Next Qualifier Beach Throwdown

Woohoo, it kinda never ends with these qualifiers… We registered for the Beach Throwdown in the Netherlands and the results must be online until Wednesday night. So we did two of three today. I had a wod appointment with one of my fav wod buddies, so I decided to do number 3 another day (I did not know that the deadline is already Wednesday…), so I have to do it somehow on my busy and long working day 😦

With a clock counting up complete as many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of:
16 Box Jump Overs (24”/20”)
8 Deadlifts (regular 100kg / 65kg)
Add 10kg to the deadlift weight when both athletes have completed a full round
Tiebreak there is tiebreak after the last fully completed round of boxjumps.
– We will do that tomorrow

A combined total of 10 attempts (5 attempts per athlete) in a ground to shoulder, shoulder to overhead.
Each athlete has to make exactly 5 attempts at a lift.
The total weight of the lifts is your end score.
You are free to choose in wich order you and your buddy make the lifts.
If an athlete fails an attempt at a lift, the lift counts as 0kg. Every missed lift will count as one of the athletes attempts.
Both Athletes use the same single bar throughout the workout
Athletes are not allowed to deload the bar once the 8 minutes start: the weight must either stay the same or go up at each attempt.
Athletes are allowed to start with a loaded bar and may assist each other in loading the bar.

FOR TIME 27-21-15-9*
Calorie Row
Wallballs 20/14lbs 10/9ft
Pull up
*Both athletes have to complete a full round of every movement before switching to the next.
Each buddy pair will use one rower and wallball.

It was kinda stupid to do Murph on Monday. I was sore, my pull ups felt not that easy and the wall balls sucked because of my legs from squatting and running. We will see how it turns out…
Heavy Metcon with a partner

200 cal row
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (you go, I go) bench RX bodyweight (I did 50-52.5)
200 cal assault bike
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (deadlift 1.5 bodyweight, I did strict weighted pu with a cute 2.5kg plate 😉 – because of tmw’s deadlifts)
300 double unders
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 power clean (we made that up, instead of sled push because it just rained, I started easy with 45 and went up to a medium weight 55)

Haha, it took forever but it was fun. 😀 I have to get back to my welded athlete trainings plan to really work on fitness soon. I really like the structure of the wods and I am feeling a litte bad not taking time to do the workouts. 😦

Training & Heavy Metcon

I started the hatch cycle for my bench and strict press again because I feel I have to work on them, otherwise I will get weaker immediately in this areas. Today was week two, day one. It felt good. Furthermore I still kinda use the misfits back squat cycle, even with my own timing: Build up to one heavy rep around 90% and then 5×3 with one weight. Today it was 1x95kg and 5×3 87,5 kg. I feel more comfortable now squatting heavier sets. Next week I’ll probably repeat the same sets again.

Heavy metcon:


Buy Out:
5 rds, last round double reps
– 30 DU
– 15 Vups
– 10 Supermen
– 10 Hollow Rocks
– 10 Sit Ups
– 5 Around the World

5×5 strict HSPU, partner deadhang on the rings
5×5 kipping hspu, partner holds low ring dip position

Wednesday 8/6/16

Before Class

4 Clean Pulls | 74 kg
4 Clean Pulls | 74 kg
4 Clean Pulls | 74 kg
4 Clean Pulls | 74 kg
4 Clean Pulls | 74 kg

Power Snatch+Snatch
4×1 39kg

5 Weighted Strict Pull-ups | 5 kg
5 Weighted Strict Pull-ups | 5 kg
5 Weighted Strict Pull-ups | 5 kg
5 Weighted Strict Pull-ups | 5 kg
5 Weighted Strict Pull-ups | 5 kg

Warm-up 2x
100 single under
8 squats
6 ring rows
4 push ups
2x 20 banded good mornings 40 superman

Bench Press (5×5)
7min to warm up
*1:30min rest between sets
*add 1-5kg to last week

Metcon amrap 12
33 lunges
22 du
11 pull ups
RX 7+33

Tuesday – Spring Break 23/3/16

Warm-up 2x
15m bear crawl
15m crab walk
10 side to side hang
10 scapula push ups

3x 1min work on du & 1min foot work + juggling

Bench Press (5×10)
5min to warm up to working weight
then 5×10
*rest exactly 1min between sets
*add 2,5-5kg to last week
40 kg

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
3x1min each station
I. wall balls
II. cal row
III. kb lunges 24/16
RX 187

5 Back Squats | 67 kg
5 Back Squats | 72 kg
5 Back Squats | 77 kg
5 Back Squats | 82.5 kg

5 Front Squats | 52 kg
5 Front Squats | 56.5 kg
5 Front Squats | 56.5 kg
5 Front Squats | 56.5 kg

1) Snatch Balance
2×2 29kg
3×2 34kg

2) Overhead Squat
5x 35 kg
5x 40
3x 45
3x 50
3x 55

3) Power Clean/Clean
2x 1+2 46kg
3x 1+2 49kg

WOD 2 amrap 10
20 DU
2 rope climbs
1 MU
40 DU…

I finished 80 DU and 2 rope climbs, not that good but I was already tired and a bit lazy… 😉

Strict pull ups
5×5 weighted 5kg

Monday – no deload week anymore

I enjoy the next three workout days because of my one week break I can train at 12pm and do my extra training right afterwards without any time pressure…
I love that…

