Getting ready for the French Throwdown

Team Icke qualified again for the French Throwdown. We are the same group of people than last year. The next days I will focus may training on the movements we will need for the weekend of June 17th to 19th. They will announce most of the wods before hand, so we are already aware what to expect…

Mini vacation – drop in @ Rams Training

I had one week off and we decided to do a three day trip to Poland, it is about a 3-4 hour ride to Kolberg, a town right on the Baltic Sea. There is even a gym that is doing wods and CF orientated stuff but they are not an official affiliate because the yearly fee you have to pay is really expensive for them. the drop in was only 7 Euro and the program and the gym were really cool. The weather was perfect, we walked along the beach, rented bikes and cruised around…

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Holidays in Portugal…

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Finally, spring break in Berlin. I was sooooooooo looking forward too escape from the city. We booked a flight to Lisbon and rented a car. In Lisbon I went to Bakery CrossFit, a cool box in the middle of the city in an old house.

One of the Icke members used to train there and is still good friends and workout partner with some of the coaches. The drop in was 15 Euro and I bought a nice shirt for another 10 Euro. There was no barbell involved in the wod I went to, it is always the same when I on vacation, mostly no barbells involved during a wod… 😉 Instead we did benchmark Nicole, it was the first time for me:

20 min amrap
400m run
max rep pull ups

When I am on vacation I am not 100% into training, so I am normally a bit less competitive and more on the relaxed mode, so my score of 103 pull ups is okay, I guess…

El Paso Double Drop in 11/7/14 12/7/14

I wrote a big texts about my last two drop ins in El Paso but it dissapeared… So just the short version and the pics… 😦

– 915 CrossFit, huge box…, seriousely the biggest I have seen so far
I got grumpy during trying strict pull ups, they were horrible… I lost upper body strenghts 😦
– Get Lifted CrossFit, the owner was really nice and helpful… He also competed at the regionals and finished 25th

Good wods but I was unhappy with my jerk, could not go for 95 lbs…, my technique sucks and so it felt f***ing heavy 😦
I did 3×95, 22×90 (messed up 2), 5×85 (messed up the last one, could not lock my arms)




Vacation and workout April/May 2014

It is not easy to find a training schedule when travelling. On the one hand u wanna realax and enjoy but on the other you try to get ready for the regionals.

First stop Phuket/Pantang,
Saturday WOD
1 km treadmill
2 rounds
5 burpees
10 sit ups
15 goblet squats

2×5 a 30kg
3×12 a 35kg

3x 35kg

5x 20/25/30kg

3×3 strict pull ups
working on HSPU and pistols

Sunday morning wod
1km treadmill
5 ?
10 push ups
15 squats

5 rounds, 4 reps 80kg
WOD Annie, 6:38 min

Monday morning
1km treadmill
Weightlift training
working on power clean