Wednesday 12/7/17

600m run
3x Laufschulung
4x 60m Steigerung (80/90/100/100)

Metcon (No Measure) emom 8
20 du
1 wall walk

Metcon (No Measure) 3x
20 banded good morning
10 banded hamstring curls

Metcon (No Measure)
e2mom 20
I. 16 push press 20/15 + 16 burpees otb
II. 16cal row + 16 thruster 20/15

Open Wod & Drop in

Time for the last open wod 16.5… We left Berlin yesterday for a little vacation on the Baltic Stop. But our first stop in between was Hamburg. I asked at CrossFit Altona for a drop in to do the last open wod. They answered immediately with a yes and wrote me that they will do this a special box event on Friday anyways.

We stayed at a nice hotel close to the centre, did some sightseeing the night before, ate yummy food and had a good rest night. I was very curious about the wod but I did not look on my phone during the night, instead I waited until the next morning and watched the you tube announcement from the beginning. Unfortunately the wifi was not that good… Still I was patient and waited for Castro’s “speech”. And it happened:

“16.5 is 14.5”
I kinda felt okay with it, but I was a bit wondering about the wod. All the people were speculating about wods and movements and then it is “just” a repeat with simple (but horrible) thrusters and burpees over the bar…
The good thing, I did it a couple of weeks ago, so I knew what to expect, the bad thing – it will hurt…

We went to CF Altona after a goof coffee and a little snack. They did the wod in heats, CF Kids started, afterwards the scaled version and at the end the RX people. One of the head coaches judged me, gave me some good tipps and I started with 16.5… During the wod the other coach came as well to support and cheer on. Lol, I kinda hurried, it was a bit less space, there was a girl right behind me and we had to be careful not to bump into each other during the burpees. In the middle of the wod the coaches turned my bar which was helpful. So I probabaly lost a couple of seconds because of that and at the end of the wod I felt down doing my last thruster… WHAT THE F***!!! It costed me at least 5 seconds, damn it…

My time: 11:58 min


Find me… 😉

Afterwards I talked a bit with the people, bought a box shirt and we headed up north. Rest days here I come…

Monday WOD and Trainings Day

I love Mondays, having the opportunity to work out at 12 and do some extra work afterwards is just awesome. I took a picture from the WOD – like in good old times… 😉

Frontsquat: 55kg
WOD: RX 9:50 (not that bad 😉 )

Afterwards I worked on

push press

bench press for the next qualifying WOD
5×10 35kg

muscle up work
one strict MU
a couple of kipping MU. I used the regular grip for three MUs… First time… 🙂
two (bad looking) bar muscle up

strict pull up
7×5, one minute rest in between each set

practicing ring dips



New Week – new WODS 12/1/14

3x 15 mountain climber 10 squats 5 push ups
5min ankle mobility

Basic Strength Front Squat
1×6 @70% 62.5 HAHA it suppposed to be 52.5 but I got confused and mixed up the weights. I was kinda surprised because the weights felt sooooo heavy, stupid me 😀
1×4 @75% 57.5
1×2 @80% 62.5
1×6 @75% 60
1×4 @80% 62.5
1×2 @85% 65

*rest 2min in between sets

Metcon (No Measure)
e30sec for 10min
I. 1x 2position push up to elbow
1 plyo push up
II. 2 negative pull ups

Metcon (No Measure)
e3mom 18
I. 500m row
5 thruster 45/30
II. 20 burpee box over
5 thruster 45/30
RX, exhausting but really good one…

WOD 8/1/14

I am not happy with my performance right now… I feel slower and weaker. I kinda wondering about my back squat, it is not really getting better. Today I did 7×7 57.5 (55%) and when I am looking at old back squats I feel I am stuck… If I am not feeling too tired I will do day three of Smolov Cycle tmw after the kids class. It would be my fourth squat day but I wanna improve and I feel I have to do more reps… Also the wod was unsatisfying… The thrusters felt heavy today, I haven’t done them for a long time. I did 5/5/5 the first set but then had to do sets of three, which is disappointing, also my time suxxxxxxx: 8:16, that is definetly baaaaaaad…

