Monday 10/10/16

Test week part 2, this week lifts and co will be tested. It makes no sense for me, I am pretty sure it did not change that much, so I will mostly work on my own stuff.

Today I did bodyweight instead of the regular class:

900m run

30 sec sit ups
30 sec rest
30 sec hollow hold
30 sec rest

30 sec superman
30 sec rest
30 sec squat jumps
30 sec rest

for time:
1600m run
20 burpees
30 hollow rocks
40 lunges
50 push ups
40 lunges
30 sit ups
20 burpees
800m run
RX 21:15

Afterwards I did the speed back squats from misfits outside
8×3 67kg

I finished the day with the weightlifting class. We worked on my “fav” movement today, the snatch and did a nice little strengths part at the end:
2x shoulder press for a givn amount of time without dropping the bar and 15 push ups (10 with bottom hold)


5x 6 lunges 4 push ups 4 ohs with broomstick 6 sit ups

Basic Strength
Overhead Squat (7×3)
*increase weight on every set
*rest 1min between sets
I finished with 52,5 kg, next time definitely 55kg!!!!!!!

Front Rack Lunge (5×6)
*increase weight on every set
*rest 1 min between sets
I finished with 57,5 kg. I should have jumped from 55kg straight to 60kg…

emom 10
9 push ups
9 superman
9 ring rows

1min rest

e30sec for 10min
I. 8 floor wiper
II. 10sec L-sit