Warm-up 3x
21 single under
14 scapula pull ups
7 ring rows
10 kips or caterpillar
10 squats

Weighted Pull-ups
emom 20
I. 2 weighted pull ups 5/10/12/12/13.25kg
II. 6 backwards weighted lunges from the floor (normal rack position) 5x50kg
*find working weight in first 10min and stick to that weight

CrossFit Games Open 11.1 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
10-Minute AMRAP of:
30 Double-Unders
15 Power Snatches, 75# / 55#
RX 278 reps

5 Bench Press | 42 kg
5 Bench Press | 48 kg
2 Bench Press | 51 kg
3 Bench Press | 54 kg
1 Bench Press | 60 kg

5 Shoulder Press | 30 kg
4 Shoulder Press | 32 kg
4 Shoulder Press | 37 kg
4 Shoulder Press | 39 kg

3 Snatch Balances | 29 kg
3 Snatch Balances | 29 kg
3 Snatch Balances | 31 kg
3 Snatch Balances | 35 kg

10 Deadlifts | 75 kg
10 Deadlifts | 75 kg
10 Deadlifts | 75 kg
10 Deadlifts | 75 kg
10 Deadlifts | 75 kg

3 rounds of:
20 Toes-to-bars
20 Handstand Push-ups
20 Pull-ups
20 GHD Sit-ups

Monday 4th January 2016

I went to the box straight after work and it did not feel very good. I was tired and unmotivated. Everything felt heavy and extremely exhausting today. Strict muscle ups felt like I haven’t done them for years, strict handstand push ups are kinda gone, all over again, strict pull ups were so much harder and my squat was just not there yet. It is so weird how fast everything can disapear and becomes so much harder, just after a couple of days… It is hard to motivate myself to keep on going if things like this happen. I felt like I just wanna go back and sit on my sofa.

The classes are on a different schedule now. The box grew very fast, so they decided to cut the classes to 60 min instead of 75 min and add more classes instead. I have to get used to that as well. Everything felt so much shorter and like rushing through. It is okay, most of the boxes are on a 60 minutes plan but I really appreciated the extra time to work on special things, skills, gymnastic etc. For most people who come and train just for being fit and healths it won’t make that big deal anyways, I also train next to the classes on my own, so I guess it will be okay…

Warm-up 3x
21 single under
14 scapula pull ups
7 ring rows
10 kips or caterpillar
10 squats

Gymnastics emom 20
I. 2 weighted pull ups I used 10 kg for the last 6 sets
II. 6 backwards weighted lunges from the floor (normal rack position)
*find working weight in first 10min and stick to that weight

I tried the lunges but my knees hurt so bad, so I switched to front squats after a couple of sets (50kg)

CrossFit Games Open 13.2 10 Min AMRAP
5 Shoulder to Overhead
10 Deadlifts
15 Box Jumps 24″ / 20″
52,5 kg/35kg
7 rounds+15 reps RX

WOD 2/12/15

Warm-up 3x
15m bear crawl
10sec active hang
5 turtle get up
2:30min clap the hands
2:30min wall extensions

Weighted Pull-ups (7×3) @50%+
Weighted Ring Dips (7×3) @50%+ 15kg

Metcon (No Measure)2x
30 banded good morning
60 superman

Metcon amrap 17
10 burpees
15 plate g2o 20/15
200m run
7+55m RX

Tuesday 24/11/15

Warm-up 2x
3 burpees
5 turtle get up
7 ring rows
14 I’s
12 T’s
10 Y’s
8 scapula pull ups

5×5 weighted pull ups @75% 10kg
5×5 weighted ring dips @75% 10kg

15 superman halo
15 superman
15 superman medball throw

Metcon for time:
box jumps
swings 24/16
RX 5:09

Monday WOD & Benchmark 20/1/15

I went to the 12pm class because of my short workday and we did “Fight gone bad” for three rounds today. It was really really exhausting. I already did it once (link attached) and I got better this time, more than 300 reps, last time I had 287. So far I am the female winner tonight at our wodify…, yeah… ;)I think three guys were faster, one of the coaches did 390, amazing and crazy but I do think because of the rowing guys do have a bit of advantage there. Another one did 331 and number three 312. I had 310, also counted my first two wall balls as no reps. I tried to stick with the rules. Wall balls were horrible but also sumo highpull deadlift was crazy in the last round…

3min row
3min 5 push ups 6 wall balls 7 sdhp

3min ankle mobility & 3min squat routine

Basic Strength
Front Squat (5 – 3 – 1 – 5 – 3 – 1)
1×5 @75% 60
1×3 @80% 62.5
1×1 @85% 65
1×5 @80% 62.5
1×3 @85% 65
1×1 @90% 70kg and another one 72.5kg

*rest 2min in between sets

Metcon (No Measure)
emom 10
I. 2 inverted push ups
3 plyo push ups
II. 3 strict pull ups (weighted if possible) I started with 2.5kg and went up to 5kg

Fight Gone Bad (3 Rounds for reps)
Three rounds of:
Wall-ball Shots (Reps), 20#
Sumo deadlift high-pull (Reps), 75#
Box Jumps, 20″ (Reps)
Push-press (Reps), 75#
Row (Calories)
1-minute rest
sdhp 32/24 kb
push press 35/25 kg
RX 310