8 lunges
5 squats
8 hollow rocks
5 push ups

3min ankle mobility
3min squat routine

2:30min work on handstand Well…, I can stand but loosing my balance when I sart to walk, I have to keep my core tight and my feet together. Also the weakness on my left arm is making moving harder… 😦
2:30min row

Basic Strength
Back Squat (7×7)
*rest 2min between sets
*@55% of 1RM 57.5 kg

Metcon (Time)
25 push ups
15 thruster 45/30
RX 8:16
(10min timecap)

After the class I did strict pull ups: 5/4/4 and 100 sit ups

WOD 8/12/14 Testing Week

3x 7 squats 4 push ups 7 swings 4 ring rows

Clean + Jerk
5 clean deadlift
5 clean high pull
5 front squat
5 clean
5 split jerk
Take 20min to find 1RM
62.5kg PR
65kg clean PR

Metcon (Time)
for time
clean 60/40
c2b pull ups
thruster 60/40
burpee over the bar
RX 8:39 min

WOD 14/11/14

4x 5 scapula push ups 5 sit ups 10 su

Basic Strength Shoulder Press
1×5 @70% 27,5
1×3 @80% 32,5
1x max reps @90% with perfect form
2×10 @ 55% 5x35kg
*add 0-10kg to last weeks max rep set
*rest 2min in between sets

Metcon (No Measure)
5x 5sec hold top of ring row with feet on box
5 ring rows with feet on box
5 strict pull ups
*exactly 2min rest

Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)
amrap 7
50cal row
3 thruster 45/30
6 pull ups

3min rest

amrap 7
50 burpee box over
3 thruster 45/30
6 pull ups
RX 200 reps

31/10/14 WOD and Halloween

5x 3 push ups 4 hollow rocks 5 squats
1x du ladder

Basic Strength
Shoulder Press (5 – 5 – max reps)
1×5 @60% 25kg
1×5 @70% 27,5kg
1x max reps @80% 6x 32,5 (7?)
2×10 @ 45% 25 kg
*rest 2min in between sets

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
2x amrap 2:30
ring row 56/45
2:30 rest

Metcon (Time)
15 thruster 45/30
30 du
5 wall walks
30 du
10:58 min RX

15min selbstständiges warm up
15min selbstständiges warm up
+Teamname finden,

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) as a team
10 swings 32/24
8 pull ups
6 thruster 45/30
4 goblet squats 32/24
2 burpee box over
*1works on 1 station.

WOD 14/10/14

3 push ups
5 ring rows
7 squats
1x15m wheelbarrow

Basic Strength
Bench Press (3 – 3 – max reps)
1×3 @60% 30kg
1×3 @70% 40kg
1x max reps @80% with perfect form 4x45kg
2×10 @ 45% 30kg
*rest 2min in between sets

Strict Pull Ups (4x max reps)
4x max reps pull ups
*rest exactly 2min in between sets
*try to beat last weeks score by 1rep

2x for total reps
amrap 4
bench press 60/40
*buy in:
300m run
12 thruster 45/30
2min rest
amrap 4
*buy in:
500m row
12 swings 32/24
2min rest
*score is total amount of bench press + hspu
RX 14/14/8/11


Friday Holiday WOD 3/10/14

7 squats
7 scapula push ups
7 hollow rocks

1min partner squat balance
1min wheelbarrow balance (each partner 30sec)

2 turkish get up each arm

Basic Strength
emom 12
I. 1 turkish get up each arm (16kg)
II. 8 bottoms up kb press each arm (8kg)
III. 15sec active hold
*use heavy kb for tgu
*use light kb for press

4 rds amrap 3
21cal row
15 pull ups
9 thruster 45/30
amrap burpees

rest 3min between each set
RX 193