls convinced me to do a “nice” muscle up /run ladder… Well, both of them quiet in the middle… :O I finished it on my own:

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 muscle ups

I think it was from the comp training but I substitute the row with the run. It took a while, the mu were fine, of course still some technique issues but I had not a single no rep. The run was hard, it is still summer (wohooooo) in Berlin, so it was hot and sunny.

Afterwards I tried to do the misfit bench and strict hspu, well, it did not went very well… 😉

Heavy metcon Sunday 3/7/16

6 deadlifts 87,5 kg (70% misfitsathletic)

WARM UP – 3 Rounds
5 wall squats
5 goblet squats
10 air squats
5 walkouts
5 push ups
10 mountain climbers

30/30 work/rest, 6 minutes each station
Station 1 – Back Squat I used 60kg
Station 2 – Push Press 40kg
Station 3 – Box Jump Over
Station 4 – Pull Up/ Rope Pull up
Station 5 – Sled Push 6x20kg

Between each station 3 minutes to either Run/ Row 500m – we changed the run after the 2nd round to 300m because the break in between was to short

Sunday 1st May

New month, new qualifying wod… Today I did the next one for the French Throwdown.

Buy in 100 Double Unders
20 wall balls
7 rung muscle ups
Buy out 100 Double Unders
Timecap 12 minutes

Me and my muscle ups… Well, I finished within the timecap: 11:40 min but it was really exhausting, my muscle ups were more strict than kipping , my shoulders hurt from all the DU and wall balls…. uiuiuiui

Afterwards we did more a fun wod than a hard workout

20 rounds
5 benchpress (50kg, RX would have been bodyweight)
5 power clean (50kg, RX would have been bodyweight as well)

From set 3 on I cycled all cleans and worked on my technique and it felt good…. We did the benching in the sun and had a lot of fun… Happy Sunday!


Sunday Funday 1/2/15

It is normally my rest day…, I know but I went to the Sunday WOD. It is more like a longer WOD without weightlifting and skill part:

Warm-up 15 min

hpc + power clean + hang clean + clean (1×1)
emom 8
1 hpc + 1 power clean + 1 hang clean + 1 clean
*move on to the next bar within the minute
*if you fail to successfully lift the weight, do 10dl each following station
*weights male:
*weights female:
25-30-35-40-45-50-55 I finished all 🙂

immediately move on to:
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
emom 8
wall ball ladder
*move on to the next station within the minute
*if you fail to successfully perform the given number of repetitions in the minute, do air squats at the following stations
*no. of wall balls:
4-8-12-16-20-24-28-32 I started 28 but could not finish it
immediately move on to:
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
death by burpees
*min 1 = 1 burpee
min 2 = 2 burpees
min 3 = 3 burpees
I stopped at minute 18 after 18 buroees, there were still 10 seconds left but I was tired on the one hand, the last person left, I got bad blisters on my big toes because I took off my weightlifting shoes and was barfeet(mistake!!!!!!) and it was my restday… haha, excuses over excuses…