Vegaaaaaaas…. 10/8/17

Other people drink like crazy and lose lots of money – Well I go to a CrossFit class… 🙂
We went to CF Max Effort this morning. The drop in is 20$ per person, kinda cheap in comparing to San Fran. The box is really nice, big, with a lot of fun stuff to play around. The coach was really nice and the wod made fun and hurt. I earned this mega brunch afterwards…

El Paso Double Drop in 11/7/14 12/7/14

I wrote a big texts about my last two drop ins in El Paso but it dissapeared… So just the short version and the pics… 😦

– 915 CrossFit, huge box…, seriousely the biggest I have seen so far
I got grumpy during trying strict pull ups, they were horrible… I lost upper body strenghts 😦
– Get Lifted CrossFit, the owner was really nice and helpful… He also competed at the regionals and finished 25th

Good wods but I was unhappy with my jerk, could not go for 95 lbs…, my technique sucks and so it felt f***ing heavy 😦
I did 3×95, 22×90 (messed up 2), 5×85 (messed up the last one, could not lock my arms)